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Undertale brainrot

Pronouns: they/them is preferred but you can call me something else if you really want to

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  • i am doing the joja route one day because of this mf

  • rule
    How do you see yourself in your imagination?
  • Actually witty and funny. And not socially awkward and weird. Which is totally what I'm like in real life because why would I imagine myself as something I'm not.

  • What was your first operating system or Linux Distribution?
  • Technically it was Kali on a VM. But I had absolutely no clue what I was doing (I was 9 years old) so I gave up.

    Then I tried Ubuntu to get past my parental controls. Same thing.

    Eventually had success with Mint 5 years later. Never looked back.

  • pee(1) rule
  • Wow, this sounds useful, I hope I can actually remember it to use when I need to, which will definitely happen because I've never forgotten any cool linux feature I've found ever.

  • Putting my oat milk to sleep rule.
  • Fellow Dane spotted?

  • I'll just leave this here...
  • That looks like something I'd draw tbh

  • Name That Song TheCheddarCheese

    Looking for a Japanese song

    I remember hearing one song on YouTube before that I really liked but I can't remember what it is. It had a whole animated MV, and I think Hatsune Miku also sang it but I'm not sure. The song is about a girl who's getting abused/bullied/something like that, and a boy at school decides to come and help her. She ends up venting to him and crying. I remember one of the lines being something like "How did you learn to fake a smile so well" (probably not exactly that, but gets the point across). Does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

    What the rule
  • I KNEW there was something off about these mfs

  • The fuk? Please help me complete this insane captcha
  • There is an automatic captcha solver that works off of the audio prompt, not sure what it's called though

  • pride rule
  • 😾

  • Calves are almost always separated from their mothers rule
  • Look at it another way - do we REALLY need that much meat production? Probably not. Vegans have been living just fine this whole tome, and meat is very resource intensive to produce anyway, so one could argue you'd get even more food from stopping.

    Is it causing massive issues even aside from the suffering of animals? Yeah, agriculture plays quite a significant part in CO2 emissions. Not to mention the polluting of rivers.

    Also, I don't really see your point of 'they don't want to have a discussion'. You're literally having a discussion with them right now.

  • Rule
  • I thought they just chopped their heads off or smth this is ridiculous

  • Is running Resolve on 6gb vram possible?

    My computer has a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 with 6gb vram, games run fairly well on it but Resolve seems to struggle a bit. It keeps telling me that the GPU memory is full and video doesn't display in the timeline at all. Is it possible to run the thing on it or should I just give up and move to something more lightweight?

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! TheCheddarCheese

    Everything is really small on high res monitor (Manjaro KDE)

    I have a laptop with a 3072x1920 monitor, and everything is really small. I know you can change global scale in display settings, but that doesn't work for everything. Is there any way to make everything bigger without changing screen resolution?

    (it's weird because GNOME worked just fine. Does it have a lower resolution by default or something?)


    conversation rule


    B: Wonderhoy! Me: Wonderhoy! [2 stickers] B: More!!! Me: WOOOOONDEEEEERHOOOOOYYYYY!! B: AAAAAAAAAA! Me: YAHAHAAAA!!!

    vocaloid TheCheddarCheese

    Reliable place to get Miku Expo glowsticks in Europe?

    I know the regulations on unofficial ones are trash but I'm going with my parents and they'll kill me if I try to bring them in


    Did anyone here attend this year's Miku Expo? What was your experience?

    I'm going to the Europe concert so there might be a chance things improve until then, but I was wondering if anyone here actually went there and could tell me their experiences


    CircusP feat. Hatsune Miku - Ten Thousand Stars 【初音ミク】Ten Thousand Stars by CircusP MIKU EXPO 楽曲コンテストグランプリ【Hatsune Miku】

    MIKU EXPO楽曲コンテスト・グランプリ作品発表! グランプリは、CircusPさんの『Ten Thousand Stars』! その他受賞作品はこちらよりご確認ください: この度は、『MIKU EXPO楽曲コンテスト』に多数のご応募を頂き誠にありがとうございました!全世界から、日本語・英語のみならず、スペイン語や中国語の曲など、かつてないほどバラエティに跳んだ440作品が集まり、世界ツアー「MIKUEXPO」らしいコンテストになりました。 全応募曲は、SoundCloud上のコンテストページhttps://soundclou...

    【初音ミク】Ten Thousand Stars by CircusP MIKU EXPO 楽曲コンテストグランプリ【Hatsune Miku】
    vocaloid TheCheddarCheese

    my Tokyo Teddy Bear rin in free draw (didnt color it yet because it glitches terribly whenever i try)


    What is your opinion of Hazbin Hotel?

    I've heard some mixed reviews, I personally think the concept is interesting but I haven't actually seen anything besides like, 10 minutes of episode 4. I'm not expecting anything exceptionally deep or even that great, I was just wondering if it was even fun to watch.


    What is the strangest song you've heard?

    For me it's Nitrobenzene by OwataP. This one is... make car horn noises? idk man, the whole benzene series is weird but this was the strangest one i've heard so far