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What happens if I open an audio file MP4 in a text (word processing) app?
  • I feel like there's a very large number of people that are afraid of trying things on their computer just to see what happens. And it correlates pretty closely with the type of person that doesn't know where anything is on their computer.

    OP is at least asking questions, and that's a great step towards learning by yourself.

  • DC's Absolute Batman Is a "Primal" Beast: "This Is Not the Batman You Know"
  • I'd argue his drive and tenacity is half of what makes him Batman. The money just enables him to be able to have an easier time as his alter ego.

    How is he the punisher in this version? Did it say he kills people?

  • Has anyone watched Monkey Man? It's really good.

    The poster and description do nothing to inspire watching it, but I finally gave it a go and wow it surprised me. It's an awesome revenge flick.

    The main character basically Rocky Balboas his way into becoming John Wick and it's a fun ride. They even call him John Wick at one point, which usually would be eye rolling but it's funny. There's some fun religious stuff thrown in, and really good fight choreography.

    At one point I had to pause for the bathroom and was really happy I was only half way through it.

    I highly recommend it.


    Shut up Wisely!


    Don't forget this weekend Geordi La Forge

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    Geordi La Forge