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things you can only do with boys
  • But they arent tho. I am a trans woman who has been on estrogen for 4 months. In that time i have absolutely noticed my nipples changing, both growing and getting hard more regularly than before.

  • monster rule
  • Estonia?

  • Ruleout - Rule Vegas
  • So i know the Stimpak, the monster logo and the gender symbol, but what is the other tattoo supposed to represent?

  • I took an apple at the cafeteria
  • Ah see that would explain it!

  • I took an apple at the cafeteria
  • This is cool as fuck actually. It flows like a song and i just instinctively read it like one

  • my job has medicine that wakes you up if you've fainted
  • It definitely looks like they were just doing a dirty job. I don't know why you would assume that this is just the way they keep their hands.

  • Tell us one of your of your most Gender Affirming Experiences you've had :3
  • I recently reconnected with an ex after coming out and we have become good friends again. It feels so good to have a close female friend, but there is one moment in particular that sticks with me. We were talking about relationships and stuff and i was unsure if i should tell a saucy story and she said "omg tell me everything. You're one of the girlies now!" I nearly cried. I think about that comment all the time.

  • NOW! That's what I call ADHD Vol. 3
  • Yeaaaah all of these things are very common among people with ADHD. So, not to put too fine a point on it, but you are super wrong.

  • After what time on HRT did you experience a female orgasm?
  • Theres no way to tell when and by how much your orgasms will change, but I can certainly share my personal experience.

    Im about 3 months into HRT right now, and i have noticed some gradual changes in how my orgasms feel. It started with a gradually more "full body" experience and also i started to have better results using a vibrator instead of stroking. I first started noticing those changes around the 2 month mark, and they have gradually progressed since then. In the last week or so i have been able to have a second smaller (and dry) climax after the first, which is exciting.

  • Starting anew, after a few months of Skyrim and Fallout, I'm back at the main menu
  • Hell yeah! I love the music in starfield. If theres one thing bethesda consistently gets right, its the soundtrack.

  • Good Boy comics
  • I dont think I agree. To me, the punchline reads at best like "haha isnt the concept of trans people hilarious?" Or at worst like "wow look at this dog being haughty and elitist! Isnt that just like trans people? Lolol"

  • Good Boy comics
  • Edit: I was a little rude the first time, so ill just say they are not referring to that comic. They are referring to the one where the dog says "pardon me, but i identify as female". In that one the joke basically boils down to "haha trans people exist, isnt that funny?"

  • Starfield's May patch adds 60fps target for Series X, land vehicles footage teased
  • You say that, but Fallout 76 had a legendarily bad release and its actually really successful after quite a few updates. Personally, im still enjoying starfield as it is today and am looking forward to more updates. Land vehicles especially!

  • What are you looking at?
  • At first i thought the upper cat's tail was the lower cat's body and it was hanging off the side. Gave me a jump!

  • Breaking bad lemmy edition
  • Possibly the dumbest part of this is that gustavo fring was always gay

  • North Texas man sues Cinemark claiming 24-ounce beer cups can't hold 24 ounces
  • This is only frivolous if you think of it as being about 2 ounces of beer. Its not. Its about hundreds of thousands of people paying for something that they did not recieve. When you add it all up its quite a lot of stolen money! Also its absolutely Cinemark's fault, even assuming they were given the wrong cups by the distributor (which is a bad assumption) its on Cinemark to make sure they are providing what they claim they are.

  • rulehole loophole
  • Pretty sure this is Elden Ring

  • I tried touching grass, but I don't think it worked out well for the grass
  • Henry Crabgrass says to always ask for consent!

  • 11-Year-Old Boy Hears For the First Time as Scientists Get Closer to Finding a Cure for Hearing Loss
  • That seems like a wild assumption to make. The heart beat is regulated by electric pulses, i dont see why a thumping bass would have any effect on it

  • How did you choose your name?

    Hey girls! I recently started my social transition, and i've been thinking about names. I know not everyone uses a different name during/after their transition, but i think i want to. How did you find your name, and how did you know it was the right one?

    My siblings and i were all given names that start with the letter E, and i would like to maintain that pattern. The first name that came to mind was "Eva" after "Queen Iva" from the anime One Piece, who is a character with the power to control hormones.

    Seeing Queen Iva was one of the things that made me start to question my gender, so i like the idea of honoring that. However i feel a little wierd about picking my name based on a tv show. Is that something people do? I've looked at various lists of baby names, but nothing really clicks the same way as Eva.

    Id love to hear your advice and experiences!


    Shaved my legs for the first time

    So, I just had the realization a few days ago that i'm probably trans. I shaved my legs for the first time today and WOW! Physically it feels great, all smooth and soft, but mentally it just feels RIGHT. Like this is something i should have been doing forever. Its kind of overwhelming for such a small thing, but i just felt like i needed to share this with someone. Now i need to figure out how to buy girly clothes that fit...

    Also it look forever and im sure i missed the hard to reach places, so id appreciate any pro tips!