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Nope. No.
  • Oh we doing that now? Shitty Metaphors? Ok.

    Let’s do it.

    If a person rapes you you don’t blame their genitalia. You blame the person.

    and that’s my point. Blaming a machine is sidestepping the criminal who’s manipulating the machine to rip off people. You’re guilty of your own rule for derailing from the real culprit and ignoring the human thief. They rely on that.stop enabling it.

  • I'm finally moving over to Lemmy! What are your favorite active communities on the platform?
  • The non misogynistic ones. Good luck finding those. welcome to Reddit circa 2005 before hating women was considered not ok as it didn’t affect anyone’s bottom dollar. Freeze peaches and all that shit that goes with it.

  • Nope. No.
  • For the umpteenth time if it’s requiring human generated input, it’s not AI. A human is still at the wheel telling a computer what to do even if it’s doing evil bidding. It is but a program that still had a bunch of lines put in BY A HUMAN to start the algorithm. Cons are still conning.

    Too many people making wild techno phobe assumptions and missing the point they are still being fucked over by another human. Not a computer. Pinning it on as AI as if we’re powerless is misinformation to what is actually happening.

  • It’s always with my best shirts
  • Sometimes, it’s just like that.

    Assuming traditional roles to cramp on a sexist joke is sexist. You played a part in how you interacted with it even ignoring it, tagging onto it. Backpeddling just makes it worse. You should probably stop while you’re ahead

  • Zionist Karen
  • There is a lot of prediction you’re doing in things you don’t like in other people. I mean holy crap you’re reading between the lines, reading minds, and injecting a bunch of stuff that goes way over someone who calls the cops on someone in the park for existing while black. All so you can live in some form of victimhood cuz you’re scared of women. Leave the actual flagrant racism alone and challenge your thinking pattern. Do some cognitive work. Not every woman is out to get you. A lot of that is you likely not owning your shit, someone likely didn’t want to put up with your shit (while existing female around you) and you projecting that shit onto them.

    Meanwhile regardless how men dress or do they hair they can form a group for putting people to literal death.

    But yeah, do go on cuz you’re offended someone for colouring their hair purple and ordered a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk not a cappuccino and gasp tried to tell you this and you decided they are trying to ‘get you fired’ just for that. That’s digging into the real important shit of the world, snowflake.

  • It’s always with my best shirts
  • I don’t know what’s more sexist. the comment above or the fact you played off of it seriously. Especially with point 1. Like it doesn’t even register that the above comment was an insult and not serious at all and you took that sexist joke to a serious place to play off that men aren’t expected to even be capable to turn a knob and that is somehow acceptable. Do them better than this.

  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • Yeah I was just a bit let down given that lemmy was kinda sold on Reddit to users who were sick of a capitalist environment protecting the hate speech vs a safe haven where mods were ‘without shackles’. the results show this is far from the reality of where the problem really lies.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • I’ve had pedestrians try to wave me to turn. It is as if they think are the only people on the road I have to consider. One got outright angry at me for not taking his gift with gratitude…there he was yelling at me, nearly being mowed down by a truck coming from an oncoming lane at a 3 way stop. And it still didn’t register to him the danger it would have been to himself and to me and the oncoming truck.

    I like the idea of calling them would-be assassins even though assumes the general public are a whole lot smarter than they actually are.

  • Renters need to make roughly $20,000 more a year to afford the typical rent than they did 5 years ago
  • That is a misnomer solution telling everyone to learn how to do the same thing like to learn to code as it then creates its own market issue of too much supply for need.

    Additionally it’s not diverse. Diverse jobs are still needed. They need to just pay more in those jobs. But all this is besides the point anyways.

    There is no house shortage. There is plenty to house people and the issue is with capitalism being unchecked for too long over its control on living arrangements. This is something capitalism shouldn’t have a say in. Society has become beyond its required need for helping people survive as a whole and it’s become unsustainable. It was never supposed to be about sustaining a rich person’s yacht and 5th house that has nobody living in it anyways. This is not a society that is thriving.

  • Arch user
  • I feel like society should have a role in making sure people don’t ever get this fat. And not because it’s “eww” or ugly, but because it’s fucking unhealthy. Whenever I see a person like this, I feel pity. You don’t get this fat in a few months. This means years and years of bad habits, lack of access to healthy foods, maybe a terrible childhood with parents who didn’t give a shit, no assistance from the people around you who just stand by and watch it happen (or even enable it), very likely a highly fucked up self image and other issues. This is simply not healthy. It’s terrible.

    And that’s their issues to deal with. And just as much as you think they need help, focus on your issues. Like Go to therapy and deal with your control issues you clearly are struggling with hard here with all the ‘shoulds’ you lash out for everyone else

  • Arch user
  • Yes you have an opinion. You aired it here. I have an opinion too. And I aired it here. It’s not just a game only you get to play. You’re not a victim so you can knock off the persecution bullshit. Not buying it.

  • Arch user
  • So you can’t attack people without being attacked…oh my yes, you’re soooooo ‘oppressed’. Poor you.

    And you are complaining that you have to think about the repercussions of what you say.

    You are the snowflake.

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