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Let's chat about these SEVEN nuclear power plants the LNP want to build ...
  • Worse than that, it's an intentional miss direction so that their billionaire benefactors can continue to squeeze the fossil fuel sponge well into the future. They want to get every last almost free drop out of our resources.

  • Cargo Bikes Without Electric
  • Slightly different approach, but where I am Omnium cargo bikes have become very popular, they have a platform at the from, but aren't super long like a Bullet, and handle more like a regular bike. I've even come across a mod that means you can fold the platform up to store it easily in an apartment, or even in a hallway when combined with a stem that rotates the bars around.

  • The cycling revolution in Paris continues: Bicycle use now exceeds car use
  • In most places it actually rains a lot less that you would.think, and often it only rains a small part of the day. I know that when the forecast is for rain often the 30 minutes it takes me to commute are dry.

    I commute everyday in a place that has a reputation for being a bit rainy in winter and I get actually wet like 5 times a year.

  • Republicans are starting to worry about RFK Jr.
  • Am I being way too cynical by thinking this sudden burst of "RFK actually bad for Trump" content that seems to be everywhere is actually some kind of reverse phycology propaganda trick to make the left leaning folks let it play out?

  • Louisiana lawmakers vote to remove lunch breaks for child workers, cut unemployment benefits
  • I always wondered how it came about, Wws the govt that introduced it rewarded by being proven to be illegitimate? I could easily imagine they'd get pounded at the next election just for forcing people to come out and vote when they'd rather not!

  • Trump again vows to be a day-one ‘dictator’ in Iowa town hall
  • He's also pretty much guaranteed to be dead in less than ten years, so all those narcissistic Republican assholes assume it will be them personally that takes the throne when it happens. So of course they support him.

  • The January 6 Attack was an Insurrection
  • Imagine spontaneously building a gallows, like where the fuck would you even find the wood at in the capital?? Who randomly thinks "I should take multiple 12 foot lengths of 2x4 to hear the person who lost the election speak?

    Who else thinks a big old fat length of rope is what I should take with me to see the peaceful transfer of power for myself?

    Fuck those cunts.

  • Big W removes sex education book from shelves after staff members abused

    Publisher of Welcome to Sex by Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes defends book after conservative campaigners claim it is ‘teaching sex to children’

    Big W removes sex education book from shelves after staff members abused

    Australia, don't become America.


    Couldn't wait for FEF, this is too 🔥

    Are we doing Front End Friday here? I finished building up this treasure and wanted to share it with people who understand 😜