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Analysts: PS5 Outsold Xbox Almost 5 To 1 This Past Quarter
  • Nintendo exist because of their IP, we all love Mario and Zelda and Metroid. They put a fairly low quality product out on the market knowing it will be consumed for the purpose of playing mario.

    It has a low build quality, low spec and has very little in the way of partnerships and such. Its basic.

  • Biden administration is sending $1 billion more in weapons, ammo to Israel, congressional aides say
  • The people do, what makes it so much worse and really shows the monstrousness of the USA is that there was a palestinian teenager making music about his family amd life in an open air prison, occupied territory troubles and the like and he got picked up by a US music label and is there making music now. The US enabled his country to fall to shit only to then profit off his art he makes talking about how awful his life is amd how many cousins he has lost to Israeli aggresion.

    Pure microcosm but it is heartbreaking what the US gets away with.

  • Trustafarians: When the Rich Pretend to be Poor
  • Yeah, I get that but the complaint that these people with wealthy parents get to focus on art and lifestyle is a failure of the system not the person.

    We should all be able to do that but only the wealthy can, so spread the wealth yeah but dont hate on arts and independent thought, trying new things and seeking an environment you enjoy.

  • TV tonight: riotously funny prison comedy The Young Offenders is back
  • If you followed the show you would see it for one is a comedy and also adresses the causes behind the behaviour namely single parent families lacking support and in the case of Jock, an abusive alcoholic father who does not provide a safe space or nurture their childs innate abilities.

    It is not a set of instructions. If you watched Top Boy and wanted to sell drugs then you missed the point.

  • Was the 401(k) a Mistake? How an obscure, 45-year old tax change transformed retirement and left so many Americans out in the cold.
  • Yeah see the only different here is if the benefit is defined or the contribution is. Employers still give decently toward the DC and they manage the scheme. They have group schemes that all empkoyees are a part of and you cant leave it unless you leave the job or decide not to contribute.

  • Was the 401(k) a Mistake? How an obscure, 45-year old tax change transformed retirement and left so many Americans out in the cold.
  • Oh interesting, where I am both of those are pensions but one is called defined benefit pension and the other a defined contribution. Mt wife has a defined benefit whereas I have contribution.

    Benefit is definitelt better, knowing what you will definitely have is ideal and you can still take full advantage of a DC scheme if you want.

  • The Acolyte Trailer
    Male Fashion Advice Squizzy
    Wedding Confusion

    I an lost with what to wear to my wedding. It is a summertime lakehouse venue and I am thinking 100 different things.

    Half of me wants to stand out that bit extra and get a dinner jacket/tux. Or else a three piece mismatched set, like matching waistcoat and pants with a different colour jacket.

    The other half wants simplicity with a two piece and suspenders.

    I like three pieces because they keep you looking together throughout a long day and night.

    I am mostly against check patterns and am leaning toward greens like sage or emerald with cream but open to options. Happy with earth tones or natural colours.

    What is a discreet way of waking myself?

    I need to get up without waking the wife and kids, I got a smartwatch to vibrate and it woke her. The alarm is always going to wake the house.

    Is there anything else?

    I need music from a 2009 Aussie Movie that doesn't appear to have made a huge impact - Beautiful Kate

    I watched beautiful Kate years and years ago, my first Mendo movie, and I loved the music. I used to listen to the main theme and "this little Bird" on YouTube but the latter has been removed from everywhere I've searched.

    If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.

    Problems on problems - Mint can't see my wifi card.

    I check the spec and it has a wifi chip but the os can't see it.

    I had a wifi toggle on windows 11 when I got the PC and also when I used a mint USB boot. Driver manager sees nothing to update or install.

    The mint community page has failed to post my question a few times so now I'm here.

    Philips Hue Sync Box alternatives or successes?

    I want to get a sync box but they are not 4k120. The FancyLEDs box only has one input meaning I can't use a PS5 and set top box or Apple TV.

    Any advice or successful set ups?

    BudgetAudiophile Squizzy
    Not sure if this is a real thing or a fully fleshed out thought

    I am looking for speakers, decent quality and nice looking that doesn't stand out too much. I want it on a bookshelf in the kitchen and another in the sitting room.

    I want it to connect to a home server but also Spotify/streaming. And I'd like them to link together.

    Basically I want the house listening experience to be seamless when going between different rooms, 2-4 speakers. Audiobooks and some music would be stored on a Nas and most music and podcasts would be Spotify.

    I'd prefer to interact with it through my phone, Android if possible but not completely necessary.

    In my head I imagine walking into a new room and tapping the speaker with my phone to switch to that speaker.

    Is this a real thing?

    Making the jump, looking for some opinions

    I just got an i7 8500 I was hoping to use to run my network and server (which I haven't built yet) and I was wondering if it could also be used to run some retro game on and if that would be advisable?

    Is it advisable to use dedicated machines for both activities?

    If I can use the one machine for both, what distros would you advise?

    Why can't code be uncompiled?

    I see a lot about source codes being leaked and I'm wondering how it that you could make something like an exact replica of Super Mario Bros without the source code or how you can't take the finished product and run it back through the compilation software?

    Comic Book lingo - Help me

    Hey, I've just been getting into a couple graphic novels and I've really enjoyed Invincible the show so I got the first book/comic.

    I checked Wikipedia for clarification, there are 25 issues in the run but then there are compendiums and complete libraries...both of which cover different things?

    The compedemdium Vol 1 says it covers #1 to #47 and that's 22 more issues than I thought there was so could you help me out with the lingo used in the space?

    Tartine, do I need a dutch oven for a home oven with a steam function?

    My oven has a steam function, I can heat and steam the oven on high before putting the loaf in.

    Do I still need a dutch oven?

    Feature Requests

    Long press on links to show the link address.

    Pressing images open the image in the viewer which currently doesn't happen for me in comments on posts with images directly posted.

    Option to disable all data saver options, I'd like all images to open at the max resolution.

    Can we get an easy way to filter out keywords?

    On relay for Reddit there was a function where I could use keywords like "Putin" and it would filter out all posts with that word in it's title.

    I yearn to clean up my frontpage.

    Television Squizzy
    The Missing

    Just finished season 2 and wanted to discuss. I think it was a little bit long toward the end and behind the first season but otherwise it was enjoyable. The actress playing the daughter was very good, creepy though.

    Back to working out, could use some pointers

    So I've been out of the game a couple of years, I did a bit of calisthenics but I'm too fat now to go at that and also I was never flexible which brought a bit of a wall to that path.

    I've about 10kg put on past my resting happy weight and 13-15kg past my prime. I'm looking to drop weight first and foremost and maybe build stamina.

    I have my own barriers tl push through, hoping this restart takes but mostly I now have to be self motivated because a change in location means no classes only gym access.

    So... Could anyone provide a quick 45-60 minute routine to get me started. I'm 183cm and 100kg.

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