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TIL psychedelics supposedly work by desynchronizing the brain
  • That's a 10g high of penis envy mushrooms for me.

    Wait.. do I have aspergers...

    Edit: Video creator did a fantastic job... watched the rest of it. Cot damn, now I want shrooms for upcoming weekend.

    The only thing different is that my vision also had an overlay of hexagons tightly connected.

  • Why are people using "coconut" in references to Kamala Harris?
  • Could be something common amongst Jamaicans? It's odd, nonetheless.

    “My mother used to — she would give us a hard time sometimes, and she would say to us, 'I don't know what's wrong with you young people. You think you just fell out of a coconut tree?'” Harris said with a laugh. “You exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you,” she continued.

  • Which lemmy community has the most moderation issues ?
  • lol.. look at my modlog. One mod disliked my comment, decided to ban me from multiple communities, all of which I haven't even commented on, or at least to my knowledge I haven't. Those kinds of, "mods" are bad for Lemmy, imo.

  • Far-right trolls have launched a racist crusade against Kamala Harris
  • It's stupid really.

    Like I've mentioned before, just spam her word salads and expose her past. She's fkin done before she even started.

    And btw, doesn't it make you wonder? Trump fills literal professional sports stadiums while Biden and Harris fills... at best.. a high school gymnasium. And yet... the polls... lol ah who am I kidding, this is mass hypnosis. An illusion.

  • People are having trouble following Harris’s campaign Twitter account
  • Oh okay, so we're going to make judgements? Fine fine.

    I'm definitely conservative, socially and fiscally, however there's policies from the left that I can get on board with. Because policies are more important than mouth pieces and stupid chit like DEI hires pretending to be actual leaders of anything.

    Unlike you and your ilk, I'm willing to go outside the safe zone (fkn lol) and interact with people who have different opinions. Only cowards stay in their little bubbles chit talking day in and day out. And that's a knock at both leftists and rightists.

    The fact that you have a problem with Libs of TikTok exposing degenerates says a helluva a lot. But I'm also not surprised in this day and age. Just like the right has crazies defending other crazies, so does the left.

    Anyway, enough off topic, I have no care to further entertain you.

  • CentOS 6.3 - Best backup / restore solution?

    Hello everyone!

    My manager just brought to my attention that this organization has a CentOS 6.3 server - he didn't specify what it's hosting just yet but asked that I find a solution to do a full backup so that we may restore later onto bare metal with the option to migrate from CentOS to another Linux distro.

    Has anyone had experience with backing up / restoring CentOS 6? And if you know what would be the best Linux distro to replace CentOS 6? Or even a step by step guide for both or either one?

    Please and thanks in advance!


    I'm trying to understand how the rules work - is the mod overreacting or misunderstanding?

    Hey all.. I don't even know if this is the right community. But figured I'd ask here and worst case no one gives a response.

    Anyway, two of my comments were deleted and I was banned from a community:


    >@StaySquared from the community Lefty [email protected] reason: reactionary

    The post was about how there's no such thing was unskilled work. I commented that, "sex work" is an unskilled job. And my second comment was that it was the first thing that came to mind, that a clown creating animal-shaped balloons are more skilled than a sex worker.

    I don't understand how this is reactionary? Or how it's defined in this community but apparently it's bad enough to get banned for it. I wish the mod(s) would give a clear explanation, otherwise I'm going to continue breaking rules aimlessly (without realizing I'm breaking the rules).

    Definition of reactionary: opposing political or social liberalization or reform.

    I'm not opposing sex work. I'm defining sex work as an unskilled talent/job. If a man or woman wants to be a sex worker, good for them. I'm not offended or negatively impacted by sex workers.

    So I guess the question is, how do I contact the mods or a mod of that community so they may get my defense before outright perma-banning me from the community?