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Got Played
  • Not wasting energy explaining this to you. You're clearly incapable of engaging with a disagreement which has lead you to double down and move a few goalposts around.

    All criticism of your original point was done respectfully, its really not my problem if you can't just acknowledge you misspoke in the first post.. Its downvoted like 20+ times man. What other evidence do you need that maybe you didn't communicate your thoughts clearly.

  • Got Played
  • Hey man don't take it personal that we disagree with your original point..if you meant to say something else, fair enough, but we all posting / responding to the OP which was more broad than what you are saying now.

    Additionally, my response was more about quality of materials which may incrue extra costs and had nothing to do with buying over priced designer stuff. I agree with your new point, but thats not what you said initially.

  • Got Played
  • Agreed on point about special purpose footwear. However disagree with both you and OPs point about not investing in footwear and seemingly choosing options based at least mostly on cost.

    Cheap footwear leads to a variety of other health / joint / posture issues that cost far more in the long run.

    All new shoes are going to feel okay when you first get them. Something people forget is how a cheap shoe will degrade over time. Common example is soles wearing down unevenly because say the insole or outsole is made out of something cheap. Now you need to walk on a slightly uneven footing for months till you buy a new pair, thus furthering the damage created by ever other cheap pair of shoes you've bought over the years.

    Shoes, tires, matress; dont skimp.

  • Bombshell Report Reveals Team Trump Is Rewarding Key Trial Witnesses
  • Lol I love the fact that he sits there with a completely blank notebook opened somewhere in the middle. What are the odds every page before and after are completely blank and he just sits that way to look like he's paying attention / about to take notes.

  • What's the most embarrassing thing about you?
  • Yeah I mean, I didn't say to gloat / flaunt. You can do what I suggested without making others feel small. False modesty is exactly what we are avoiding..genuine modesty is absolutely fine to run alongside my comment about being right sized and is the perfect antitode to the concern you started your post with.

    And tbh the right sized thing has less to do with looks / status / wealth and more to do with how we see ourselves when doing a self assessment of character traits.

  • What's the most embarrassing thing about you?
  • Humility is about being right sized. A lot of folks take this idea of humility as needing to lessen oneself for the sake of being "humble" when really we should be representing ourselves clearly and as objectively as possible.

  • Is Boeing in big trouble? World's largest aerospace firm faces 10 more whistleblowers after sudden death of two
  • This is a leap. You can be a good person and also see that people as a whole can be both wonderful and absolutely terrible. This is a story about a mega corp murdering two whistleblowers, so far. In this case, the people involved in making this a headline suck and are terrible.