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Regarding sleep quality, why did humans evolve to require full darkness?
  • I'm so, so sorry to hear this.

    I feel really lucky that I get some government support because I have autism / bipolar. It's not much, but the specific benefit I receive also allows me to do some work... and I'm also very lucky to be self employed in a field I enjoy (writing music). So I'm certainly not rich or even that comfortable, but it does allow me to morph my days and nights to suit my unnatural rhythms.

    One thing I find about lack of sleep... it makes me really emotional, grumpy, increases likelihood of a depressive state. For me, it's SO important to almost literally inject happiness. If we have a condition that takes away our happiness, it's really crucial to create happiness in any way possible. Binge funny TV shows, go for a walk, watch some standup comedy, call a friend (not at 2am unless they're also a night owl haha), make some art (doesn't matter if you're good at it), try learning a new skill, play a game, join a volunteering group. Those are my go-to activities, probably different for you.

    Also, and I know it'll sound trite, but I got into a couple of things during lockdown that made a big difference to my overall happiness; Buddhist and Stoic philosophy. I'm not a Buddhist, probably never will be. I definitely have a long way to go in applying Stoic principles. But they have really improved my life. Meditation is very hard at first but incredibly beneficial. If I could recommend a couple of books (one is an audiobook and for me was more transformative than Buddhist principles)... if you've never used Audible, you can sign up for a month trial and keep the audiobook you select, no charge if you cancel within 28 days.

    1. Derren Brown - Happy (not sure if you're familiar with this guy, he's a legit mind wizard, almost terrifyingly intelligent and has a long career as a 'mentalist' aka psychological magic)
    2. Thich Nhat Thanh - The Heart Of The Buddha's Teachings
  • Regarding sleep quality, why did humans evolve to require full darkness?
  • Thanks, I do suspect I have delayed phase sleep disorder. It's good to know I'm not alone. Do you have any coping strategies?

    My coping strategy is 'modafinil to keep me from not being a zombie when particularly sleep deprived', and 'zopiclone for if I have been up longer than I should and it's early enough to push me back into normal sleep pattern'. But of course I'm very wary about doing that more than twice in a row, so it's never enough to establish 'normality'.

  • Regarding sleep quality, why did humans evolve to require full darkness?
  • Thank you so much for the detailed response, I really appreciate it. Over the years I've looked into this a lot but you've given me some really useful new information!

    Health care in the UK, especially for lesser known genetic diseases, can be a bit of a lottery... I moved up the country 6 months ago, and within a month had been tested & diagnosed for a generic mutation called FMF (familial Mediterranean fever). My dad / sister both have it but despite nearly a decade of requests I was unable to get a doc to investigate it. So far up here the gp response has been a referral to a website for cognitive behavioural therapy.

    I'll push on though and see if there's anything more they can investigate. Thanks again for the info :)

  • Do you ever post Inflammatory things online for no other reason then to rile people up ?
  • I'm sure people do. But I'm not a sociopath so no not my thing.

    Although, maybe if I examine myself a bit more deeply, I have definitely been a little troll-y / ridiculous in responding to some particularly batshit comments. But I'd not make a post for the specific purpose of being inflammatory

  • Regarding sleep quality, why did humans evolve to require full darkness?
  • Sorry to piggyback onto your comment, and I know you can't give medical advice, but I wonder if you have any insight into a problem I have with sleep.

    I'm early 40s now. One of my earliest memories, aged around 4, is not being able to fall asleep. I've tried EVERYTHING over the years. Sleeping pills are a guarantee if things are getting squirrelly, but give me severe rebound insomnia the next day. When I do fall asleep, it's like I can sleep for way longer than is normal (so either cause of sleep debt or poor sleep quality).

    I've always joked that maybe I should be on a planet with a 28 hour day. But I also know that my lack of normal sleep is potentially storing up huge problems like increasing my risk of cancer, heart disease etc.

    Melatonin kind of helps. But no matter what I do... My sleep pattern goes out of synch.

    I've gone through school, 'normal' 9 to 5 jobs, relationships, all a big struggle as I have to perform at a normal level despite not having slept for 24+ hours fairly regularly.

    I can do everything 'right' (no light in the evening, exercise, healthy diet, no excitement in the evening, no caffeine, mild sleep supplements) and still find myself unable to sleep. What the frick is wrong with me... Am I doomed to continue like this? I just want to sleep like a normal human being!

  • Starfield has "something big going on behind the scenes"
  • My initial response is prob as sarcastic as the others but a thought just occurred to me.

    Skyrim, v1. The og release, before all the mods and bug fixes.

    Undoubtedly still a better game than Star field. But was it the Skyrim we revere today? Will Starfield be transformed into something fun over the next decade?

    What am I on about. Almost certainly not lol.

  • Todd Howard says Fallout renaissance is "beyond anything" he's seen in his career
  • Not fucking up the f/c Fallout London mod would've also gotten me to play more (or at least, again). I played & enjoyed FO4 on PS, bought it again for Steam specifically for the new mod.

    It'll sit unplayed until the mod is ready!

  • More important than voting
  • I could easily handle an oz a month. Maybe not with my tolerance levels as they are right now :) but that would change very quickly.

    When I used to get through a lot, I was finishing an 8th every couple of days, and that was with some semblance of restraint.

  • More important than voting
  • How much weed is that?

    Current price of an oz in the UK, if you know the right person: ~£160 Current exchange rate of $2500: £1,962 1962 / 160 = 12.26 oz per year

    So about an oz a month. I'm happy to pick up the slack for lil' Timmy.

  • Buckfast Tonic Wine - Tasting Notes
  • I tried buckie once! Drank a whole bottle, later that night had some sort of weird seizure while trying to go for a piss. Mashed my face against the skirting board, looked like I'd been in a fight the next day.

    Buckfast. Just say no.

  • Why You Can Hear the Temperature of Water
  • Ahhhh fascinating.

    For years, I've been adamant that when I stir a cup of hot tea or coffee, the pitch of the scraping spoon almost imperceptibly shifts, and assumed it was because of the gradual slight cooling of the water. Nobody else could seem to hear what I heard.

    Wasn't sure if it was my music producer ears or imagination.

  • Choose wisely
  • OK for the Xeelee series (by Stephen Baxter), you're really spoiled for choice... the author designed all the books to be standalone, doesn't really do 'cliffhangers'. But he has a suggested reading order:

    Vacuum Diagrams (collection of short stories which will set out the overal story of the universe)

    Timelike Infinity / Ring (tells the story of a character integral to the series, Michael Poole)

    Raft and Flux (incidents amongst the wider background)

    Destiny's Children (three-parter in the same universe, exploring different evolutions of humanity)

    Then whatever else you like the sound of.

    As an example of the sorts of timescales he writes over, 'Xeelee: Redemption' is set between the years 4060 and 5,000,000,000! Personally I prefer long books over short stories, which to me always feel like they end just as they get going. So while Vacuum Diagrams is excellent, if the same is true for you, maybe jump in with Timelike Infinity. It's a shame all my stuff is in storage atm as I could post you some of these. Hopefully you can find them at your local library.

    For Banks, there's an excellent reading order here:

  • 1st time house buyer, potentially serious structural issues found... anyone have advice re negotiating price reduction / if I should pull out?

    Hey all.

    Finally in my 40s I'm fortunate enough (with a lot of family help & a mortgage) to be buying a home. It's end-of-terrace; just spoke to the surveyor today after he's done most of the inspection and he's found a lot of structural problems.

    Feeling a bit defeated, it's taken so long to get to this stage of having an offer accepted, and being close to exchanging contracts. It's an old house so while I wasn't expecting it to be fault-free, I'm quite disappointed and I guess looking for some advice / reassurance.

    Not got the report in text yet but he mentioned potential subsidence; rising damp; cracked walls; problem with the chimney stack; window frames; and others. Said it's all stuff that can be fixed, but potentially expensive. My plan is to wait for the text report next week, then contact the estate agent and attempt to negotiate a price reduction in line with the cost of the repairs, which imo will run into at least £15k. Considering it's on the market for £85k, and the owner wouldn't even put the electric on for viewing because she didn't want to pay £1 a day standing charge, I'm anticipating some pushback.

    But, should I even bother? Is this 'sunk cost fallacy' at play? I certainly feel like if they're not prepared to negotiate re repairs then I have to walk away as I could buy a well-maintained property round here for the total cost of around £100k!

    Any advice much appreciated.


    If you loved Sean Lock's comedy... you should know he wrote & starred in a very funny little show called 15 Storeys High

    Making this post because for some reason this show has flown completely under the radar for many. I had no idea it existed until it was mentioned on a comedian podcast I listen to (Bud Pod).

    Of course, the BBC have kindly deleted it from their catalogue. Not sure of the rules here re pirated content so won't post any links, but I found it on both Internet Archive and torrent (torrent is much better quality). It also features a young Benedict Wong, his character is so different from how we know him today!

    Well worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of Sean Lock.


    Aphantasia and sleep

    Hi all. I'm interested to know how many of us have a serious sleep issue. So far I haven't found much of a unifying thread between aphantasics, other than that we're very familiar with what the back of our eyelids look like! But one common thing I have heard over the years is a sleep issue.

    I have chronic insomnia. Interested to hear back from others.


    Aphantasia... apparently 3% of the world has it. Any aphantasists in here, who've had success improving their condition?

    10 years ago, I'd have put my ability to visualise at 0 out of 10. Practice and occasional halucinogen use has got me to 2 out of 10. It causes no end of problems in day to day life, so I'm interested to hear if anyone has tips or just experiences to share so it doesn't feel such a lonely frustrating issue.

    edit informative comment from @[email protected] about image streaming, I did a bit of digging on the broken links, the Dr isn't giving the info away for free anymore without buying their (expensive) book, but I found some further info on additional techniques here, pages 2/3:


    I've got around 800 hrs in NMS, thought I'd seen it all, but today surprised me

    A rare moment where I regret having disabled all the NVIDIA stuff that lets me screen record. Space storms! Wtf? Since when do we get storms in space?

    The planet it was happening around was type 'shrouded in ash'. Was this a glitch, or a feature? As soon as I got to the system, I thought I was in a space battle at first with all the booms and flashes. There was a weird sort of smoke around the planet, blue lightning sparking all around it.


    YSK if you've seen something traumatic, playing Tetris for a couple of hours afterwards can drastically reduce the chance of it becoming a deeprooted memory and causing PTSD Tetris used to prevent post-traumatic stress symptoms | University of Oxford

    A single dose psychological intervention, which includes using the computer game Tetris, can prevent the unpleasant, intrusive memories that develop in some people after suffering a traumatic event.

    Tetris used to prevent post-traumatic stress symptoms | University of Oxford


    Is it just me, or has Royal Mail gone downhill badly?

    Obv I don't want to get too deep into privatisation weeds as we don't want to get into the dreaded (whispers) politics in this comm. But I'm interested to know if other people are noticing the postal service deteriorating.

    Mail for other houses (my door number is clearly marked)... delivery timelines missed... then the icing on the cake, had a delivery that was supposed to come up to Newcastle delivered while I'm not at home, they left it in a 'safe place' despite one not being designated.

    Want to hear what the 'safe place' was? Out on the street, jammed behind a random neighbours wheelie bin! So yeah that's £110 of new clothes gone to some lucky local who swiped it. Boooo, Royal Mail, booooo!

    To counteract the whinge, I just made a banging pizza almost from scratch. Success!


    Looking for an audio interface with dedicated internal headphone bus. Pref below £300

    EDIT in the end, I settled on an Audient iD24, managed to get one from Juno for around £250

    As per title... and to clarify, I don't just mean a headphone port, I mean an internal bus separate from the main outs, that can be seleCubase. This info doesn't seem to be present on the manufacturer's blurb; I've just been stung buying a Presonus 24c which it turns out only has 'Main Out L / R'.

    Presonus support solution is to use their DAW, I am already fluent in Cubase / Ableton and have no desire to learn a third (StudioOne)! My main interface at home is a UAD Apollo which has main outs, virtual busses, and a headphone bus. I wanted to get a different interface for live stuff & travelling.

    Obviously UAD is a higher tier than the £150 24c so perhaps I was expecting too much from it. I need an interface with headphone bus as I use that to run Slate VSX (headphone software).


    8 weeks, something I'm struggling which I'd appreciate additional insight from the group is 'FOMO'

    So for those unfamiliar with the acronym, fear of missing out. I definitely used alcohol as a crutch for socialisation (autism, and when I drink, I don't feel so autistic). I have been out to a pub / karoake night and successfully not drunk alcohol, twice so far.

    When I think about the future and the idea of 'never drinking alcohol again' it makes me feel a little sad. I imagine all the fun nights out I used to have, that I won't have anymore... I imagine sitting around sighing, twiddling my thumbs while everyone has raucous fun.

    I don't feel like these are unreasonable worries, so hoping for some insights to puncture them. My main weapon to fight back is to imagine how I feel the morning after (nauseous, pounding head, sweating) and how that day is wasted; then to remind myself that drinking kicks me into a manic phase, with inevitable week+ of depression to follow.

    I used to know a guy called Brian, friend of the family... he was always the life and soul of every party despite being teetotal. Always admired him, maybe that should be my mantra... "WWBD?"

    13 Plant-based insulin derived from lettuce, can be taken orally

    Animal cells share some qualities with plant cells, but one key feature ours lack is a rigid cell wall. While this provides structure for plants, it’s also something scientists are increasingly looking at for use in new materials, cellulose technology and, now, insulin delivery.

    "Animal cells share some qualities with plant cells, but one key feature ours lack is a rigid cell wall. While this provides structure for plants, it’s also something scientists are increasingly looking at for use in new materials, cellulose technology and, now, insulin delivery."


    I am slowly starting to hate the Stable Trotters

    Am doing the newspaper questline after I reunited them all... so happy for them but fuck PLEASE can you guys learn a new song?

    Or, even finish the one you're currently playing, it's only 30 seconds or so long and just loops forever. I've had to start muting the game whenever I'm near a stable, I write music for a living and this week had that sodding theme (along with the 'Yah yah!" from the conducter) stuck in my head for days, one of the worst earworms I've ever had. When I finally got some music done, one of the synths now strongly reminds me of 'Yah yah!", noooooo.

    Would be great if we could have sliders for the music / sound FX, at this point I'd rather put a Spotify playlist of classical music on!


    Deleting your reddit content before migrating? DON'T, instead...

    ... go through your 'top posts', copy & paste the text into a doc, post it here, then delete it. Let reddit's loss be lemmy's gain!


    Tenishia - Stranger To Myself (Mike Shivers Garden State Mix)

    A forgotten classic? This song never gets old to me, an absolutely beautiful vocal paired with Mike Shiver's delectable production... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


    Darren Porter - Inertia

    This track as of now is 7 years old and it still absolutely SLAPS for me. Driving, energetic, searing leads, synth stabs that leave you no choice but to start moving.