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Sounds like a good solution
  • Yeah but the cops have been scared of a real fight forever. They're cowards who like to attack people who can't or won't fight back, but shy away from anything where they might meet organized resistance; the Black Panthers proved it, long before I was even born

  • Car
  • Pedals on a smaller car or sports car tend to be small and very close together

    Exactly. Nobody is making this mistake in a semi, with the throttle and brake all the way on the right and the clutch (if it exists) all the way on the left, and a huge gap in between, but a little car, and big feet? Absolutely

  • Sounds like a good solution
  • Protests in general should be heavily armed and (more importantly) well organized. Whether it's the Nazis or the cops (insert 'same picture' meme here), they're scared of an actual fight

  • Linux has reached 2.32% in Steam Hardware Survey for May 2024
  • Maybe if they properly called it Windows 9, it would have caught on.

    "Windows 9" was a no-go due to lazy programmers. Could have gone with "Windows Nine" though, which would have brought the naming in line with "Xbox One"

  • SMB, FTP, or NFS for NAS + server?
  • I've found SMB to more frequently have connection issues with my Linux clients, and often be slower. It'll work, but if you're mainly supporting Linux clients, might as well set up NFS if you like toying with things anyways

  • SMB, FTP, or NFS for NAS + server?
  • SMB for the windows clients, possibly NFS as well for the others. *nix will talk with SMB fine, but NFS may be faster. Windows' NFS support is shit though.

    Running both daemons won't really add much overhead

  • [Request] Long press on links to open them externally

    When reading a web page within Connect, it would be nice if long-pressing on links in the webpage would give a popup with the option to open the link in an external browser (and probably also an option to just copy the link). I frequently find myself linked to Wikipedia from a Lemmy comment, and then want to open other links from that wiki page, so then I have to open the page I'm on externally and refind my spot in the article.

    Having the same options when long-pressing a link in a comment/post would be nice as well.


    [Request] Seperate block lists for seperate accounts

    Edit: there's already a setting for it, another user pointed it out. Ignore me :)

    Currently, when you block an instance or community, it's blocked app-wide. I had blocked various NSFW communities and instances on my main account so that they don't show up in my All feed, but now I can't access them from my NSFW account unless I use a different app to do so, or repeatedly unblock and reblock them as needed.

    Can we instead make block lists on a per-account basis (or have the option of account-associated or global blocking)?


    How can I change the text colour in my comment box?

    The text when I try to type comments (but not the text in the search bar or, as I'm just now learning, here in the 'post body' text box) is white, and I can't find the setting to change it. Obviously I could change my background back to the default blue that it was, but that's the opposite of a solution.

    Anybody know?