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  • Missed the memo! Anyone know the published date and delivery method? Should I speak to USPS or Gmail?

    Edit after re-read.... OP was dated in the before times... Nothing to see here... We can carry on with the drug fueled coping mechanisms established in 2020¡

  • Reddit Was Fun Vacationlandgirl

    Unnecessary inventions guy... Now a TikTok ad?

    Been on Lemmy since day -5 of the API fiasco. Was excited to recognize the unnecessary inventions guy while scrolling, only to be super disappointed when I realized it was a TikTok ad! ☹️

    third panel: struggling with windows & android updates
  • I'm riding it out until Microsoft officially announces my software is dead. I've matriculated among the legends of AS400 developers having post retirement contacts guaranteed until they can't operate a keyboard anymore. I'm all in for being that invaluable.

  • Spread the word!
  • We are in the same boat, however, I wanted you to know that your positivity changed my perspective and I left this post feeling happy for everyone who can properly celebrate this holiday, rather than bitter that I cannot.

    Thank you! 💜

  • It's as if my eyes have been opened for the very first time...
  • Now someone is... checks notes... "Taking the piss" which either means giving us yanks shit or genuinely confused about how we could be confused... I think?

    I'm a Damned Yankee that used to just be a Yankee working for a company headquartered in Scotland & Alabama for ten years. I don't know anymore!

  • Lemon ricotta cookies
  • Very good! The cookie itself was pillowy and the lemon tartness was mild. Rather than plopping from a spoon I quickly rolled them into 1/2" balls.

    The slight sweetness of the chocolate ganache contrasted with the lemon, I liked it as a dessert cookie. The lemon glaze emphasized the lemon in the cookie and was very bright!

  • Lemon ricotta cookies

    Lemon glaze on the left, chocolate ganache on the right.

    Car dealers say they can’t sell EVs, tell Biden to slow their rollout
  • PHEV is the answer! Give us options, doesn't have to be one of the other; Chevy Volt had it for a bit, but it must not have been profitable because now I can't find a PHEV that gets more than 30 miles on a full charge!

  • Car dealers say they can’t sell EVs, tell Biden to slow their rollout
  • I loved my Volt... Charged overnight in a normal 110 outlet got me the 43 miles to work and back (after about year 5, not quite the whole way) but I could still decide to go on a 600 mile road trip spur of the moment. Had to give up the 2014 in 2023 when a full charge wouldn't go 20 miles. ☹️

    There is no PHEV comparable now, though! Made the switch back to full ICE and I hate it.

  • Maine lobster roll

    Maine style lobster roll from Cousins Maine Lobster food truck at the Birmingham Alabama zoo.