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Why Didn't Democrats Do More When They Controlled Both Houses of Legislature, The White House, and The Supreme Court During Obama's First Term?
  • Democrats have been playing by the rules and norms for far too long. Norms only matter if both teams follow them. Same thing with the rules. If Republicans will change the rules so that they win Democrats have to follow suit or make it illegal. When one side plays dirty, the other can either play dirty or lose. Moral high ground gains us nothing.

  • [OC] A Lemmy maintainer's attempt to park a van
  • I think he's so lame for mentioning maintaining Lemmy. I should bully him.

    Got some real fine people here. Ignore him if you don't like him you twats. Block him. I here the Lemmy maintainers added that feature just to keep people like you from being so unbearable.

  • Got any of them storm pictures?

    One of the things I miss most from Twitter and Reddit is getting nearly instant pictures of storm damage.

    Darksouls 2 is the worst Soulsborne game

    Cause it's the only one that makes me motion sick. :( Why is this one different from all of the other ones?

    Microblog Memes Twinklebreeze
    Spiders are made for soccer
    [FR] Support For Large Number of Mutes

    I blocked a lot of subreddits in the old Reddit app. Eventually the app started unblocking a subreddit every time I tried to block a new one. With all of the different instances of Lemmy I know I'll have a ton of muted users/instances. I just want to be proactive before I hit the limit.

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