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I prioritize ethics over optics even if it means facing criticism.

Sharing my honest beliefs, welcoming constructive debates, and embracing the potential for evolving viewpoints. Independent thinker navigating through conversations without allegiance to any particular side.

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Some days it'll be like that
  • This hub was warning me about the impeding failure for a good year and a half and I kept ignoring it knowing full well that this day was coming. I knew I'd be able to ride back home anyway so I don't worry about it.

    I'm the most atypical mountain biker you'll encounter and preventative maintenance isn't really my cup of tea. I ride it till it fails and then I replace it. I'm actually surprised my rear tire held up for longer than the hub. That thing is held together with duct tape and holy spirit.

  • Some days it'll be like that

    Blew my freehub muscling up a steep incline. This is why I ride with half of my workshop in my backpack. Had zip ties packed up specifically incase of this happening.

    I once snapped a chain and had to walk my bike back home. I never wanted to do that again so I've been pretty much prepaired for anything ever since. Usually it's just flat tire I've had to deal with. Had to fix the chain another time too but had a chain tool and a masterlink that time. So far the greatest breakdown has been when I snapped my derailleur hanger and had to shorten the chain and convert it into single speed to ride home. The freehub had been experiencing skipping for some time now so I can't say I was too surprised when this happened.

    What's the point of living for someone like me?
  • What's the point of living for anyone? There's no point. Life is what you make out of it. If one keeps doing the same things day after day then that's an indication they don't want things to change. How could they change? Accepting things as they are and just sitting at home being miserable is a guranteed way to stay miserable.

  • And here I am just wanting to spray paint "bitch" on my sub's car :'(
  • I know that Cybertruck rusting is a fun narrative but it's also not true.

    Rust does indeed form on the surface of the body panels but it's not the panels that are rusting. It's the iron particles mostly from brake discs that are suspended in the air and land on the vehicle. These particles then react with the stainless steel causing rust to form. However this is just surface contamination which can be easily cleaned off. These same particles, called "fallout" get stuck to the paintjob of all cars and that's why there are cleaning products specifically meant for getting rid of them. With other vehicles the rusting simply doesn't occur due to the particles not making contact with metal because they have paint and clearcoat on them.

  • There should be a law
  • Right there with you. I understood none of it so here's chatGPT's intrepretation of it:

    They reminisce about how, historically, business people paid workers based on perceived merit, leading to feelings of underwhelm among workers. This dissatisfaction opened the door for organized criminals who promised better compensation, thus fostering a shadow economy. This historical anecdote sets up a discussion about the introduction of the minimum wage as a regulatory response to such economic exploitation.

    The author then draws a parallel between this economic dynamic and social dynamics. Just as bad actors exploited workers' dissatisfaction, they argue that social isolation makes individuals vulnerable to negative influences. When people feel isolated and lack social support, they might be more likely to fall into bad company, similar to how workers turned to criminals for better pay.

    The crux of the argument is that just as there is a "minimum wage" to ensure fair economic treatment, there might be a need for a "minimum reference point" in social contexts to prevent isolation and the subsequent vulnerability to bad actors. The author is pondering why society doesn't apply the same proactive thinking to prevent social isolation as it does to prevent economic exploitation.

    The concluding thoughts suggest that the author has observed people being drawn into negative social circles due to a lack of alternatives, similar to how workers once turned to criminals. They are calling for a societal reflection on how to provide better social support and prevent people from being lured into detrimental situations due to loneliness or isolation.

    Assuming this is correct I kind of understand what OP is saying but I still don't get what they're actually suggesting. Some form of mandatory socialization for isolated people perhaps?

  • I swear it was real!
  • There's literally thousands of hours of audio of him talking. If he's full MAGA then it shouldn't be hard to find dozens of clips that directly demonstrate this. And I mean directly - not ones that you need to perform mental acrobatics first to squeeze out the meaning from that one wants. Repeating some of the talking points only shows that he's actually thinking about things instead of simply adopting the views of his side. If one agrees with none of the talking points of the opposing side then that's frankly just a demonstration of their bias towards their own group. Any real independent thinker would have some views that align with the right and some with the left.

    It's always amusing when people who don't even listen to his podcast act as if they knew him better than the ones who do despite the fact that they're getting their info from biased online articles when the other group gets it directly from the source. Once you actually listen the full episode and then compare it to the articles written about it it's hilarious how disingenuously he's being represented on the news. This applies to so many other podcasters as well. Joe's been quite consistent in his views over the past 6 years or so. He definitely flirts with the right especially when accompanied with such quest but the claim about him having gone full MAGA is blatantly false.

  • Are You an NPC?
  • We don't have free will but we have the experience of freedom.

    Aspect often left out in this discussion is the rather apparent fact that "self" is an illusion. There's no "you" in a sense that there's this some kind of immaterial being that's living behind your face, looking out in the world and making decisions. There's just consciousness and its content. The sense of self is an appereance in consciousness. We experience the world from our individual perspective and it creates the illusion of there being a self that's authoring all our thoughts and actions but there zero evidence of such thing existing. In fact according to split-brain studies it seems like your brain hemispheres don't even agree with eachother.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Where does the profit come from if someone who doesn’t deal with ads is forced to watch an ad?

    The creator gets paid for people watching the ads, not for buying the product. For the most part the point of ads is to increase brand recognition which in turn increases sales. Ads work wether you think they do or not. It's among the most studied economic fields. There's a good reason companies spend a ton of money on advertising. More people seeing ads = more sales. I too like to tell myself a story about how I'm immune to ads but I know I'm not.

    Data-invasive, targeted advertising is superfluous and needs to die.

    I agree. The alternative is paying for the service eg. subscribtion based business model.

    Targeted or not - I'm not going to watch ads. If it's a bad service like Instagram I'm just going to stop using it but in the case of YouTube if they manage to make adblocking sufficiently difficult and inconvenient then I'm going to buy premium. I can't blame them for wanting to get rid of freeriders. If I was them I would probably want to too. Blocking ads is like piracy; I participate in it but it cannot be morally justified. I'm effectively stealing.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • No, I don't think hating on fascists is the same but that assumes we're speaking of actual fascists instead of more or less normal people who happen to lean right and get called fascists because it's an easy label to throw at someone because we don't like them and they're making noises that remotely sound like something a fascist would make. It's equivalent to the right calling someone a communist for advocating for things like UBI or higher taxes for the wealthy.

    People like Elon Musk gets called a nazi here daily. I don't care how much one hates him, that's just a blatantly false accusation but it gets the upvotes because what they're essentially saying is "boo Elon" and that's something most Lemmings agree with. This just dillutes the meaning of these labels to the point that people then are sceptical even when they're used appropriately.

    It's not about loving your enemy. Atleast not in my case. I'm only trying to remind people that groups consist of individuals and no two of them are the same. I don't like how both sides so dishonestly represent eachother's views on social media and use these extreme labels so lightly. I think in most things in life the truth is somwehere in the middle so wether it be left or right, the further one goes in that direction the more likely they're to be at the wrong side of history. I'll much rather trust the judgement of someone who whose beliefs are such a mixed bag that they're near impossible to place on the political spectrum.

    I'm also just rambling here now. I don't even remember what we were talking about anymore.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • There's no scarcity of hate on Lemmy either. It simply flies under the radar for most part because it's directed at things we hate too. Exactly as is the case on far-right forums as well. Just read the comments of any thread about Elon, Police, Ai, Facebook, Twitter, Capitalism, Israel and so on. You even admit participating in it yourself.

    The far-right thinks of themselves as well meaning just as well. Nobody thinks of themselves as the bad guys. Claiming they intend to be hateful and evil is disingenuine. That's only how you view them. Their view of us is hardly any different. Both views are wrong.

  • Russian warships arrive in Cuba in show of force
  • "Show of force"

    We've been watching your show of force for few years now and it's been unremarkable to say the least. A country without a navy has sunk your Black Sea fleet with modified jet skis. Just imagine what a country with navy could do.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • I mean you signed up on lemmy.marxism-leninism. Yeah they tend to lean left, lol.

    But yeah your observation indeed is is correct. Not only does lemmy lean left it often leans pretty far left too. It might feel like a breathe of fresh air but it's still a bubble and echo chamber. It's the same as truth social but the exact opposite. Nothing wrong with that per-se but it's a good thing to keep in mind. Factual information is regularly downvoted here not because it's false but because it doesn't fit the narrative.

  • A cool guide to heat absorption between different colored T-shirts
  • That's not exactly heat absorbtion though. Infrared cameras capture the heat radiated by the shirts and black color is the one that radiates heat the best. That's why matt black is the worst color for a thermos and chrome is the best.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • I'm not informed enough to know how peertube works but running it is not free either. Nor is running a lemmy instance. for example has a limit even on the size of images you can upload despite the fact that hosting images is orders of magnitude less bandwith and storage requiring than videos.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Ad-revenue is literally how content creators get paid. If you're using an adblocker (like me) then you're freeriding. They're not getting any money from us viewing their videos.

    Nobody is forcing anyone to watch ads. That's the alternative available to people who don't want to pay. The other alternative is premium membership. Which ever you choose makes money for the creators. Blocking ads doesn't.

    I hate ads just as much as the next guy but this mentality of expecting to get content for free is ridiculous. That's unbelieveably narrow sighted and self-centered thinking. If subscribtion based business model was the norm instead of ads-based then we'd have none of the issues that come with targeted advertising. On the other hand if one thinks google is evil company and don't want to give them money then stop using their products. Damn hypocrites..

  • Transgender Athletes Could Be At A Physical Disadvantage, New Research Shows
  • Yeah, and calling them transphobes as if that's the only motivation anyone has to be worried about this stuff.

    I'm running an experiment where I just ruthlessly block every single user demonstrating that kind of behaviour. Hopefully one day I'll have a really slow feed consisting of only the handful of people left that don't act like a total jerks despite being anonymous.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Content creators get nothing from a subscription To YouTube premium.

    This is not true. If you're a free user they're getting a share of the ad-revenue. If you're a premium user they're getting share of the membership fee. The more videos you watch from a creator the more they earn.


    Also. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to run a video hosting platform? Especially at the scale of YouTube. There's a good reason Lemmy doesn't have videos.

  • Zombie Survival Thorny_Insight

    What type of fence would you think is the most feasible and secure for your base?

    Ofcourse a 5 meter tall concrete wall would be ideal but good luck building that in the middle of the apocalypse. What do you feel like would be the next best option?

    My personal choice currently would be to find rolls of 2 meters tall steel wire fence, locate a secluded hilltop somewhere in the woods near water and pull the fence tight between living trees and finish it with barbed wire on the top, mostly in case of other survivors trying to sneak in.

    I'd start by securing a small, maybe 5m x 5m perimeter as the starting point. This can be accomplished in a day and I now have a safe place to sleep in. When I obtain more fencing I would start building a second layer around the first one with about 3 meters of space in between and as my camp grows and I get more supplies I would just keep building additional layers. If there are longer stretches of fence between trees I would add additional posts as well as 45 degree supports to prevent a horde from pushing it over.

    Wire fence like this comes with atleast 2 additional benefits of being able to see thru it as well as enabling you to kill zombies thru it with a spear.


    Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?

    Despite not subscribing to political communities and having a large number of content filters based on keywords, my feed here is still for a large part all negative articles and ragebait. Elon Musk this and Israel that. Microsoft ruining windows, AI ruining internet, right wingers and capitalism ruining the world, police being racist and shooting innocent people, companies demanding workers into offices, privacy being under constant attack from all sides.. And all this despite the effort I go thru to block that from my view. I can only imagine what the unfiltered feed is like.

    I get that this is all important stuff but holy shit it's depressing when that's all I read here every day. Sure, some of it is legitimately news worthy but lets be real here; much of it isn't. It's just to get you riled up and engaging with the post. It's the exact same thing all major social media recommendation algorithms are doing; feeding you content that causes outrage to keep you on the platform for as long as possible. Do we really need to know about every stupid thing Elon says or every police shooting where the victim is black?

    It's no wonder so many people, especially younger ones feel absolutely miserable from day to day. It can't be healthy to live like this. I feel like this kind of media diet is pretty much equivalent to eating fast food every single day.


    If you can't make a single sincere counter-argument to your own belief, your stance is driven by emotion rather than logic

    Rational beliefs should be able to withstand scrutiny and opposing arguments. The inability to do so indicates that the belief is more about personal bias and emotional investment rather than objective analysis.


    Early Finnish summer [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight

    Early Finnish summer [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8


    Trail in the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight

    Trail in the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility Thorny_Insight

    My rig - GZR Black Raw

    Photography Thorny_Insight

    Yet another shot from the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8


    Finnish spring serenity [OC]

    Canon ESO 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight

    Finnish spring serenity [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8


    How do I use uBlock to hide threads with certain urls?

    The filter I use to hide threads based on keywords doesn't seem to work for urls but I'm sure this is possible aswell.


    How do I deal with billing close relatives for work as an entrepreneur?

    I live in a country that has treated me extremely well. I've benefited from a ton of free services paid with taxpayer money including education and healthcare so I feel the responsibility to do my part and pay my taxes.

    However every single one of my close relatives expects special treatment and assumes I'm going to accept the payment "under the table" but I don't and I've made it clear from the beginning. They refuse to accept it even when it's for no extra cost to them. It's me whose losing money, not them. Still - the idea of me daring to charge them like "regular" people apparently is totally outrageous to them.

    I try to be the change I want to see in the world. I judge moral questions by imagining wether the world would be a better or a worse place if everyone else acted like I do. I believe that doing things by the book is the right thing to do here. I understand where they're coming from and it's okay to ask but when I say no then it is so. They're free to use someone else's services who doesn't pay their taxes if that's what they want.

    Now I'm basically at the point where no matter what I do someone is going to be unhappy. Ideally I would refuse all work to relatives but that too is going to leave them unhappy. Do I really need to let go of my own morals here so that I'm not seen as a complete asshole by everyone around me?


    Tesla will likely be the market leader in self-driving technology and it's a good thing

    Soon it will be undeniable that FSD is the most advanced and safest self-driving system on the planet and the haters just need to accept it. It's a good thing because it's literally saving human lives.

    You might not like Teslas as a vehicle nor the company itself due to the CEO but the fact is that no other manufacturer offers equally capable self-driving system and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. If you've not been following this technology closely they just switched from human code to 100% neural nets and the difference between V11 and V12 cannot be overstated. It's still not perfect and probably never will be but it's really good and there's a good chance it's already safer driver than the average human. This is all done using only cameras. No radar, no LiDAR.

    There's also rumors going around that Ford is about to licence the FSD software in their own vehicles and others are likely to follow so it will not be just Tesla's that are using it.