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A burger being "100% Beef" is not a good thing
  • Im sorry but i draw the line at blending onions. Eviscersting an onion like that would just make it pungent as fuck. Carmelize the onions while you cook the patty, or just raw on top is plenty fine.

  • Former Square Enix exec on why Final Fantasy sales don’t meet expectations and chances of recouping insane AAA budgets
  • Final Fantasy doesnt need to cost $100+ million to make; especially when your only big idea is just to make it look expensive. Execs like to blame their own hubris on market changes but like... treat your workers better and give them creative freedom and they could do great things. Instead its all on the backs of money-grubbing trend-chasers who get to keep their jobs when their inevitable failures lead to mass layoffs.

    Ya'll spent 50 mil on marketing? I barely even noticed ffxvi came out. How much did Dunkey spend on marketing Animal Well and that shit was inescapable for weeks.

  • Does AI-generated art posted on lemmy bother you?

    I find that i can spot AI Images fairly easily these days, especially the sort of fantastical tableaus that get posted to the various AI communities around lemmy. I'm tired of seeing them; it all looks the same to me. Was wondering if im being too sensitive, or if other people are similarly bored of the constant unimaginative AI spam...

    For the record, I block any explicit AI Art communities that pop up in the feed, but there are more every day...


    Got laid off today.

    Whole Maryland office is being "consolidated" with Austin. They offered to move us to Austin if we want. How fucking generous.

    Assholes at the top are the reason they're losing money, production as far as I can tell was quite lean and putting out lots of product. They're just gonna lop an arm off and hope it works out, and fuck the rest of us now out of a job cause they can't balance overhead.


    A Frank Conversation

    My friends a hater, but I guess so am I.