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¿Cualquiera utilize esta communidad?

Soy aprende español y gusta de practicar aquí.

Soy utilizar Busuu:

Soy utilizar en otro comunidad aquí también llamo ‘[email protected]’.

Ojalá si utilizar en el mundo real tambien.


Rob & Nul - How to Make a Sandwich Rob’s sandwich comic strip

Time for a new drawing: this one is a comic. Rob is teaching his zombie wife Maria how to make a sandwich one day when she gorges on mustard (being a zombie and all) and Rob turns out not to have a…

Rob’s sandwich comic strip
Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • Because I think religion is fundamental to me including the one I have now that really helps me out and gives me a purpose in life too.

    I can tell people here hate what I just said, but I also don’t follow the news anymore, obey my parents, and don’t observe politics anywhere.

    All I read is the Bible and it is good enough.

  • How do I cope with the Steam Community?

    I go to Steam regularly to play my games, usually posting simple screenshots of my game sessions. But when I go to the communities I see Internet videos, GIFs, memes, and memetic everything and it's not really my thing. I even posted on Lemmy that I didn't like memes in general and what do they post on here? It feels like people are having fun by abusing their humanity in the process or like a Reddit subreddit, and I specifically came to Lemmy on the Fediverse to avoid all that. They post things that I'm uncomfortable with and typically I don't have fun by posting Internet memes for a living...that's just weird.

    Does anyone agree or does everyone here do it anyway?

    9 Rob & Nul family comic strip

    Here, folks, have another comic strip. Rob and Maria are happily married one day when Rob calls his brother Nul for a hangout. Nul is shown along with his siblings Raigan and Gudaka devising telepo…

    Rob & Nul family comic strip

    Lounge - test animation for Rob Dylan

    Made with Anime Studio Debut 9.

    Christianity VanHalbgott

    What is your favorite Bible version?

    What does the world think of India?
  • I heard your country outpopulated both China and my own country: The United States.

    I also hear the same things about those countries in particular, especially on Twitter anyway.

    I don’t discuss world countries like that at all.

    I’m religious, so I only believe what my religion (Christianity) says about the world itself.

    I only believe what the Bible says only, but I do think it’s cool that your country is growing too.

  • My next comic book read.

    EDIT: All done! The comic was noteworthy!

    How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?
  • Interact with local people in your area or wherever you go.

    Write letters to your current friends if you know their mail address.

    Look at business cards from other people.

    If you have neighbors, get to know them.

    These are some ideas I came up with for you.