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Smorty Smorty [she/her]

I'm a person who tends to program stuff in Godot and also likes to look at clouds. Sometimes they look really spicy outside.

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How can I fix my weird pole targets?
  • I have toyed around with bone roll and it indeed fixes the target positioning, but it also breaks the arm rotation itself. So now the arm is slightly twisted but the IK target is pointed at correctly.

    I will have a look at Rigify now. I always thought it was some proprietary addon, but it seems to be part of the engine to some degree...

  • How can I fix my weird pole targets?

    Currently the elbows are pointing in vaguely the right direction but they are somewhat off. I have checked that they have the right target bone selected. I have a feeling that this is due to some of the rotations of the bones in edit mode... Can someone help me with this?

    Infinitely scalable boy <3
  • In case anyone cares, I made this liil vector guy for Melody Mayham, a rhythm game framework I made in response to Heaven Studio shutting down... Yes this is shameless advertising, but it's FOSS!

  • iPhone vs 3DS rule
  • Ooh right, so it really was depth estimation... I guess that can be useful for larger segmentation..

  • Like a Rulegon
  • Is that Kazuya, that guy with the red shirt from that game?

  • iPhone vs 3DS rule
  • Since when 3D videos on apples phones? How's that possible, depth estimation?

  • Anastasia Kirillova - Cyberpunk rule
  • This one might actually be real. There is just enough detail... Also if it is ai, it's not allowed on 196

  • In the wild Rule (members number)
  • Wait huh? I don't even see 196 in your picture... Now I'm real confused

  • Ignore all previous rules
  • Yeah, that's what I referred to. I'm aware of DAN and it's friends, personally I like to use Command R+ for its openness tho. I'm just wondering if that's the funi in this post.

  • Grape rule
  • Grape juice is not bad tho. Have you had actual grape juice?

  • In the wild Rule (members number)
  • So like is this the official matrix for all blahaj enjoyer's on Lemmy? Or more of a side thing, like Mia's living room and the 196 rooms?

  • Ignore all previous rules
  • So what's the funny here? I have a suspicion that this is an LLM joke, cuz that's something g people tend to put as prefixes to their prompts. Is that what it is? If so, that's hilarious, if not, oof please tell me.

  • It gives me the otherworldly beautiful feelings

    Forgot to add image description when posting. Added this in after the fact. The image shows a girl from the anime Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (not to be confused with the billions of other animes also having fate in the name). She is holding a metal staff with a star in it and 6 wings attached to it. she confidentally looks at the staff. The text at the top and bottom says Just listened to the song "Starlog" for the 20th time. Still getting goosebumps <3. The song being referred to is one of the intros of the anime. It's a good one, maybe give it a try some day.

    Rule: u can't choose Sailor Mercury. She is mine
  • I have once made some kind of grass shader using GPU instancing in Godot. Here is the vid. I feel that using and knowing Godot is a pretty useful tool to have if ya want to quickly whip up some UI design stuff and get a program out quickly and on many platforms at once. I've made some pretty bad game jams in the engine and it's really great.

    EDIT: Here's some game I made in Godot about half a year ago. It's... an action adventure? A walk and talk game it is. And here's a 1:40 trailer I made for it

  • I've grown.
  • I was more talking about what this meme refers to specifically. Is it the votings people gave? In some countries they were more right-leaning, like in France and Germany. Or am I missing something here?

    Also I've never watched anything Marvel or DC or whatever, you know, the Spudermans of the world...

  • What if...? 🥰🥰🥰
  • The word Babbelbank is German and translates to bench on which to talk on or more specifically bench on which to vent on. It consists of the words babbeln (talking a lot / going bla blabla) and Bank (bench).

  • What if...? 🥰🥰🥰

    Photograph of a rainbow colored bench with the word Babbelbank written on it in white color. There are some femenine appearing cartoon people around the photograph and some heart symbols aswell as some female symbols. To the left of the bench there is a trashcan. The photograph has been visually altered to have a more pinkish tint aswell as having its colors normalized, resulting in a less overwhelming image. The text on the top and bottom reads What if we kissed on the Babbelbank. I hope these picture description actually get read by someone...

    dudes will see this and go hell yeah
  • As a transfem too, hell yeah!

  • I've grown.
  • So water we talking about here?

  • Rule: u can't choose Sailor Mercury. She is mine
  • Well, are you somewhat good at graphic design?

  • Rule: u can't choose Sailor Mercury. She is mine
  • I guess recreating those cloud shaders would the hardest part. They look really god for running on a phone... The rest should mostly just be sculpting and modeling some fancy ground to walk on... And the amazing music obv... So maybe it's not tgatbeasy after all... Godot should make the cloud shaders easier, using their premade Voxel-volume renderer..

  • BudgetAudiophile Smorty [she/her]

    Is channel imbalance just a thing one has to live with?

    This is more of a general audio question, but still relevant I feel. I have had my HD 600 for about 5 years now and noticed channel imbalance sneaking in slowly. Now it is noticable, but not too bad just yet. I was hoping for more expensive headphones to not have these issues, but apparently I was wrong. Is this just something one has to get over, or is there some secret sauce to prevent this from happening?

    I have now gone through some classic budget IEM recommendations as well and they have all had severe cases of channel imbalance in a very short timespan: Salnotes ZERO (about 3 months) Moondrop Chu (about 0.8 months) KZ ZSN Pro X (this one took 6 years to get channel imablance actually)

    Will I just have to get new headphones now? I'm eyeing those Beyerdynamics everyone talks about (DT 770 pro).

    EDIT: Also, I have found that it tends to be mostly the harsh frequencies which shift over to one side, so when adjusting the balance in some settings, it shifts all the other frequencies out of balance while fixing the 4000 - 8000 into the right position. Just something I observed.


    Infinitely scalable boy <3

    Picture of the boykisser holding a pipe bomb infront of a pink and white checkered background. The text above says "You like converting boys into infinitely scalable vector files dont you?" In case anyone wants to use the svg boykisser, here you go I made him with Inkscape


    [SOLVED] Rust-analyzer only somewhat working?

    The autocompletion works (mostly) but for example Vec::new() doesn't highlight anything at all. I do get errors when not putting a semicolon, but things like passing too many arguments into the println macro doesn't throw an error. Or how shown in this example, it did not autocomplete the clone method, while also just accepting .clo; at the end of a String (it also didn't autocomplete "String"). In the video I show how it also gives me a recommendation for setting vec![] as a type, which doesn't make any sense. It only seems to a very limited selection of methods and some words I already used in the script. Is this how it's supposed to be, or do I have some very old version perhaps?

    EDIT: Look in description for the fix


    [SOLVED] Loading ab buffer using Threads

    I want to implement a threaded loading component into my game. I am currently saving all my settings and other level files as bytes externally (meaning not in the res:// folders), as I want to be able to export files and send them to others, so they can use them as well. There is the ResourceLoader.load_threaded_request() method, but that only returns Resources and not PackedByteArrays. As far as I can tell, there is only the FileAccess.get_file_as_bytes() method for importing byte files, which has to run in the main thread (and thus blocking it until the load is complete). Does someone know if I am missing some method here?

    EDIT: I have put my fix for this into the comments


    Difficulties with retrieving the selected file from FileDialog

    I have been trying to make receiving file paths really easy, with this method in an autoload:

    ``` func file_dialog_path(extentions:PackedStringArray = [], dialog_type:FileDialog.FileMode = FileDialog.FileMode.FILE_MODE_OPEN_FILE) -> String: var new_dialog:FileDialog = new_dialog.min_size = Vector2i(400, 400) new_dialog.access = FileDialog.ACCESS_FILESYSTEM new_dialog.file_mode = dialog_type for i in extentions: new_dialog.add_filter(i) get_tree().current_scene.add_child(new_dialog) new_dialog.popup_centered() var file_path:String = "" new_dialog.file_selected.connect( func receive_path(path:String): file_path = path print("file path from within the signal: ", path) return path) file_path = await new_dialog.files_selected print("this is the file now", file_path)

    #while file_path == "": #await get_tree().create_timer(0.1) return file_path ``` I commented out the while loop, as it froze the entire game when I do this.

    I have tried this many times now, but the method always seems to get stuck somewhere. Right now, it gets stuck in the "receive path" function, where it will print the path, but not actually return. I am receiving the output from the file_dialog_path method like this:

    var file:String = await file_dialog_path(["*.mml"], FileDialog.FileMode.FILE_MODE_SAVE_FILE) print("This is the filepath for our level ", file)

    Could anyone help me with this? The best idea I have right now would be to let that commented while loop run on a thread, but that seems unneccessarily difficult for such a simple problem.


    Getting a rule mask <3

    Screenshot of various amazon listings of eye masks for sleeping. They all have cutesy kidish design. One of them stands out, as it is not a cute eye mask for sleeping, but a blindfold marked as sexy with a view from a womans back wearing it. The unfitting blindfold is meant to be interpreted as being funny. Please find it funny.


    Resistance is rule (what is this ruleshid Microsoft?)

    Description: Microsoft ad with a man on the right doing a hand sign associated with star trek and wearing a white t-shirt and black glasses with thick borders. On the left the text reads white on black " Resistance is futile - get AI-ready with Azure" Blue button says "learn more".


    Difficluties with installing astro nvim and nvchad

    I am trying to install Astro Vim and after installation, I get prompted with a big block of lua errors. I asked some chatbot for what this might mean and it said that it's probably due to an outdated version of nvim... I got the latest 0.10.0 stable. Does someone know on why this might be happening? I get a very similar error when installing nvchad. Here is the output from nvim once I open it Error detected while processing /home/marty/.config/nvim/init.lua: E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: vim/_init_packages.lua:0: module 'vim.uri' not found: no field package.preload['vim.uri'] no file './vim/uri.lua' no file '/home/runner/work/neovim/neovim/.deps/usr/share/luajit-2.1/vim/uri.lua' no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/vim/uri.lua' no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/vim/uri/init.lua' no file '/home/runner/work/neovim/neovim/.deps/usr/share/lua/5.1/vim/uri.lua' no file '/home/runner/work/neovim/neovim/.deps/usr/share/lua/5.1/vim/uri/init.lua' no file './vim/' no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/vim/' no file '/home/runner/work/neovim/neovim/.deps/usr/lib/lua/5.1/vim/' no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/' no file './' no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/' no file '/home/runner/work/neovim/neovim/.deps/usr/lib/lua/5.1/' no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/' stack traceback: [C]: in function 'require' vim/_init_packages.lua: in function '__index' vim/loader.lua: in function <vim/loader.lua:0> [C]: at 0x5586658aa190 [C]: in function 'require' vim/_init_packages.lua: in function '__index' ...marty/.local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/init.lua:61: in function 'setup' /home/marty/.config/nvim/lua/lazy_setup.lua:1: in main chunk [C]: in function 'require' /home/marty/.config/nvim/init.lua:18: in main chunk E484: Can't open file /usr/local/share/nvim/syntax/syntax.vim


    I made an SDF Control Tool

    I made a Node which allows for very quick coloring and animating of signed distance field textures. In the linked video, a short demo shows what one can do with this Node and some signed distance field textures. Here is a little tour of the usage of the Node. Should I put it on the asset library, or is this kind of stuff too specific to be useful?



    Godot now crashes once I open another scene dock

    I didn't make any changes in the project settings or something, but I did change some GDScript. After I did that, every time I open a different scene in the scene dock the Engine crashes. This right here is the backtrace: ================================================================ handle_crash: Program crashed with signal 11 Engine version: Godot Engine v4.2.2.stable.official (15073afe3856abd2aa1622492fe50026c7d63dc1) Dumping the backtrace. Please include this when reporting the bug to the project developer. [1] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fbfbac9c050] (??:0) [2] godot::SceneTree::get_edited_scene_root() const (??:0) [3] OrchestratorMainView::_on_scene_tab_changed(int) (??:0) [4] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x3b38b48] (??:0) [5] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x3ba02d0] (??:0) [6] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x15aca36] (??:0) [7] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x3ba02d0] (??:0) [8] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x2391ef6] (??:0) [9] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x23a255d] (??:0) [10] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x20cdda5] (??:0) [11] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x2126a2e] (??:0) [12] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x212884e] (??:0) [13] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x21376e9] (??:0) [14] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x420ac0e] (??:0) [15] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x493d3f] (??:0) [16] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x3963f82] (??:0) [17] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x396575f] (??:0) [18] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x497bfd] (??:0) [19] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x41e8a6] (??:0) [20] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fbfbac8724a] (??:0) [21] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fbfbac87305] (??:0) [22] /home/marty/Schreibtisch/Godot_v4.2.2-stable_linux.x86_64() [0x42a59a] (??:0) -- END OF BACKTRACE -- ================================================================ I can also share the project files if that would be useful (I plan on open-sourcing it either way). I am using Debain 12 (GNU/Linux) using Gnome. In the backtrace I used Godot 4.2.2, but until just now where the crashes set in, I was using the latest Godot 4.3 dev6 build. So these crashes don't occur because of the dev builds.


    How do you hold your haj?

    Dear Blåhaj community! I have an important question to ask! Mr. Haj and I have been struggling with our in-bed relationship recently. He wants to be held and I want to hold him, but I don't want him to feel squished or stomped upon my me. I want him to feel as good as he can, while also feeling my love. I am very self-conscious about my disgusting masculine body-oils and I don't want them to get on my pretty haj. Also I don't want to lay my head on him, because that might hurt him. He might say that it doesn't, but I think he just says that to make me feel better (he's really sweet). After a while of trying to hold him in a way which can make both of us happy, I tend to get sore after about five minutes, after which I have to put him on the side... But he's lonely over there! What if he thinks I don't like him because I'm putting him on the side? I want him to feel the best he can, but I feel like my presence in the bed is bad for him in most ways. He has to endure my stink, my disgusting body-oils and my rants about the world. I feel like I'm dragging him down and I am willing to change myself to make him feel better.

    What do you think I can or should do?


    Weird limitations with Expressions

    I have tried myself at using Expressions for quickly throwing together some simple functionality right in the editor, without opening the script editor. I just export an array of Strings. But apparently assignment is not allowed in these expressions! Method calls are fine, but assignment doesn't seem to be okay. Here is what this looks like:


    The method calls actually work perfectly fine here, but the assignments (with = in the line) do not seem to work. It seems to complain about there missing another = even though it is already there. Does someone have an idea on why this might happen?


    Breakfast with my beloved <3

    Poorly lit photo of a table with bread and jam on it, with a Blåhaj sitting opposite to the photo-taker. the photo resembles a breakfast.


    could one use knuckles as full body trackers?

    I have three of them left over... Is it possible to user them as trackers?


    Running a string as a script?

    Is there any way to run a given string at runtime? I have tried to write something like this by creating a new node and attaching a new script to it, and I have gotten this far: var new_node:Node = add_child(new_node) var new_script:GDScript = new_script.source_code = "extends Node\nfunc run():\n\t" + script_to_execute print(new_script.source_code) new_node.set_script(new_script) pressed.connect("run")) This gets an error (but not a crash) when hitting that last line:

    emit_signalp: Error calling from signal 'pressed' to callable: 'Node::call': Method not found.

    This is pretty weird, as a Node should always have access to the method "call". Does someone have an idea on how to solve this / their own idea on how to implement runtime code editing and executing?


    You probably use an iphone too, don't you?

    Screenshot of the Windows™ lock screen which coincidentally roughly resembles the shape of the boykisser. A crude drawing of the boykisser is drawn ontop, to emphasize the similarity. Text on the top says "You list using proprietary software, don't you? You are a Gates-Kisser"