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What's that song you adore but you're too embarrassed to make anyone else listen to?
  • Vitas has a phenomenal vocal range.

    Catchy tunes and a variety of styles. But this video, as catchy as the tune is, is just… bonkers. The outfit is … something, the technique he uses while singing is … yeah. It’s that weird.

    Vitas 7th Element 2002

    And this one I’m not ashamed to share… and is the one that brought him to my attention (especially when it gets to the hook) years back when it was making the rounds.

    The man with his crazy voice

  • "Quantum" Scifi & Physics inspired Linoprint - 70x100cm [OC]
  • Is the 2nd box from the top on the right side side a representation of the quantum foam?

    I’m thinking the right side deals with local space time/fields/quantized space and then space time curvature.

    But maybe it’s our cluster within the Laniakea Supercluster? Or am I way off base?

    On second thought I’m thinking it’s our galactic arm, local group, cluster, and then the visible universe.

  • What specs should I look out for UPS
  • And in the case of a 3d printer after so many seconds of now power what id use one for would be to cut off the bed and hotend, list the head and then run the part cooling fan full blast until power went out.

    The print would be ruined but less likely to have heat creep and jams when the power goes out leaving the existing melted plastic to wick up into the heat break when the cooling fan goes out. And less likely, but technically possibly, the nozzle, still not sitting on one piece of plastic with enough heat to scorch or worse.

  • I pray you wish for something nice from the Monkeys Paw


    Taravangian on a good day


    Gandalf vs Saruman : Your mother


    Power Word: Scrunch


    In reply to some directed insult: Well, I’m just glad that my life isn’t as bad as it could be. I could be you.


    Modernizing the best Woodworking Joint to use for 3D Printing

    CAD SzethFriendOfNimi

    Modernizing the best Woodworking Joint to use for 3D Printing


    Nigel and Marmalade get chocolate from a Wizard

    From Tom Bate’s phenomenal Nigel (the tiny Wizard) and Marmalade.

    CAD SzethFriendOfNimi

    Connect 3D Printed Parts | Design for Mass Production 3D Printing


    Outer Wilds


    Every Indie Game - Alistair Beckett-King


    Singer 8606 Manual/Parts?

    I got a singer 8606 from a yard sale and am having trouble finding a manual online and what parts work with it?

    E.g. compatible bobbins, needles, etc.


    Engineerguy: How A Microwave Oven Works How a Microwave Oven Works

    Bill details how a microwave oven heats food. He describes how the microwave vacuum tube, called a magnetron, generates radio frequencies that cause the wate...


    User Generated Content and the Fediverse: A Legal Primer User Generated Content and the Fediverse: A Legal Primer

    A growing number of people are experimenting with federated alternatives to social media like Mastodon, either by joining an “instance” hosted by someone else or creating their own instance by running the free, open-source software on a server they control. (See more about this movement and joining....

    I found this interesting and was wondering how some of the larger instances handle the issues they outline such as

    Copyright/DMCA Safe Harbor CSAM Law enforcement/warrants/info inquiries

    And not included (since it’s focus is on US legal issues) but I’m curious about would be other regulations such as EU user data retention