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Plato’s final hours recounted in scroll found in Vesuvius ash
  • the ancient scroll was found to contain a previously unknown narrative detailing how the Greek philosopher spent his last evening, describing how he listened to music played on a flute by a Thracian slave girl. Despite battling a fever and being on the brink of death, Plato...retained enough lucidity to critique the musician for her lack of rhythm

    Lucid...cantankerous. Potato potato

  • [Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • I agree. It doesn't cost a lot to buy lentils and make dal, but it takes time.

    The problem is really our entire food system is geared towards profit and the excessive suffering that comes from that. If you want to eat meat a little more have to spend more or have the time to raise animals yourself.

    Vegans vs meat-eaters is distraction from humans vs industrialized food. Vegans are correct about the suffering of animals, but those that focus on preaching to convert would find their time best spent being compassionate to those that can't make changes.

    Some small changes include:

    • have one more vegetarian day a week
    • in a restaurant select the vegetarian entree or three vegetarian side dishes in stead of a meat main course
    • buy from local farms if available
    • make some mushy Peas for a lunch option
    • meal prep (vegan/vegetarian food does freeze easily and is easy to reheat)
    • if making a dish that contains ground meat substitute (homemade options below)

    I mean to do it all at once is not easy. Making small changes over time can improve health and save money. Thinking about the suffering of the animals can be detrimental, because you may associate making vegan choices with thoughts of animal suffering. I used to subscribe to a vegan magazine, but half of it was amazing recipes, and the other half was distressing animal stories.

    mushy peas (use margarine or olive oil instead of butter)

    mushroom "forcemeat" and other substitutes

    dal recipe

    You're not a terrible human if you eat meat! It's not easy to change, but doing a little bit can go a long way. See if you can cut it down ❤

  • This is an Actual Article Rule :(

    one step in the process of refining cane sugar involves passing it through a charcoal filter to remove impurities, essentially to whiten it. And this charcoal is sometimes made from something called bone char, which is literally the charred bones of animals, mostly cattle and pigs

  • giving out food bags to employees

    Rather than paying a living wage, Broward college has decided to distribute food bags to their employees. 50 bags for 500 employees 👍

    (They do regularly do this for students too)

    "If you don't vote <insert democrat> democracy will end" Nothing Left, by Adolph Reed Jr.

    The long, slow surrender of American liberals

    Nothing Left, by Adolph Reed Jr.

    This article does a great job of explaining people's frustration with having to vote for Biden again. It's long, so here are some quotes. They're totally cherry-picked, I'd recommend reading the whole thing (especially if you think the problem started with Biden, and that Clinton and Obama were ever good choices).

    > during the 1980s and early 1990s, fears of a relentless Republican juggernaut pressured those left of center to take a defensive stance, focusing on the immediate goal of electing Democrats to stem or slow the rightward tide.

    > Today, the labor movement has been largely subdued, and social activists have made their peace with neoliberalism and adjusted their horizons accordingly. Within the women’s movement, goals have shifted from practical objectives such as comparable worth and universal child care in the 1980s to celebrating appointments of individual women to public office and challenging the corporate glass ceiling.

    > Each election now becomes a moment of life-or-death urgency that precludes dissent or even reflection. For liberals, there is only one option in an election year, and that is to elect, at whatever cost, whichever Democrat is running. This modus operandi has tethered what remains of the left to a Democratic Party that has long since renounced its commitment to any sort of redistributive vision and imposes a willed amnesia on political debate.

    I mean, you probably should vote Biden this time, because he's not all that bad, he's done some good things. And trump is so terrible, it probably will be the end of democracy and the victory of fascism if he wins. Right? But what about in two years time, or four years, or eight years?

    Hiding Hornworm

    This little guy chomped down on my pepper before burrowing underground.

    Disability denied....return to work denied.

    I'm a nursing Mum, USA, and my work (transportation) is not protected by the pump act. <> I was told via email from HR that they "do not make accommodations for crewmembers." Legally they don't have to, so I applied for disability. It was denied with some accommodations for my return to work that needed clarification, but I didn't expect much more. I then started my return to work process, including a medical return to work form for my provider to complete. The provider used the exact same, cut and paste, language as the original request for disability form. My return to work has been denied because they cannot accommodate me. Local unions advice: break the rules. So, yes, lawyer up, of course. However, that will take months or years (like the Frontier case <> ) and I am running low on my savings.

    So, despite ten years with my company, I will now lose my $50~/hr pay, schedule seniority, union Healthcare, tribal knowledge, skills etc and go to another company. All because I wanted twenty minutes every four hours to pump for my baby - some coworkers take longer shits.

    Regular pumping avoids mastitis and maintains flow. Breastfed babies have less health problems in early years. Nursing mothers have lower instances of certain cancers. Formula is a great invention, but costs money, and just isn't a good fit for my family. <>

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