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Lets test the theory
  • Naw, I'm down with exploiting others for personal gain but I simply lack the capital to do so in the same way as the ultra rich.

    I'm not going to pretend every low income person is some ethical ideal, because I sure as fuck aren't.

    And that's why like laws and shit are needed to prevent that exploitation or whatever.

  • this won't end well
  • I feel the logical conclusion is to just destroy all human created content entirely to avoid being exploited by corporations. But that may not be a reasonable solution.

    It would be like an artist refusing to record or perform their music for fear of someone else making money from it or copying the style.

  • My friend's Door Dasher has some thoughts.
  • I never blame the people asking for tips, I instead blame those giving them.

    I'll list my Bitcoin address for anyone who would like to tip me! As I wrote out this whole comment for free, a tip seems quite reasonable here. If you disagree and choose not to tip me, that's ok since tips are optional...but please don't start rambling about how others should be tipping when you yourself did not tip me when provided the opportunity.