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The men vs. bear saga reaches the inevitable conclusion
  • Polar bears will in fact just kill you and eat you. Grizzlies, very likely to be territorial. Black bears are the most “cowardly”, but all three will fuck you up to protect their young, hence why the season matters.

    I haven’t exactly done the math on relative bear populations to tell you if your odds are better with a random bear or a random man, but it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t consider any of my statements valid even if I wrote a whole ass thesis.

  • The men vs. bear saga reaches the inevitable conclusion
  • Absolutely depends on proximity, and probably how close we are to (bear) mating season. And type of bear, for that matter. If we’re including all men with no restrictions, it’s only fair to include all bears too, right?

  • Last time I checked Jesus Christ was not a real person
  • I mean, it’s not unlikely that there was a dude named jesus christ, two millennia ago. There are a couple of other details in the story that are pretty suspect though, and I really doubt he’s able to be consulted for political opinions either way.