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If you didn't have to work, how would you spend your time?
  • I'd love to say being productive, learning languages, helping the communities, doing good deeds, exploring the world, trying to fix the wrongs... But as of this moment, the above comment is the realistic answer.

  • Internet Archive is continuing to face DDoS attacks after several days, says “this attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean”
  • From what I've learned, it is possible to create a vulnerability within the system of a ddos attack would overload and cause a reset or fault. At that point, it's possible to inject code and initiate a breach or takeover.

    I can't find the documentation on it so... Take it with a grain of salt. I thought I learned about it in college. Unsure.

  • Ford asks suppliers for ideas to cut EV costs in an all-win-or-lose push for profitability
  • How about not having every fucking feature imaginable to add to a car? Safety features? Fine. I don't need a touch screen. I want knobs. Hell, I don't even fucking care if the windows are crank roll. I just need to get to work so I can try to pay the bills that I need to.

  • I don't know anything about Linux and the idea of installing it frightens me. Where do I start?
  • If you can install windows, you can install Linux. Easy distro are Ubuntu or maybe Mint. Medium may be fedora or something.

    I might get hate but Fuck gnome and debian. Debian is solid af don't get me wrong but Holy hell it feels like the Apple of Linux.

  • "I'd rather do anything else than go to your gathering"
  • But it's rude to lie. I'd rather have honest friends. I invited a friend over and he said, "hey I'm really working on my honesty. I would love to go to your place but maybe another time because I really need my me time today." I respected that.

  • What is your favorite cereal and what country are you from?

    Just wondering how different countries enjoy their cereal (or other breakfast favorites)


    What's the most watched non porn video on porn hub?

    Got into a discussion and I recalled that Rick and Morty was watched on porn hub and other non porn shows and stuff.

    The Wonderful Wally World SendMePhotos

    hi all

    How is your work life

    thathappened SendMePhotos

    Christianity vs Criminal Satanic Black Sabbath Fan


    Why should I primary Linux for Home Desktop and which one do you recommend?

    I've always used Windows and am super comfortable with it. I have set up a dual boot with fedora but don't use it because I have never identified a need to use it. I see a lot of windows hate, so what does Linux have that I need? What can motivate me to migrate? What is a good Linux to have for a desktop + steam?