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The Increasing Impatience Of The Speed Of The PCI-Express Roadmap
  • Not for consumers. Anything beyond PCIe5 is basically just server stuff. Frickle in handling, and expensive like sh-t. Just the same as with PCs: You don't need a fat gaming PC for using office and browsing.

  • Germany: Record cocaine haul worth billions of euros seized
  • Lets see who shows

    • Agitation and restless behavior
    • Depressed mood
    • Fatigue
    • General feeling of discomfort
    • Increased appetite
    • Vivid and unpleasant dreams
    • Slowing of activity (psychomotor retardation)

    in the next days...

  • das bagel
  • Maybe bagels are better than American rolls, but that is not exactly aiming high. Have you ever tried German rolls? Because after that, you won't touch bagels anymore, unless you go back to the US. And yes, I've had them all, and I don't understand how you can stand those squishy, HFCS-loaded things.

  • The end of an era?
  • I don't think this will work on the long run.

    First, the hold on the rim must be very tight and precise or the wheel will wobble like mad.

    Second, such a tight hold will be very sensitive to any kind of dirt, so it has to be sealed.

    Any seal tight enough to keep extremely small dirt out will cause loads of friction.

    Tight seals in general is not an option, they exist en masse with e.g. hydraulic cylinders. But for them, the friction is basically a non-issue in comparison to the overall power budget. But I cannot imagine an even halfway free wheeling wheel that will not break down after getting in contact with a bit of sand.

  • Wrote my first longer Python program

    Sounds easy? Well, it should have been. I'm not talking about a "Hello, World!" (although it is more or less on the same level for me). The goal was to write a set of three MQTT clients that properly talk with each other and interact nicely.

    So I had to learn Python and MQTT on the same day. Should not be an issue after 40 years of programming. But it quickly turned out that the Python library/package for MQTT on Ubuntu was heavily outdated (1.6), and did not supply all the functions the documentation and examples (2.0) asked for. Using pip3 didn't work, as it complained that the package structure was maintained by the OS. In the end, I had to virtualize the python3 system and pip3 the 2.0 package there and run it.

    After about three hours, I had the clients working as they should. Yes, I think MQTT is a good base for the next project.


    Is there a community for the engine behind wikipedia (mediawiki)?

    I was just wondering. There was or is a mediawiki group on Reddit, but so far I could not find one here.


    Anyone else thinking that the new Eldorado Fortress is too expensive?

    The new Eldorado Fortress is listed at €214.99. Is it just me, or is this set much to expensive for what it is? When I saw it, I thought "Maybe €150, €170 tops", and was shocked when I heard the real price.

    I know (who doesn't?) that LEGO is not cheap, but this is not a Starwars set, it is 100% their own IP.