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McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
  • Here in Canada at least they have both at the moment. You can use the drive thru as usual or order through the app and give them a code at the drive thru or just park in a numbered spot and have them bring it out to you without ever talking to someone

  • Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • I just hate how companies cling to agile like it's some kind of cult. Like a company I know gave all the employees very nice swag embroidered with a big "agile development" slogan on it like your development methodology is supposed to be a source of pride or something. Of course like most companies they don't really follow agile practice very much except where they can use it as an excuse to skimp on requirements and such.

  • Support / Questions Squibbles

    Is there any way to disable audio by default when auto-expand is on?

    I've noticed recently that as I'm paging through lemmy in firefox if a video is posted it will start auto-playing with the volume maxed. I don't mind it autoplaying before I get there but it's very annoying to have a page load and suddenly getting blasted with unexpected sound.

    an example post that does this:

    We sadly depleted our strategic teal reserves by the year 2000
  • I saw an interesting argument, I can't remember where, saying that bland white/beige has become so popular for interior decorating because we are inundated constantly with colourful advertising everywhere in our lives now. So, to be able to retreat to a home without vivid colours blasting you in the face everywhere you look is a relief.

  • She Was A Maritimer - Dram & A Draw

    Just saw these guys in Miramichi, New Brunswick this weekend when we were visiting for the eclipse and quite enjoyed their show. A mix of their own music (like this song), traditional irish/scottish music and covers of some local artists like Stan Rogers and Great Big Sea

    What are good ways to increase air flow in a home with few windows and oriented unfavorably to the local wind direction (cheaply)?
  • Mathias Wandel on YouTube made some good videos a few years ago about maximizing airflow through a house with fans. One big finding was that rather than having a fan directly in a window or door pointing out it is actually best to have it a few meters away and directed at the opening. That allows the fan's airstream pull in and start moving much more air in the room out the opening. He used strips of paper hanging in doorways around the house and also I think took anemometer readings to get good measures of the airflow.

    I think the general theory is to run the fans starting in the evening once the air temp outside is lower than inside, then close up the house in the morning to trap the cool overnight air? I think he may have made multiple videos on the topic

  • Google Is Killing Retro Dodo & Other Independent Sites
  • They mention in the article about Reddit now being included in search results and I've noticed that as well. The irony there is that Google results have been so overrun by shitty content farm sites that searching for specific things like reviews or troubleshooting for products or games was virtually useless unless you also included "Reddit" as part of your query since you were more likely to see legit people talking about product issues and solutions. Not to say Reddit isn't astroturfed but certainly not to the level that Google's results are. I'm not totally convinced that Google's deal to crawl Reddit for AI purposes is directly related since bumping Reddit up in the search priority does make search results more relevant in a lot of cases.

    It does seem to be an awful time for independent websites and has been for years since the big tech companies have been doing everything in their power to keep people within their walled gardens.

  • Testing Squibbles

    Does attaching a video work?



    Chicago style deep dish pizza

    Tried our hand at making deep dish pizza for new years. Turned out quite good but I'm no expert so I can't say how accurate it was. I am told the toppings are supposed to all go under the sauce but I couldn't resist putting some pepperoni on top


    Just lazin' around


    Beef Wellington