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I don't endorse Biden conspiracies, but still: It's strange and wrong that Biden hasn't spoken given the historic magnitude of his announcement. Having a President drop out by tweet and then disappe
  • Just a minimal amount of reading comprehension should have easily led you to understand that I was saying that "I don't endorse Biden conspiracies but..." is just the same sort of bullshit as "I'm not a racist but..."

    But instead, you appear to have just seen the word "racist" and immediately launched into your obviously well-rehearsed "I don't agree so it's racist" strawman schtick.

    So with all due respect, it appears to me that actually you're the one who does "not have anything to respond with" and wants "to stop the dialogue," since your response was not only a strawman, but a red herring.

  • Kamala Harris in the primaries only had 1% black support. This is the person liberals think will turn out black voters? KHIVE was a bunch of white women cosplaying as black. Black people HATE Kamala
  • No - "I don't agree so must be racist" is just a strawman you've thrown out here because you don't have either the integrity or the courage for honest debate.

    You know what is racist though? Assigning a specific set of qualities to any and all members of a group defined solely by race. By definition.

  • I don't endorse Biden conspiracies, but still: It's strange and wrong that Biden hasn't spoken given the historic magnitude of his announcement. Having a President drop out by tweet and then disappe
  • What the fuck are you babbling about?

    "I'm not a racist but..." is just the more common and easily recognizable version of the same brand of bullshit in this article.

    They all boil down to the same thing - a rhetorical strategy by which dishonest people try to simultaneously say something and dodge responsibility for having said it.

    You seem hypersensitive about racism. Why is that?

  • GOP attacks against Kamala Harris were already bad – they are about to get worse.
  • I hope so.

    Yes - they've been attacking her pretty much from day one, but that was just to feed the base - to keep them on a steady diet of hatred.

    It's different now, and at this point, pretty much the dumbest thing the GOP could possibly do would be to try to attack Harris personally. It would appeal to the base, but they don't need to appeal to the base, since the base is voting Trump no matter what. They need to appeal to the moderates and independents, and I don't see any way personal attacks are going to do that. If they try it from a moral or legalistic stance, Harris clearly has the high ground, and will mop the floor with them. And if they try to do it in a personal level, it's guaranteed that somebody, and likely the wannabe dictator himself, will say something overtly racist and/or sexist, and that will pretty much immediately hand Harris the victory right there.

  • Donald Trump wants Taiwan to pay for U.S. protection—and that should worry shareholders of Nvidia, Microsoft and Tesla
  • And you just know that if somebody tried to sit him down and explain the purposes and goals of military aid to him, his attention would drift after about the fourth word, then he'd interrupt with, "Yeah but why are we paying? They should be paying us!"

    Oh... hey. It just struck me - maybe he thinks that if they pay, he'll get a percentage...

  • Donald Trump sues Gretchen Whitmer for making VA medical centers a designated voter registration site
  • This is the key, and it really is just that simple.

    Their hateful and ignorant ideals simply don't have enough support to win with any significant voter turnout.

    They therefore have exactly two options - to modify their positions to appeal to more people, or to hold to their positions and try to manipulate and corrupt the system so that they can win in spite of the fact that a clear majority rightly find them to be noxious. And they've blatantly chosen the latter.

  • Elizabeth Warren stands by Biden in first public comments since debate
  • the obvious conservative-media thirst for the idea of him dropping out

    I see no reason to believe that the conservatives want him to drop out, and many reasons to believe they want him to stay in.

    There's absolutely no question that they're outnumbered. With a fully engaged voting public, they can't possibly win. Their only hope is to prevent as many people as possible from voting, and discourage as many more as possible.

    Additionally, they've spent the last four years flogging the "Biden crime family" narrative, so all they have to do against Biden is stay the course. A new candidate would need an entirely new set of oppositional propaganda, and they wouldn't have much time in which to get it to take root.

    I would think that pretty much the last thing in the world they'd want would be for the Democrats to make an 11th hour switch to an entirely different candidate, and quite possibly a candidate who will inspire the sort of enthusiasm Biden's candidacy is sorely lacking.

    and hope that the DNC can come through in a clutch and come up with an alternate plan from scratch without tripping over their dicks and falling down as they are wont to often do.

    Now that I agree with pretty much entirely, with only the proviso that, Hanlon's Razor notwithstanding, I tend to ascribe their failures more to malice than incompetence (though it could be argued that since it appears to boil down to stultifyingly shallow self-interest, it could qualify as just a different sort of incompetence).

  • Elizabeth Warren stands by Biden in first public comments since debate
  • Also, if you are a Democratic politician or donor and you want to replace Biden with someone else, surely talking to the press about how he should drop out without anyone in particular in mind that you’re talking to them about as a replacement, and a strategy to get that person into place, should be an absolute last, last, last resort for a way to get that done. And probably not even then.

    I wholeheartedly disagree.

    I think that the winning strategy, rather obviously, is to throw the nomination entirely open and let it work itself out. The exact thing that's going to inspire the sort of enthusiasm that will steamroll Trump is a very public process by which a nominee is legitimately chosen.

    Coming into it with some prepared scheme by which to hopefully force the nomination of a particular candidate is just duplicating the mistakes the DNC made in 2016 and 2020, and it's all too likely to just end us up right back where we were before the debate - with a disappointed and frustrated base that has to be guilt-tripped into voting for a candidate in whom they don't believe solely on the strength of them being not-Trump.

  • What's your opinion on the "socialist" streamer Neekolul ?
  • Every single "failure" of "socialism" to which its opponents point came to be specifically when, and because, people in positions of influence and power turned their backs on their claimed principles and chose instead to live lives of wealth and privilege.

  • Catch Me If You Can (1989)

    NOT the DiCaprio one - I like this one much better.

    A hotshot car racer persuades the class president of a small Minnesota high school to gamble on illegal car races to raise money for their school facing closure.

    Part teen rom-com and part racing flick, and Stephen Sommers' directorial debut. Good cast - Matt Lattanzi as the caustic, moody and unexpectedly studious racer/delinquent and Loryn Locklin as the beautiful-under-the-frumpy-exterior class president, and the always-great M. Emmet Walsh as local villain Johnny "The Fat Man" Phatmun. Good cheesy fun.

    IMDb link


    Wild Thing (1987)

    A child witnesses drug dealers murder his parents. He escapes and grows up wild in the city's slums. Years later he emerges to help the residents of the area who are being terrorized by street gangs and drug dealers.

    Stylish mid-80s cheese with a screenplay by the legendary John Sayles, a score by George Clinton and a pretty solid cast.

    IMDb link


    Was (Not Was) - I Feel Better Than James Brown (1988)


    The Dickies - Nights In White Satin (1979)


    Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - Rattlesnakes


    Cowbell - She's All Over You


    Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll (1974 - rock)


    The Rainmakers - Width of a Line (1994)

    Criminally underappreciated.


    Shriekback - Fish Below The Ice

    From their 1985 album Oil and Gold

    Video by Todd Perkins