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He came with receipts
  • Ttereal tellers is ttattElonkows nothing about AI. Anyone involved in the field knows all of the big names because we read their papers, listen to their lectures, and talk about their models. He then goes on to be dismissive of work he’s not even close to understanding. It’s blatant ignorance, and Elon is used to just being able to power through his ignorance by either BSing his way past people who know no more than him or firing anyone who is actually qualified and as a result disagrees with him.

  • cheugy af
  • Slay and serve are part of the drag/queer community lexicon that were made popular (iirc) in the NY ballroom scene. No one cares when 6th graders use them or if they stop.

    If you watch queer media or hang out with The Gays, you’ll hear them all the time. They’re a bit campy, but not cringe.

  • I can't hear without them anymore
  • At some point, sound mixing just went to shit. My partner was in the industry working in post-production and agrees with me. The sfx are loud and the dialogue is not - thus all of the smart tvs and settop devices supporting features like “Dialogue Boost.”

    I used to notice it a lot with poorly managed concerts - the singer’s mic would get drowned out by the instruments. I guess all the people who were responsible for that moved to LA.

    But now I have a soundbar and two HomePods as speakers, and still turn on subs. And that might have something to do with the number of concerts.

  • Da Future
  • Don’t dead Mormons get their own planets or something like that? This family probably resurrected on a low-quality planet that has a very crowded neighborhood because they didn’t tithe enough, possibly because of the obvious cosmetic surgery decisions.

  • Public Domain Book Recommendations
  • Just to get it out of the way, I picked Capital because it’s extremely popular as well as being legendarily difficult to read. You could probably do Origin of Species pretty easily - I think it’s actually pretty accessible - but there’s no reason to read it at this point unless you’re a biology nerd with a fetish for history. Evolutionary biology, fortunately, has advanced significantly in the past couple of centuries. If you actually are interested in Capital (both as an artifact of its time as well as being a brilliant critique of the system that was starting to hit its stride), I recommend David Harvey. Harvey has several video and text based courses on Capital that make the ideas accessible and make sense both in the context in which they were written and for our more modern understanding. A lot of his work is freely available on YouTube and the web. 

    But moving on from Marx, you might benefit from a course in literary analysis. Again, it could be an ebook or a video, but it might help to develop a framework for understanding literature around either a specific period (eg early 20th century versus post war writings) or topics or literary movements. What I’m saying is that if you read scholars who studied Walt Whitman in addition to actually reading his writings, I think you would get closer to what I think your goal is.

    In any case, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you make some remarkable discoveries. I’ve taken multi-year sabbaticals where I did little outside of reading, and I always came out of them with far better growth than a decade of work at a desk.

  • The "law" of offer and demand isn't a law at all and there is no "invisible hand" equilibrating the economy.
  • It’s not an unpopular opinion but it might be a tankie shitpost. I just really fucking wish people would explain their reasoning rather than just blatting out a stupid idea. This one isn’t stupid, per se, but if you want actual feedback you should say why you hold this opinion so people can tell you where they agree and disagree and it’s not just a downvote fest.

    Having said that, this is the least stupid of a series of incredibly vapid posts, so I’m writing a response.

    Yes, there is a supply/demand relationship. Let’s say you make 50 widgets a year and sell them for a dollar. Then a new use comes out for them, and people are willing to pay two dollars (this is actually the story behind the kong dog toy coming from a VW part). So now you can increase production, but eventually you’ll run out of customers, so you can reduce the price to $1.50, and so on. You can see this happening in real time in commodities markets, where oil producers will cut output to drive up prices, or increase it to drive them down (eg if they want to reduce oil production in other countries).

    Where you’re not wrong is that it’s a highly idealized model, like a lot of basic economics. It works best with commodities, but we’ve seen it with video cards, hard drives, cars, and so on. However, the more complex the market, the more factors beyond supply and demand are involved. There are things like sticky prices, information disparity (look up a paper called “A Market for Lemons”), and biases like those that won experimental psychologist Daniel Kahneman the Nobel prize in economics.

  • Hi i am not that big on law but why don't corpos just leave EU ?
  • Because they make more money than they’re paying in fines. They also may be making more money violating laws than they’re paying in fines, but that’s how they’ll have to determine how they conduct business.

    Basically - and this is mostly for tech but I suspect it applies to other markets - the US is the single largest market. “Europe” is second, depending on how you want to define it, but even just the EU is a very big market. China is big and growing, and most companies are trying their best to keep growth there. Asia collectively could be huge, but the attempts to collectivize Asia have not worked out well, historically speaking.

    But the takeaway is that a company will exit s market if it’s losing money, generally speaking. No one is sacrificing earnings to make sure Belgians have access to the latest phones out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • Public Domain Book Recommendations
  • I’m going to make a couple of recommendations, but I do have a question - why are you looking for free/out of copyright books? These have a couple of issues that may get in the way of your primary goal of getting g better at reading and, I assume, learning about new subjects. I’m also going to make the assumption that we’re talking primarily about English language books, but note that you didn’t specify a set of topics.

    Many of the books that you can find on, eg, Gutenberg, suffer from being poor or outdated translations. If you’re really looking to understand Marx’s Capital (to take an extreme example) I could not recommend a resource less than Gutenberg. It is atrocious. If you want to read Dickens or something, it is at best plain unflavored oatmeal. I’d like to suggest a couple of alternatives.

    When I had zero income for a while and was simply burning through my savings to live from day to day but still needed to read and learn - both to feel human and to move on to my next phase in life - I found torrents of ebooks. Some of them were just crappy PDF scans where the pages were just images (I think my first Zizek book was like that), while others were available in or translatable to an e-book format. The ones I tended to grab (and this is 20+ years ago) were things like the entire collection of Oxford University Press books for a span of years, which would cover science, philosophy, literature, and so on. Each one was gigs in size, and I used an ebook program to catalog them.

    The other option, depending on where you are or where you can manage to appear to be, is the public library system. This lets you borrow many books, and libraries aren’t all that strict (generally speaking) about validating addresses and such.

    My suggestion overall is to read about reading, and in general to read more modern books. If you’re interested in Jack London, don’t just read Jack London. Read about how he fits into English literature by people who have dedicated their lives to the subject. Read about the world he inhabited, what his metaphors mean, and how he compares to writers in his genre who preceded and followed him.

    Oscar Wilde is a darling author, but again you need the full literary context to really appreciate gay history and literature, you’ll want the additional history and context of his contemporaries, his historical conditions, and how his work influenced future authors.

    While it’s easier to appreciate Sherlock Holmes than Shakespeare, you won’t get as much out of it out of either without a bit more digging.

  • [What If?] Would a Submarine Work as a Spaceship?
  • I think they also have an EMP effect that can damage ship/sat electronics.

    But, like the internet, a sub is a series of tubes. You have a big horizontal tube that the people and the engine lives in, and you have vertical ones where the things that blow up cities live.

    I mean, there are optional smaller horizontal tubes, but I feel like if you’re going to launch a sub into space it really ought to be one of the big ones. Maybe it’s just a Freudian thing.

  • Trans women generally look more feminine and physical attractive than bilogical women until cis men realize they are trans
  • I’m going to assume that OP and most people posting here know the difference between trans and drag. Some drag queens are trans, most are LGBT, some are straight. But trans women are women.

    Trans persons - at least many of them - mostly want to pass and have their identity accepted. This goes for trans men and trans women. And most people would like to be seen as attractive.

    The truth is though that you might just be into trans women. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but the community is generally aware of and quite wary of “chasers.” Those are people that fetishize trans persons.

    The difference between being attracted to trans women and being a chaser is whether you see the person as an individual or as a class. Think about white guys who are really into Asian women or black men. On the one hand, it’s fine to have different tastes and perceptions of beauty. The fetishization occurs when the individuality of the person becomes less important than the fetishized quality.

  • Inside the "Forbidden Courses" at the billionaire-backed University of Austin
  • Okay, I’m not going to push back on the social club aspect. That’s dead on. I’m also not going to get into what’s fashionable and how funding works. Like I said, I’m in the club. I mean, I’ve since sold out to work for a FAANG so I can have a lot of money going into retirement and run away to Europe in case the US really starts to go under.

    I can go through my prejudice against MIT grads - I’ve met two whom were decent persons and one of them was from Sloan and zero were from Media Lab - and so on. The U of M folks in complexity theory, otoh, have all been wonderful.

    And yes, I was talking about undergrads, but as we both know it’s easier to get into an elite grad program from an elite undergrad program. That’s the track. Plus, it’s rare to have to pay for a PhD program unless you’re coming in at baseline in an oversubscribed program.

  • Texas Pastor Drops Out Of Presidential Race After Blowing $10 Million, Calls On Cult To Support Trump - Joe.My.God.
  • Third party and also-rans are always a scam. You have a team of assistants, an expense account, and you can even be feted by billionaires up to and including Putin. If you’re smart, you wind up with a few million dollars, a book you had ghostwritten, and maybe a string of appearances on Fox that you can turn into a gig.

  • Illinois judge rules Donald Trump is disqualified from the state's 2024 election ballot
  • Yup, and the reason for guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of race was also a result of a specific insurrection that occurred.

    I think it’s perfectly fair to say that if someone tried to overthrow the US government, they’re not qualified to be running the US government.

  • Illinois judge rules Donald Trump is disqualified from the state's 2024 election ballot
  • Can you do a text search and find the word “conviction” in the amendment?

    Here’s the text:

    No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

    And, again, this has all gone through Congress. Trump did it. Everyone knows it. Even the Trumpists know it.

  • Ghana’s anti-LGBTQ+ bill draws international condemnation after it is passed by parliament
  • I want to be clear. I do not blame Ghana’s people for these laws. I do not blame Africans for the many nations that have enacted similar laws.

    Christian church organizations, acting under the rubric of evangelical outreach or even more offensively charitable giving have backed religious and political leaders with LGBT-phobic agendas up to and including execution for being gay. Of course they’re going to do it - they get power and money for doing so.

    The US needs to extend the Logan Act to apply to these situations and make the crime a felony that can lead to the arrest of the people involved and the legal dissolution of the organizations.

  • How often to you bail on a half-written post or response?

    I have had a tendency since my earliest days on social media where I will get halfway or more through a response, and end up just cancelling it. Sometimes I feel like I’m just being to over the top with snark or otherwise don’t want to be that kind of person, but a lot of the time I’ll decide I just really don’t care enough to finish it. Sometimes I just know it’ll be an argument and I know what the person is going to say, and just have no interest in continuing the discussion. I did it on Reddit, I did it on bulletin boards, I even did it in my teens and twenties on Usenet - and I’ll probably go on doing it for as long as I continue using this medium. I probably do it a bit more than half the time. I know that lemmy benefits from more content and I have had some great discussions, but sometimes it’s just not worth it for me.

    How about you? Do you hit publish or cancel more often?


    Under the shimmering starscape of this new universe of knowledge, she found herself having “no interest in the all-important subject” of “becom[ing] a Christian.” Soon, she would write in her ravishing love letters to Susan Gilbert: “Sermons on unbelief ever did attract me.” The school’s founder and first principal, who divided her pupils into three categories along the spectrum of salvation — the saved; those for whom there was hope; and the “no-hopers” — placed Emily in the third. At the end of her first term, on the day of the Sabbath, she was among seventeen students — “the impenitent,” as the principal called them — who couldn’t readily proclaim that “they would serve the Lord” but instead “felt an uncommon anxiety to decide.” The following day, Emily reported the docility she’d observed, writing to a friend at home with removed reproof: “There is a great deal of religious interest here and many are flocking to the ark of safety.” She was far more interested in the arc of knowledge as science was just beginning to bend its gaze past the horizon of old certitudes. What lay there would come to animate a great many of her spare, stunning poems — poems that illuminate the eternal, the elemental, the inevitable through the pinhole of the surprising.


    When do the effects of defederation show up, and what are they?

    I’m fairly new to lemmy and have a handful of accounts on a handful of instances and I use a handful of clients because I’m still trying to find one that comes close to the UX I’m hoping to get at some point. I’m mentioning that in case it’s confusing the whole situation.

    My most used client is Avelon, and I have both a and a account (different names) on the client. I am still seeing lemmygrad posts show up, as well as content from their user base.

    Is it because it takes time for the change to cascade through, or does defederation of instance Y not actually mean that a user of instance X will stop seeing content published to or by Y accounts?


    International Blasphemy Rights Day - Sept 30

    September 30th is International Blasphemy Rights Day.

    > Blasphemy Day, also known as International Blasphemy Day or International Blasphemy Rights Day, educates individuals and groups about blasphemy laws and defends freedom of expression, especially the open criticism of religion which is criminalized in many countries. Blasphemy Day was introduced as a worldwide celebration by the Center for Inquiry in 2009.

    Ideas for celebration:

    1. Eat an apple
    2. Eat a bacon cheeseburger
    3. Draw a prophet. 3:-(>
    4. Commit the unforgivable sin by saying “Fuck the Holy Spirit.” Or maybe “Everything attributed to the Holy Spirit was done by Satan.” Stretch goal: get chatgpt to commit unforgivable sins in infinite variety with scripted prompts

    Feel free to contribute.

    Atheism SatanicNotMessianic

    If religion is the opiate of the masses, is nationalism meth?

    When Marx wrote that religion is the opiate of the masses, his intended analogy was to opium as a medical treatment for pain - something that would not cure the underlying disease, but that could ease suffering. He saw religion as a pacifying substitute for economic and political change. He did not fully flesh out the political harms we see in religion today, but did see it as both a useful tool for leaders and as an understandable balm for the people.

    In that same line of thinking, can we say that nationalism is the methamphetamine of the people? It does not turn its users into passive people willing to accept their fate in hopes of a better world, but rather amps them up and redirects the energy that could be used for demanding change.

    Like meth, nationalism offers a temporary escape. Like meth, it makes people feel exhilarated, aroused, paranoid, confused, and disinhibited. Like meth, it is cheap and easy to distribute, and it can be highly addictive.

    I’m trying to see how far this analogy runs. In the US today, nationalism and religion have become fused and intertwined to the point that some religious leaders are bemoaning their communities following Trump and conservatism and thinking Jesus was a wimp. I think it was Bobo who said that if Jesus had an AR he wouldn’t have been crucified, but it goes beyond that. There’s an increasing objection to meekness and humility and an embrace of wealth and power and a violent rejection of the Other.

    I suspect similar dynamics are prevalent in other nationalist movements, such as what we are seeing in India today. I’m wondering if the expansion of Marx’s analogy gives us any insight into what is happening or what can be done about it.


    Are you cancelling streaming services?

    With the simultaneous rollout of restrictions on account sharing and price increases/addition of advertising, I’m cutting back severely on streaming services.

    I allowed my streaming subscriptions to grow without thinking about it. Without trying to remember the constant merging and bundling, I was subscribed to probably a dozen services at one point. They ranged from Netflix and HBO and Hulu to Shudder and Showtime. I had Paramount, Criterion, Disney, Peacock, and others. I’d do the typical thing where I’d search for a movie, find it is exclusive to a platform, and grab the free trial and forget to cancel. I excused it if I found a movie even every couple of months on it. There were still nights where it’d take an hour to find something I wanted to watch. I was probably closing in on $200/month all told, and I don’t have sports subscriptions.

    I’m interested in learning what other people are doing regarding the price hikes and service compromises. Are you cancelling? Are you taking advantage of bundles with your internet services? Are you rotating on some interval? Or are you not changing at all?


    Text box for writing replies realigns with beginning of text and scrolls actual typing out of the window

    When composing a reply to a post, the text box scrolls naturally with the text as it is being typed until I start a second paragraph. At that point, the text box scrolls back to the beginning of the reply. When I am physically typing, it momentarily scrolls back down but then immediately goes back to the beginning. It makes it impossible to read what I am typing.

    I use a larger font, so this might be an accessibility issue, or it might be related to a couple of refresh-type issues I’ve seen in other areas of the app.

    I have an iPhone 13 running iOS 17, but this was present in iOS 16 as well.

    5 Evangelicals now hate Jesus because he sounds like a liberal wimp

    Christians are now complaining that "turning the other cheek" is nothing more than liberal talking points...

    Evangelicals now hate Jesus because he sounds like a liberal wimp

    I read an essay by a christian a while ago that pointed out that the separation of church and state wasn’t about protecting the state from religion - it was about protecting religion from the state.

    The gist of the argument was that religion should be concentrating on the eternal, and politics, by necessity, concentrates on the immediate. The author was concerned that welding religion and politics together would make religion itself political, meaning it would have to conform to the secular moment rather than looking to saving souls or whatever.

    The mind meld of evangelical christianity and right wing politics happened in the mid to late 70s when the US was trying to racially integrate christian universities, which had been severely limiting or excluding black students. Since then, republicans and christians have been in bed together. The southern baptist convention, in fact, originally endorsed the Roe decision because it helped the cause of women. It was only after they decided to go all in on social conservatism that it became a sin.

    Christians today are growing concerned about a falloff in attendance and membership. This article concentrates on how conservatism has become a call for people to publicly identify as evangelical while not actually being religious, because it’s an our team thing.

    Evangelicals made an ironically Faustian bargain and are starting to realize it.


    What are some reddit content scraper services?

    I deleted my reddit accounts completely by the first day of the APIpocalypse, and I removed all of the posts I had written under the principle that anything I had created was for the communities, which I saw as being destroyed by reddit’s moves. The content and moderation are the only source of value to social networks. I didn’t want what I had been doing for the past decade-plus to continue to be leveraged for monetization.

    One person had replied that there are non-reddit affiliated archiving services that have been storing reddit content so deleting posts is ultimately useless. The site the person linked was what looked like a service catering to academic researchers, but O have since lost the link.

    Does anyone know of such a site?