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Russia lacks 'numbers for strategic breakthrough' in Ukraine: NATO
  • As long as there is no Manchurian president in the US, we have Article 5. If surplus hardware from the 80s and 100 Bradleys have done what they have done imagine what 1000 Bradleys hundreds of we'll supplied and maintained Abrahams, Leos and Challengers can do when supported by the good ATACMS, Tomahawks and of course hundreds of F16s, F22s and F35s. There is no need for nuclear weapons, NATO can curb stomp Russia in traditional warfare. You need one breakthrough and then Prigozhin showed what defenses you can expect once you get past the front. Or Ukraine with their kamikaze Cessnas.

  • Russia lacks 'numbers for strategic breakthrough' in Ukraine: NATO
  • And for all their bravado "Poland is next" (see Medvedev for instance) they shit their pants and were soooo ready to cooperate when a missile fell on Polish soil and killed a farmer. Turned out to be a failed Ukrainian S300, but once Article 5 was even a remote possibility we all saw their real thoughts.

  • The meme is the price tag.
  • Just in case someone doesn't know it at this point: email the authors directly, they will be more than happy to send you a copy of their paper. The authors don't get a penny from the sale of the article and they are basically rewarded for citations, so it's in their interest to spread the word.

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