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  • And it runs so well. I have a old PC, still has ddrm3, and it boots up slowly I like to open all the programs I commonly use before it boots up fully by double clicking the desktop icons and then it takes a couple minutes for all the programs to open. And I did this with balatro and it opened not 3 seconds after clicking. And it ran beautifully on my still booting up pc. I was surprised

  • I really like this song! but screw the rest of the album!
  • You know I've heard that Brittany spears used to have a Gulfstream 4 private jet but because people pirated her music she had to sell it and get a Gulfstream 3. The Gulfstream 3 doesn't even have a control for its surround sound DVD system.

    It's really disgusting what piraters do to these artists

  • Yever just see a random post from a fandom you've never heard of and then BAM, you've got a new special interest.

    Makes me wonder about what other amazing things are out there that I'll never find just because of bad luck. Gives me anxiety sometimes


    Does color change how hot a laser can get something?

    For convenience sake let's say you have 2 identical lasers, one is blue and one is red. And you shine it on lead (so none of the light leaks through) until the lead doesn't heat up anymore. Would the temperature change at all between the different color lasers. It doesn't have to be red or blue, it could be microwave or x ray, just different colors is nessisary.