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Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay $120000 within 24h
  • It seems that you've misunderstood what the issue is here from cloudflare's perspective. The customer was using cloudflare IP addresses, which is causing a knock-on effect for the rest of cloudflare's customers and putting cloudflare as a business themselves at risk. The alternative was for the customer to use their own IP addresses as cloudflare advised . I'm not sure what you think 'Business development' teams do but I certainly wouldn't be expecting engineering advice from them.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • If there's 'nothing stopping' it then why has nobody done it? Apple moved from x86 to ARM. Mobile is all ARM. All the big cloud providers are doing their own ARM chips. Intel killed off much of the architectural competition with Itanic in the early 2000's. Why stop?

  • The Mac vs. PC war is back on?
  • If you look at the price for a Mac versus a Windows computer, I think it's pretty obvious why people might choose a Windows device. For Linux, you really have to know where to look to buy a laptop that is shipped or warrantied with Linux. People tend to buy Windows computers because that's what's advertised available, familiar and in their price bracket.

    Disclaimer: my main laptop is Mac. I have a secondary one running Linux and although I have a work laptop running Windows, that wasn't my choice and I don't have Windows on any personal devices.

  • How should I feel about a dying parent who's worthless?
  • OP: I sympathise and I can empathise with your situation. My advice would be to stay away and to move on with your life.

    The problem is that whenever you discuss this sort of situation in public or with people who haven't been there themselves you always feel the burden of proof is on you to show how terrible the parent is- a burden that is never defined nor met. There's always some new person to say "oh but she's your mother" which is frankly irrelevant- if your ex became your stalker for example, nobody would say equivalent things. It doesn't matter that you're the one standing there and not the parent, people want to put them on the pedestal, not you

    IMO you should:

    • Accept and make peace that you explained yourself at the time on more than one occasion
    • Accept and make peace that parent won't change- the site you've linked explained how narcissists can't 'hear' you
    • Accept and make peace that you can't continue to or return to dealing with them.
    • Realise that you won't be able to discuss with or get validation from most people, even those supposedly close to you
    • Realise that this guilt/conflict is simply more narcissistic control/manipulation

    In my own case things that contributed towards finalising my position were:

    • Becoming a parent myself, so less time for other people's rubbish and more awareness of 'how should a parent deal with...'
    • That in the final few years we were corresponding mainly by email and so there was a written record to reflect on that clearly demonstrated a repetitive pattern

    Good luck

  • Well that went down well...
  • I'm sorry but I'm struggling to feel for the Stack Overflow contributors here. SO has always been such a toxic environment that it's essentially become a meme. Yes there used to be a few people who valued their karma/points there but could anyone argue that anyone went there for 'the community'? I've seen posts recently on twitter from people even with high scores on stack overflow saying that they've not visited or contributed for years. People just want effective solutions efficiently. I recall that in the past no one was complaining on behalf of SO about all those shitty recycling sites like expertsexchange, only that they didn't like the interface. Is the difference now that it's expected to be popular?

  • How to write a professional email in indian english?
  • Ok I'm British and I don't get this. Yes there are specific turns of phrase or idioms that are different in British/American/Indian but really, is anyone who can actually read and write going to stumble on them?

    Example of British English (since I'm guessing most readers here are American): "oh, we suggested Wednesday by accident, shall we meet on Thursday instead". Is anyone really going to struggle with 'translating' to "oh, we suggested Wednesday on accident, shall we meet Thursday instead"

  • Was music really better "back in the days"?
  • People who think this about current music simply aren't hearing/listening to a lot of current music. There's great stuff out there being created all the time but you'd never come across it in 'mainstream' places. Take a genre I really like (I realise not everyone does), blues guitar/vocals. 3 brilliant current artists:

    • Grace Bowers (will be 18 in July)
    • Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (currently 25 years old)
    • Muireann Bradley (also currently 17 years old)

    Obviously with those ages, these aren't golden agers coating on past glories. To take someone totally different, Ren isn't 'commercial', even if some of the people he's worked with, e.g. Chinchilla, are. I don't expect to see any of these artists become 'mainstream' like e.g. Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift.

  • How many communities do you have blocked?
  • 700 at last count

    I block all communities based around a single sports team and most sports, also any based around a geographic location smaller than national-level. Anything based around a state, city, town etc is always negative.

  • Is ansible worth learning to automate setting up servers?
  • Coming from what looks to me like a different perspective to many of the commenters here (Disclosure I am a professional platform engineer):

    If you are already scripting your setups then yes you should absolutely learn/use Ansible. The key reasons are that it is robust, explicit, and repeatable- doesn't matter whether that's the same host multiple times or multiple hosts. I have lost count of the number of pet Bash scripts I have encountered in various shops, many of them created by quite talented people. They all had problems. Some typical ones:

    Issue Example
    Most people write bash scripts without dependency checks 'Of course everyone will have gnu coreutils installed, it's part of every Linux distro' - someone runs the script on a Mac
    We need to pass this action out to a command-line tool, that's obvious Fails if command-line tool isn't available, no handling errors from tool if they aren't exactly what's expected
    Of course people will realise that they need to run this from an environment prepared in this exact (undocumented) way Someone runs the script in a different environment
    Of course people will be running this on x86_64/AMD64, all these third party binaries are available for that Someone runs it on ARM
    Of course people will know what to do if the script fails midway through People try to re-run the script when it fails mid-way through and it's a mess

    The thing about Ansible is that it can be modular (if you want) and you can use other people's code but fundamentally it runs one step at a time. You will know for each step:

    • Are dependencies met?
    • Did that step succeed or fail (in realtime!)?
    • (If it failed) what was the error?
    • (Assuming you have written sane Ansible) you can re-run your playbook at any time to get the 'same' result. No worries about being left in an indeterminate state
    • (To an extent) It is self-documenting
    • Host architecture doesn't really matter
    • Target architecture/OS is specified and clear
  • Father pays tribute to ‘daddy’s girl’ found d**d at school before detention Father pays tribute to ‘daddy’s girl’ found dead at school before detention

    Caitlyn Scott-Lee, 16, is thought to have taken her own life the day before she was due to have her first ever detention

    Father pays tribute to ‘daddy’s girl’ found dead at school before detention

    Trigger warning: self harm

    > Caitlyn Scott-Lee, 16, is thought to have taken her own life the day before she was due to have her first ever detention > > The father of an autistic schoolgirl who is believed to have taken her own life the day before she was due to have her first ever detention has paid tribute to his “daddy’s girl” at the inquest into her death.

    UK's Air Accident Investigation Branch Determines Film Crew's Lights Damaged A321 Windows
  • Ok, so a real problem but minor, contained, no injuries, no fatalities. Clearly attributable to a cause outside of the anticipated usage design/specification. Passenger cabin remained safe and pressurised throughout. Unlike say a comparable component used to seal an aperture on a passenger airliner getting installed without fastenings and suddenly absenting itself mid flight with potentially catastrophic consequences.

  • Jellyfin on a Windows VM with NDI scren capture
  • TBH it sounds like you're doing this on hard mode. I use and recommend a Roku streaming stick (which does support netflix 4k) and jellyfin. You're using proxmox so you've already accepted a proprietary component to your stack. Unless you are using the PC in your tv cabinet as a PC, it will be sub-optimal as a client device for streaming services via TV compared to a Roku or equivalent.

  • Bosch Debuts Hydrogen Hob With Invisible Flames for H100 Fife Project’s 300 Homes
  • Doing a little bit of research via Google on this, it seems that the 300 homes are the total for the hydrogen heating project. They are receiving hydrogen boilers presumably for hot water and central heating. An unspecified number of these appear to also be being provided with these hydrogen hobs. Safety fears have already been raised about leakage and safety in use. During demonstrations, they've added sodium carbonate at the burners to give an orange flame, but this will not be implemented for deployment in this project. Instead, they will use a light on each burner to indicate whether it is lit.

    If my understanding of the above is correct, I struggle to see how this hob could be safe in use. Gas leakage is a major safety issue in a domestic setting. There's no mention whether they've been able to add a scent to detect a gas leak. Not being able to see the flame directly in daylight is another major issue and I'm surprised that having a lamp to indicate that the burner is ignited is considered sufficient. Quite apart from reliability issues, how obvious can it be that it means 'this bit is hot'?

  • Brazilian woman arrested after taking corpse to sign bank loan: ‘She knew he was dead’

    Shock in Brazil after woman is arrested and charged with violating a corpse and attempted theft through fraud

    Brazilian woman arrested after taking corpse to sign bank loan: ‘She knew he was dead’

    She should have said - well we tried calling first but were on the phone for quite a while- you said our call was important to you and you were 'experiencing an unusually high volume of calls'...

    Lemmy 0.19 compatibility?

    Two instances I have accounts with have switched to Lemmy 0.19. This is a breaking change for many apps, including Connect. Is there any news re supporting this in the near future or is it time to look for another app?


    This is now working for me (at least for 2 separate instances) with Connect version 1.0.153 (details in comments below). Thanks so much for rapid response!

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