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  • From the community rules:

    4. Stay on-topic; no memes, funny videos, giveaways, reposts, or low-effort posts - This community is mostly for discussion and news. Remember to search for the thing you’re submitting before posting to see if it’s already been posted.

  • Rant: Frustration About Current State of Games Companies
  • I know this is a bit of a meme, but there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. It's entirely a question of where you choose to draw the line.

    This applies to a lot of causes/principles I care about, but to illustrate with my stance on LGBT issues:

    • If a company openly donates directly to anti-LGBT causes? I'd boycott them, no further questions needed.

    • If a high ranking member of a company donates to anti-LGBT causes using their own (likely unethically obtained) funds? I'd boycott for sure unless their product/service is an absolute necessity.

    • If a company is headquartered in a state/country that is anti-LGBT? I would definitely boycott as long as there is a suitable alternative.

    • If a company pays/employs people who are anti-LGBT? Gosh, well, that's probably most companies. Is it possible to account for how every individual employee/beneficiary chooses to spend the money they make for their work? I have no capacity to make choices at this point.

    Those are my lines.

    When I shop at the supermarket, I have to accept that there are likely people working there somewhere with horrible beliefs whose income is financially supported by my patronage. When I buy clothing, I have to accept that there are probably products I've purchased that are made through exploitative labor practices. When it is within my means to spend capital more ethically, I will. But it is absolutely not possible for me to ensure that every dollar I spend goes to a worthwhile cause or to someone who deserves it.

    The Good Place really illustrated this point well in the later episodes. In the modern world where everything is so much more interconnected than ever before, we need to redefine traditional ethics to better consider what is practical for normal people. And the worse your circumstances are, the harder it is to have that luxury of choice.

  • The Moonfire Faire Begins August 10!
  • It's kinda part of the continuity they have between events. They have a Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course. One year they bring in a group of super sentai sort of people for the event (obstacles, explosions, Japanese pop culture, kind of an easy mix) where the red/yellow/black ranger pose emotes came from. Now this seems to be building further off of that, since there must always be one ranger cooler than the others I guess.

  • Could you resist a true virtual reality and should you?
  • Give me the outcome of The Good Place as well where you can choose oblivion after there's nothing left to do.

    San Junipero was one of the few "happy" episodes of Black Mirror but it didn't ask the question of "where are we in 10,000 years?" like The Good Place considered.

  • Can we have some clarification on what "Usage Data" the app collects and shares with advertisers?
  • From DuckDuckGo:

    For what it's worth, I subscribed to Ultra about an hour ago and DDG hasn't picked up any additional tracking attempts since then. I think it may be limited entirely to Google's ad service for the free, ad-supported tier and maybe crash diagnostics that the app gives you the option of enabling or disabling.

  • Sync for Lemmy is now live for everyone to try
  • It's been an hour since this comment but just in case anyone else has the same, canceling and restarting allowed it to start downloading. For some reason the automatic attempt just hung on my device.

  • Facebook turns over mother and daughter’s chat history to police resulting in abortion charges
  • Obligatory IANAL, but...

    Generally a search warrant needs to be issued by a local authority, and that requires the crime to be prosecutable in the place where it was issued.

    So in theory, California is potentially able to refuse requests to search for things that are not illegal in California but may be illegal somewhere else.

    That being said, it looks like there are specific practices in place making it easier to issue warrants for electronic data like this scenario, even across state lines.

    And in this particular circumstance, the alleged offense is even illegal in California (abortion of a viable fetus), so it's a bit of a moot point anyways. A Californian judge would have issued this warrant if a local police department requested one.

  • PSA: has been compromised! (Edit: Multiple Instances are down)
  • It looks like they're in the process. The compromised account was demoted from admin and I see posts are being removed. There will definitely need to be some sort of investigation into how this happened, though.

  • PSA: has been compromised! (Edit: Multiple Instances are down)
  • One of the admin accounts appears to have been compromised. The owner/other admins appear to be aware now because that account had its admin access revoked and offending posts are being removed.

    Definitely opens up a big question about the security of Lemmy instances that I am sure will be discussed over the next few days.

  • /r/PICS is being forced to break the site-wide rules.
  • NSFW subreddits are a black hole in terms of advertising potential. No mainstream company wants their products on display next to porn.

    A big subreddit like /r/pics going NSFW, with its absolutely massive userbase, takes out a large chunk of Reddit's potential advertising appeal.

  • Do you guys think this is the start of something bigger?
  • Facebook/Instagram (Meta) is one I am not sure how to get a read on. They are branching out a lot, but I have no idea what they're doing to remain profitable. It seems like they're in "Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" mode, hoping that they find a new niche before their sizable warchest from the 2010's runs dry.

    They severely downsized once this year already and I have a feeling that won't be the end of the story. Wouldn't surprise me if they sell off/shut down Oculus in the near future.

    Tiktok, meanwhile...well it's already undergoing enshittification (it is the subject of that original essay) and old people are starting to use it, so I feel like it's only a matter of time before it's no longer cool with kids and they lose a sizable chunk of their revenue stream and content.

  • Supreme Court blocks student loan forgiveness plan: live updates
  • The pandemic caused serious financial burden to the average American, and the only reason why it wasn't significantly worse for millions of people is because the federal government paused interest and repayment deadlines for federal student loans.

    Loan forgiveness is another method of providing relief for people whose economic means took a hit as a result of the pandemic, and is something a lot of people were counting on the day it was announced. If this is unconstitutional, then so were paycheck protection program (PPP) loans that were forgiven by the Fed due to the pandemic as well. The only difference between the two is that the GOP likes big business owners who benefitted from PPP loans (and several GOP politicians and their families took out millions in PPP loans that were forgiven) and they don't give a shit about college students who aren't likely to vote red.

    This is just another way the conservatives are "sticking it to the libs", so they have something to brag about during next year's election.

  • More anti-Lemmy brigading with massive upvotes on Reddit as the 3rd party app apocalypse looms
  • From the user perspective for sure. It's much easier to join and it has a higher population of fledditors. I was just more acknowledging the role of as something of a model instance because it is run directly by the developers of Lemmy.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV 10th Anniversary Special Site FINAL FANTASY XIV 10th Anniversary

    Celebrating ten unforgettable years since FINAL FANTASY XIV's rebirth.