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Malik Monk to sign 4-year extension with Kings
  • Could any other team offer him more?

  • NBA Rumors: Pascal Siakam to Sign $189.5M Max Pacers Contract After January Trade
  • It is an obvious move for the team. Siakam is worth a max.

  • ‘Will I ever retire?’: millennials wonder what’s on the other side of middle age
  • Unfortunately, living in the US, I would not take a job with a pension because the (private) pension system cannot be trusted. I remember the 00s when many company pension accounts went bankrupt, because companies were no longer offering it as a benefit and it was easy enough to screw over retired past employees. Companies would take poorly performing divisions and their pension plans, spin them off as a new company that would quickly file for bankruptcy.

    I would not trust a pension without it being insured by an organization like the FDIC. Even then, I would be afraid that my pension would not cover living costs due to inflation.

    Luckily there are alternatives. I have a 401k, which should give me a steady flow of inflation proof dividends… until a market downturn wipes it out. If that happens, I can fall back to Social Security. Don't believe the baloney that the government will ever let Social Security go bankrupt. They will just cut down benefits.

  • How One Chinese EV Company Made Battery Swapping Work
  • That is why they make you lease the battery. You cannot swap out your old battery, just the battery you are leasing. Your lease payments include the cost of them replacing batteries.

  • How One Chinese EV Company Made Battery Swapping Work
  • The model only works if users are forced to subscribe to a battery swapping service for the full life of the vehicle (or there is a large upfront fee to join with a used vehicle). Otherwise it would be too easy for a consumer with a worn out battery to do a one-time swap and get a like-new battery as a cheap alternative to very costly battery repairs. The dumped battery is likely to have very poor range and the battery swap company will need to dispose of it.

  • How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?
  • Not wanting to work in a crowded home has nothing to do with disliking your family. Kids are loud. They run around the house. They watch TV with the volume set too high. They have excited calls with their friends. Many home builders skimp on noise insulation for interior walls.

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Four Swords – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack
  • Four Swords might be the first "must have" Switch Online game for me. My wife and I wanted to play it for years but not at the existing price (multiple GBAs, multiple cartridges, plus a link cable).

  • Nintendo Does What Everybody Else Nintendon’t - Aftermath
  • Nintendo is always good at supporting its systems past the end of the generation, especially portables. Based on past behavior, I expect that when the Switch 2 comes out, Nintendo is going to market the Switch as a cheap alternative for families who are uncomfortable with the new console price.

    "Buy the Switch Lite, now with a lower MSRP, and start enjoying its vast library of great games. Once we release some great Switch 2 games and you are in a better financial position (or saved up), you can buy a Switch 2."

  • Make sure you're registered to vote in November!
  • Last time I looked, third parties made the major parties look good. None of the candidates seem like people who I want running the country, but major parties can, at least, publish a consistent plan for what they want to accomplish.

  • Mozilla Welcomes Anonym: Privacy Preserving Digital Advertising
  • I am a little disgusted by this because now both major browser engines are being developed by an advertising company, creating more incentives for future web technologies that strengthen tracking and undermine ad blocking.

    From what I understand, this is an anonymized targeted ad company. In other words, ads are still targeted to the individual user, it is just harder for the advertiser to track (or profile) an individual user. Are there any companies still doing untargeted ads, ads where the advertiser might pick what site their ad goes on but cannot target a specific user demographic?

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • Tie more positive things to the federal minimum wage, for example tax brackets and retirement fund contribution limits. They go up every single year, so the government will either have to keep raising the minimum wage or go on the record to justify why the ratio is wrong.

  • House Passes Bill To Automatically Register Young Men for the Draft
  • It was not automatic so rich people can avoid it. I have never heard of someone facing criminal charges for failing to register. I have heard that failing to register can impact eligibility for college financial aid and scholarships.

  • [Game Thread] 14 JUN 2024 - NBA FINALS GAME 4
  • I am a Celtics fan, so my opinion is a bit biased, but I would be cheering against Dallas because I hate Jason Kidd.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • The problem is not even big trucks. It is medium speed collisions with barriers. Kei trucks typically don't have air bags or a crumple zone. They are designed for low speed driving on open roads.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • How will that work for individuals who own .00001% of hundreds of homes (by owning shares of several real estate holding companies)?

    Also, mega rich people don't to legally own anything. It is owned by a trust with undisclosed beneficiaries. It is also routed via multiple offshore dummy corporations. It is set up this way so that tax agencies can never figure out incomes and inheritances.

  • Workers at TJ Maxx and Marshalls are wearing police-like body cameras. Here’s how it’s going
  • I am pretty certain Marshalls (a TJX store) has kept prices fairly flat (if not dropping them slightly). I am used to paying about $30 for pants (across many discount retailers), but the last couple of pairs I bought there were around $20.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • An advertised top speed of 80 means that, assuming you have ideal road conditions, tire conditions, are on a flat road, have no wind, and a long distance to get up to speed, you will hover at 78. There are plenty of places with a 65 mph speed limit, wind, and a big hill. Besides, most people will occasionally exceed the speed limit to "overtake traffic".

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • I am not saying it is right, but many people online demand that their EV be able to go much more than 200 miles/charge. I am not sure if that is a majority opinion or just a very vocal minority.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • The Chinese cars that are half price don't include any safety features, have a theoretical top speed of 80 mph, and a battery range of 100 miles. Those ones would never make it to the US even without tariffs.

  • What are your favourite games in terms of art direction and illustration?
  • For me, the game with the most beautiful art has to be Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.

    My favorite art style, though, would have to be Middara (though the female characters could use some more practical outfits). It is just so over the top and vibrant.

    Another art style that I enjoy seeing is Dungeon Degenerates. The gross, ugly look fits the atmosphere of the game setting.

  • Accessory maker MobaPad says that Switch 2 will accept Switch cartridges and extra Joy-Con buttons Report suggests Switch 2 can play all original Switch games

    New Joy-con buttons, 1080p screen also feature in MobaPad's "first-hand information."

    Report suggests Switch 2 can play all original Switch games

    MobaPad is a Switch controller and game case maker (that I have never heard of), so they should have reliable info. They said that:

    • The Switch 2 will have physical cartridges and the slot will also be able to accept Switch 1 games.
    • There will be a new button on the back of each Joy-Con, behind the triggers.
    • There will be a new button on the right Joy-Con, by the Home button.

    Any good April Fools jokes out there?

    Are there any good April Fools jokes today? For example, a few years ago Google announced a sewage based ISP (i.e. flush some fiber optic cable down the toilet and they would fish it out and connect it).

    The only one I have come across is IGN article about the Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro.

    50 lateral thinking with withered technology

    I've been thinking about Gunpei Yokoi a lot lately. Before his tragic death in 1997, Yokoi was a game designer at Nintendo — one of the first, in fact. For them, he created the Game & Watch, the Virtual Boy, and the original Game Boy; over in games, he produced games like

    lateral thinking with withered technology

    TL;DR: The author asserts that Nintendo is able to be so creative because they retain employees long term rather than hiring and firing like other game developers.

    Some excerpts that I found interesting:

    > All of the designers of the original Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo Entertainment System are credited designers on Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

    > Back in 2013, the late Satoru Iwata — the former president of Nintendo — said this at a shareholder meeting: > > "If we reduce the number of employees for better short-term financial results, employee morale will decrease, and I sincerely doubt employees who fear that they may be laid off will be able to develop software titles that could impress people around the world."


    Has anyone ever shopped at Gate Play?

    Has anyone ever shopped at the online store Gate Play? I have never heard of them.

    I saw an out of print expansion being sold below MSRP and wanted to see if anyone knew if the site was a scam. I am going to pay by credit card and read the terms of service, but don't want to have to bother with charge backs if I am not their first victim.


    Are there clients that allow switching accounts without losing my place?

    Are there any Lemmy clients that allow me to quick change accounts and return back to the last community or post that I was looking at? Ideally, one that has an Android app version.

    This matters to me because whenever I see any discussion of instances degenerating or having uptime issues, the go to answer is to create accounts on several servers. It is also good to allow me to have several distinct "identies" (for example a professional one, a hobby one, a local one).

    Lemmy Support TAG

    Subscribing to a KBin magazine from Lemmy

    From what I understand, KBin can import a Lemmy Community as a Magazine. Is the inverse also possible? Can I subscribe to a KBin magazine in Lemmy?

    I want to subscribe to @[email protected], but [email protected] returns no search results on .