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What are your thoughts on EV vehicles & charging?
  • Until the government successfully establishes a standard charge port (republicans go “reeeeeeeee!”) then I will want a out in hybrid that can still use gas in an emergency. I have never found a compatible charger for my Chevy Volt, but I can still road trip since my gas tank will take me hundreds of miles. Daily driving though? Never use a drop. I even keep my gas at 1/4 tank just to save a couple lbs of weight because I can charge it in the normal outlet in my garage.

    Price-wise, I got it used, 4 years old for 20k. I think you can get a 2017 now for about 10-15k so they’re not crazy pricey

  • Is the golden rule really good?
  • The more accurate allegory I like is tricking yourself into believing that will have to live the life of everyone who as ever lived (like reincarnated once at a time). It still means that you have to kill hitler because you would want to protect all of your other reincarnation experiences, but you’re not necessarily going to torture them alive for fun… maybe for deterrence though.

    It’s the most true to the fact that everyone has the same experiences we do, we’re just numb to them. We would act as if the first paragraph were true if we could somehow tap into the consciousness experiences of everyone else. Selfishness is just ignorance

  • Productivity
  • Finally internalizing how much nicer it is put in a little bit of effort in advance rather than stressful scrambling after procrastinating was literally life changing. I don’t think I even realized how much subconscious stress I was under during the procrastination. But my kids are just like “shut up dad”

  • When is it "enough" money?
  • There’s nothing wrong with the lesson here but this sounds fake. Those are the two most superficial stereotypes of class life with no explanation how you bridged that gap. There is a big jump in happiness when you no longer have to worry about making ends meet. From there, you just have to not get caught up in consumer envy.

    But hey this is the internet so who knows

  • "Travel" by TheSquareComic
  • Can confirm food in Japan is just better even at the same fast food restaurants.

    McDonald’s is the one restaurant that I will eat at internationally because they have different menu items. It is interesting to see what is popular in that country and the local interpretation of American culture. But even then it’s one and done and only if I absolutely have to eat a quick meal to make a reservation or something

  • How do I create a community on iOS?

    I’m a trash iPhone only user for Lemmy, but at least I’m not a redditor. I’m using wefwef currently but open yo new suggestions. Trying to start a red rising community.

    Edit: formatted into a question and specified app


    Sunday church time is like adult swim for atheists