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Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Faces Delay Until 2026, Faces Design Roadblocks
  • Either is better than a 7” inch phone like the Pro Max. But I don’t know how reliable the flip form factor is yet.

    I had the first gen razer before my current mini and it stopped working after about 6 months of use. It just stopped reading touch input after flipping it shut one day.

  • Apple “clearly underreporting” child sex abuse, watchdogs say
  • Authorities demand back doors for platforms instead of doing their jobs so that they can spy on and trample the rights of political enemies and creep on people in their communities.

    The tools for authorities to stop perpetrators without trampling on our rights are there but that doesn’t let them abuse their power.

  • Opinions on Snapchat
  • I tried it over a decade ago, the 3rd party app on windows phone I was using was pulled and so I had no desire to use it once I was on iOS and android a few years later.

    Never really saw the appeal of “stories” feels like attention seeking to me. Sending shitpost photos that you don’t care to keep to friends makes a little more sense but still not my bag

  • Report: Resident Evil 7 on iOS has earned Capcom $28,140 since launch
  • If Apple wants to compete in the gaming market they need to release an Apple TV powered by the Apple Silicon M series processor and a big SSD.

    Only the $1000 latest pro phone can play the AAA games. No one is buying a thousand dollar phone for Resident Evil when it’s $70 for the console they probably already have.

    If you can convince people to get a $300 Apple TV whose games you can also natively play on your phone you might have a chance

  • Trump Haters Immediately Flood Twitter With Sick New Hashtag - Pure Evil
  • “Pure Evil”

    This is the kind of extreme, absolutist rhetoric that led to a whacko attempting to assassinate DJT. Maybe we should have some self-reflection on whether everyone involved in politics should share responsibility in de-escalating the hate we have in this country.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of Twitter/X ad boycott perpetrators
  • Their obsession with “freeze peach” has always been a facade to their true desire which is to censor opposing viewpoints and make their viewpoints the only form of acceptable speech.

    You’ll note that everything outside those bounds is “woke” and unacceptable

  • School age kids?
  • I have a second grader and twins in preschool. The main struggle with our oldest was getting him diagnosed and medicated for his ADHD. He’s a smart kid but has always had trouble focusing and not fidgeting and the meds have really helped him excel in school

  • FTC study finds 'dark patterns' used by a majority of subscription apps and websites | TechCrunch
  • “Dark patterns” is the crux of capitalism. There have always been manipulative sales tactics with or without tech. “Number go up” worship has led to countless methods of abusive sales tactics, pervasive advertisement, unwanted spam and cold calling, and deceptive pricing.

    Good on the FTC for trying to rein in some aspects of this but without addressing the root cause it’s like plugging one hole as the dam is about to burst.

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • I’ve used android at various times. Most recently around 3 years ago. I probably won’t switch back unless there is some really compelling hardware I just can’t resist.

    Some reasons I prefer iPhone is that iMessage was just a better experience for messaging than SMS and the fragmented support that RCS had back when I was an android user.

    iOS is also consistent experience across devices rather than having a different flavor with different launchers and bloat per manufacturer. Android is nice in that you can extend your experience by sideloading apps but eventually the more you add, the more chances you have of them randomly crashing and detracting from the experience

    Finally I am locked in to the hardware ecosystem, android/Google do have their own alternatives to this but they aren’t as nice as apple’s. AirPods just work. AppleTV doesn’t have ads unlike google tv. Your iCloud files, photos, messages etc. just sync to your Mac without thinking.

    If I did get a new android device I’d probably be a pixel but I just don’t trust google. And I don’t trust them to support a device or service and keep it out of the killedbygoogle graveyard

  • How programmers comment their code
  • This is true, but it’s easier and faster to parse plain English and so if I don’t adequately comment my code the first time. I will be commenting it when I have to return to it for whatever reason. Honestly the second round of commenting is more verbose and clearer than the function x does y style of comments I tend to make when coding the first time

  • Controversial Thesis
  • Our sports culture in the US is unlike any other country in the world and so comparing it to other countries is a pointless endeavor.

    In fact pretty much all schools in the US all the way down to the smallest college field sports teams because it’s essential in advertising and marketing the school and recruiting students (either by recruiting students who are familiar with and fans of the sports team and the larger schools or by recruiting students who still want to compete in organized sports for the smaller schools)

    Sports coaches are often compensated the most and athletes often get the most valuable scholarships because they generate the most marketing and advertising value and in cases of the highest level teams, make TV revenue back for the university.

    If you want to put your complaints somewhere, complain about how public universities have to compete with each other for lucrative out of state and international students to meet their budgets because they are underfunded from the government.

  • Coloring Suggestion for iPad
  • Have you considered downloading some color by number PDFs? (Such as from here) and then using the markup features and the Apple Pencil to color them in yourself? You have to stay inside the lines of course as there isn’t an app backing it but might be the closest analogue to actually coloring for relaxation.

  • Lemmy user succinctly explains why Prom became such a prominent US teen tradition Can someone explain me USA obsession with prom and similar school rituals? - Divisions by zero

    I just don’t get it… Why is that important, especially for kids now, that feel like they need to do a YouTube video asking for a date or doing some meme stuff. Some teens even hire the hottest celebrity or ask them to appear in their prom? This is so bizarre for me, all that just for a frivolous nig...

    A really good explanation that I felt deserved to be highlighted.

    29 now has RetroAchievements support!

    cross-posted from:

    > now has retroachievements support! > > is a web-based retro gaming emulator with support for SNES, GB, GBC and GBA (Premium includes support for even more consoles including N64, PS1, and DS). > > The latest update just added retroacheivements support. As far as I know, it’s the only emulator that supports them on iOS that doesn’t require sideloading.

    0 now has retroachievements support! is a web-based retro gaming emulator with support for SNES, GB, GBC and GBA (Premium includes support for even more consoles including N64, PS1, and DS).

    The latest update just added retroacheivements support. As far as I know, it’s the only emulator that supports them on iOS that doesn’t require sideloading.


    When the TV itself was a piece of furniture


    Best iOS for creating gifs from mp4s/videos from camera roll?

    I’m looking for a recommendation for making gifs on iOS. Preferably one that lets you add text and with the option to remove the watermark with a one time purchase instead of a subscription.

    Does this community have any advice? I tried a bunch on the App Store but there’s literally dozens and most of them either don’t let you add text or have like a $20 a minute subscription or obnoxious ads with no option to remove

    Fantasy Football TORFdot0


    The draft starts tonight. Some pretty good WRs and QBs in this draft and trades to be made that will shake up things in fantasy for sure

    Leave your comments below!


    Google is killing Retro Dodo and Other Independent Sites Google Is Killing Retro Dodo & Other Independent Sites

    It honestly breaks my heart to write this article, but I want to be as transparent as possible with our readers because you are the ones that have quite literally…View Post

    Google Is Killing Retro Dodo & Other Independent Sites

    I know that the source is more focused on retro gaming as a topic but the topic of this post is Google and its pagerank algorithm which is more appropriate for this community.

    We’ve all noticed the enshittification of Google Search over the last few months, but it’s still hard to hear how it is affecting content creators and putting them out of business so we can see 20 AI generated spam pages about whatever our query is.

    Fantasy Football TORFdot0

    Stefon Diggs to the Texans Bills trade Stefon Diggs to Texans

    The Stefon Diggs era is over in Buffalo, as the receiver is headed to Houston in exchange for draft picks.

    Bills trade Stefon Diggs to Texans

    cross-posted from:[email protected]/t/680075

    > Bills trade Stefon Diggs to Texans > > The Stefon Diggs era is over in Buffalo, as the receiver is headed to Houston in exchange for draft picks.


    Opening Day!

    Royals and Twins. Currently top of the 8th down 2-1, Royals need to find their bats if we are going to pull of a W on opening day


    Another Zelda game down!

    I conquered Koholint island finally! I really enjoyed my time playing Link’s Awakening. I can’t believe they fit a whole Legend of Zelda game on Gameboy! I really enjoyed it

    I ended up getting stuck trying to get the bird key. I could not figure out how to get the flying rooster. I tried bombing the weather cock, lifting the weather cock, pulling, using the hook shot, using the magic rod, digging every tile in mabe village, getting the boomerang, giving back the boomerang, tried every key item I could think of. I ended up beating level 8 before level 7. I even made this map of the entire game in google sheets to try to figure it out.

    Tap for spoiler

    Turns out you can just push the statue

    Oh well, I don’t count it as time waste. If anything else it was a great excuse to keep playing. I’ve never played a 3D Zelda before so I am looking forward to OoT


    How I hosted my blog on Google Sites KMSTRUBE.NET - How I hosted my blog on Google Sites

    I've always been something of a tinkerer. In high school and college, it was messing around with the game files of Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive to create multiplayer mods for myself and my friends. This might sound hard to believe, but in the late 00s and early 10s; Stack

    KMSTRUBE.NET - How I hosted my blog on Google Sites

    I hope a little self promotion is ok. Thanks to all of your help a few weeks ago, I was able to get an RSS feed set up for my blog. For reasons I still don't fully understand, a year and a half ago, when I moved my personal website from github and Azure App Services to Google Sites; I decided to just hack Google Sites into a blog rather than do the logical thing and start a blog on Wordpress or Blogger.

    As I was documenting the process of hosting a feed using Google Drive and automating it with Google Apps Script, I decided to turn it into a full blog post on the journey I took to get things working.

    If you do have some morbid curiosity on the actual steps to take to host, automate, and update RSS using Google Apps, I do have a full guide with instructions but can't say I recommend doing things this way to anyone but the truly delusional.

    The whole post is about a 20 minute read. Despite having started my blog 18 months ago, this is only my 11th post, I'm still kind of new. I'd appreciate feedback for anyone that would be willing to offer it.

    Fantasy Football TORFdot0

    NFL Free Agency Mega Thread

    Free Agency is here and today has been crazy so far and it’s just the legal tampering period not even the official start. I’ll try to list all the fantasy relevant movement as I can. Be sure to put updates, and discussion in the comments.

    Russel Wilson to the Steelers.

    Josh Jacobs to the Packers

    Saquon Barkley to the Eagles

    Deandre Swift to the Bears

    Tony Pollard to the Titans

    Baker Mayfield Staying in Tampa, Evans resigned as well

    Kirk Cousins to the Falcons

    Ekeler to the Commies

    Gus Edwards to the Chargers

    Pittman resigns with Indy

    Minshew to the Raiders

    Brissett to the Pats

    Antonio Gibson to the Pats

    Devin Singletary to the Giants

    Gave Davis to the Jags

    Calvin Ridley to the Titans

    Higgins tagged by Bengals but requested a trade

    Mixon TRADED to the Texans

    Zack Moss to the Bengals

    Aaron Jones to the Vikes

    Darnold to the Vikes

    Gesicki to the Bengals

    Darnell Mooney to the Falcons

    Derrick Henry to the Ravens

    Dionte Johnson traded to Panthers

    Jerry Jeudy to the Browns

    Mike Williams CUT and on the market


    What's the deal with "Scaled" sorting? finally updated to v19 and I see that I have the option to do scaled sort. Typically I sort by “Top 6 hour”, “Top 12 hours”, and then “Active”.

    None of these options are really like the old “Hot” sort on Reddit. So how does the scaled sort work? Is anyone who has been on v19 a while using it much?


    How to set up RSS for my blog?

    I've never dealt with RSS before on a personal level. I've pretty much always used social media to discover blog posts. I'm wanting to set up RSS for my personal blog but since I have no experience, looking for some guidance for best practices. I'm currently setting up a script to automatically update the xml when I publish new posts.

    Am I supposed to include the entire post in the description field? Or just a summary? How do I handle the markup and formatting of the post?

    Am I supposed to delete items from the feed or do I just keep appending items to the bottom of it?

    Its it good practice to include a thumbnail image or anything with the item in the feed? How is that possible.

    How do I distribute the feed beyond adding a button on my site?

    Thank you in advance to anyone for their advice.


    Apple releases new "Apple Sports" app 'Apple Sports' App Announced With Personalized Scoreboards and More

    Apple today announced "Apple Sports," a new free app that provides real-time statistics, scores, and more. Apple Sports features a...

    'Apple Sports' App Announced With Personalized Scoreboards and More

    The app is available in the US now. It links to appropriate Apple News articles, Streaming services, has scoreboards and more.

    Makes me curious if we see Apple lean more into live sports for their Apple TV+ packages, especially with the NBA contract coming up to match their current MLS and MLB offerings


    Played and beat A Link to the Past for the first time!

    As a big Zelda hater as a kid, I skipped the series completely. I’ve been going through to experience them all in order now. I really enjoyed the first two games of the series so I expected to like this one too. What I didn’t expect is was that it really is one of the best games on the Super Nintendo if not one of the best games of all-time.


    AppleTV+ 2024 Reccomendations?

    We recently subscribed to AppleTV+ (you get a pretty decent trial from just download the app on a playstation by the way). And are looking for exclusives to watch on the service. Of course everyone recommends Ted Lasso and we have started that. My wife, has already watched through "The Morning Show" and liked it.

    Especially looking for good movie suggestions as those don't require as much of a time investment for me.

    What does everyone on Lemmy watch on the service?


    Cowboys to retain Mike McCarthy


    How do you host your blog?

    Do you self-host it using FOSS tools? Use Wordpress? Design your own using PHP frameworks such as laravel? Just curious what those that do it use?


    Cloud G-Sync and 1 day passes coming to GeForce Now in February Nvidia’s GeForce Now is getting cloud G-Sync support and streaming day passes

    Nvidia is improving its already impressive GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

    Nvidia’s GeForce Now is getting cloud G-Sync support and streaming day passes