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Anon likes Valve
  • Which is also kinda not a thing. It doesn't know what to do with itself except skins and reboots, can't call it a genre defining game (anymore).

    Overwatch 2 isnt even a second installment. (Laughs in someone who purchased OW1 and unlocked content).

  • One in five children on the planet is now overweight or obese.
  • Exactly. And somehow the top of the article says

    According to new research, skipping breakfast or excessive screen time are risk factors for developing obesity

    Oh yah, it's definitely because kids skip breakfast (and the 22g of sugar per teaspoon) and screens.

  • Tis the season
  • The 2 best ways to clear a nose.

    The first is you exhale as long as you can through your nose and then pinch it with a tissue as if you were going to blow your nose. Then keep hold your breath and tilt your head up, then down, then up, then down... Continuously until you absolutely cannot breathe. Then blow your nose and both sides will clear out completely.

    The second is to lay down "like one of your french girls" meme, with your head held up in your hand leaning on your elbow. If you are on your left side, the right nostril will clear, and if your on your right side the left nostril will start clearing. This helps get the pressure down.

    These work 100% of the time, but for short periods (because of anatomical reasons) but what a relief. Enjoy

  • United Airlines launches personalized ads on seat-back screens
  • I was just pumping gas the other day, and while I'm at it there's this cellphone speaker music that starts really loudly, like the phone is at 400% audio.

    Motherfucking screen started playing an ad I couldn't skip. Soon theyre just going to loop audible ads everywhere we go, in public spaces.

    Since then I've avoided this brand of gas station and affiliates, but I won't be able to hide for long.

  • Morgan Freeman Explains To Keanu Reeves Why We Don't Have Free Energy - Chain Reaction (1996) - YouTube
  • The issue with that argument is that with free energy, we can start properly applying concepts of UBI and dare I say it socialist policies and collapsing that part of the economy in a good way, globally.

    Revealing it at a pace the world can handle just means that the people in control now can keep being in control while they find ways of controlling it. Yes it would wipe out a big part of our way of life, but it's the bad part anyway, the part that is pretty rapidly killing us. (Great performance by Mr.Freeman though)

  • G.O.P. Blocks Contraception Bill in Senate as Democrats Seek Political Edge
  • “Let’s be clear what’s going on here,” Ms. Ernst said. “From the Senate to the White House, Democrats do not have anything to run on, no agenda that resonates with the American people. So instead they are fear-mongering in the name of politics.”

    Oof the projection is strong with this one.