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Why Biden was no longer a viable candidate – in one graph
  • While there obviously are narratives in media, the Biden situation is very interesting to me. Biden is an 81 year-old man. The job he was in the running for is high stress and very important. The media reported on the obvious and completely understandable concerns that voters and politicians had with his candidacy. Given the enormous stakes for countries like mine, outside but influenced by the US, our media also reported on the very real confusion and concern that our citizens had. Trying to say it is some kind of hit job seems to massively oversimplify things.

  • Canada takes step to acquire up to 12 submarines to guard Arctic
  • I have seen that is one of the types under consideration, but I have a few reasons to think it is poorly suited to the stated goals of the procurement as I have read it.

    • It is a coastal defence boat, it is roughly 1/2 the tonnage of the KSS-III type from Korea. This limits it's capabilities in the large patrol areas Canada is looking to operate. Being designed to operate primarily in the Baltic and other bodies of water off European coasts, it is less well adapted to the large expanses of the Pacific, where Canada will be looking for deployments.

    -While the technology transfer is a positive value for the potential contract, my understanding is that Korea is also open to this type of structure. More importantly, from my reading of the procurement, the goal is to focus on an "off-the-shelf" approach. The focus will be on acquiring vessels rapidly from the existing manufacturer with minimal specific changes for Canadian service. Hanwa Ocean, the builder, has moved over the past months to begin working with Canadian partners to get the process underway . This readiness to move quickly could shave years off the time needed to get the first hull in service.

    -Due to it's smaller size and coastal defence role, the type 214 does not have VLS on board. This is a significant miss in capability, I have some armchair geopolitical reasons for that which I'll blather about in a moment, but generally this limits the mission types the submarine can accomplish. It would likely lead to Canada deploying ROK developed cruise and ballistic missiles giving the boats a whole new mission envelope that would allow greater impact if supporting shore defences against landing for example.

    Into the "just my opinion man" section, or the even more of my opinion I guess! We are at a transitional state in Canada, and it's a state we share most closely with our allies in the Pacific. It isn't possible to ignore the recent SCOTUS ruling in the US. After listening to federal lawyers, and seeing the dissenting views from the justices, America is only a democracy insofar as nobody is currently using the unrestricted personal authority granted by the highest court. Continuing to base our sovereignty and continued liberal democracy on the support of a nation in that political situation is very shortsighted. ROK and Japan are two other nations that may be feeling a similar concern. Without a large entity and a geographical cluster like the EU to rely on, we are nations that have over-relied on the US for protection, that always has come at a cost of policy pressure and whatnot, but how will that pressure be wielded going forward? As a platform, the KSS-III type allows for options in the future which may seem very far away or outside of the Canadian mindset. Ultimately, it is a stealthy patrol submarine, which in a geopolitical pinch, can provide Canada with the only continuously effective deterrence known to prevent loss of sovereignty. Canada helped develop nuclear weapons, and operated them until 1984. In my opinion the world is moving in a direction that could leave us very alone and vulnerable to multiple larger authoritarian states, we could ramp up and spend billions to equip more units and build defences, but none of that brings us to parity. Citizens in ROK recently responded to polling indicating a majority support the development of nuclear deterrent there. Obviously I don't think this will happen, but I do think that Canada would be very wise to acquire systems going forward that diversify our sources away from potentially untrustworthy nations. Also, keep options open. Shit's not going well.

  • Canada takes step to acquire up to 12 submarines to guard Arctic
  • As far as I can tell the KSS-III class of subs from ROK would be the frontrunner. Last year Babcock, the company that provides maintenance for our current subs, signed a contract to cooperate on the deal with Hanwa Ocean. It's one of the best conventional subs, it has 6xVLS with the next block stretched and supposed to feature 10xVLS. Also, it's in production, which could mean relatively quick turnaround once they were ordered. The fact that it can deploy the Hyunmoo 4-4 ballistic missile is also a pretty big deal. If Canada were to be faced with a hypothetical scenario of a powerful belligerent dictatorship, stealthy submarines with ballistic missiles could provide interesting options for credible deterrence.

  • AOC files articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito
  • That's not necessary, as far as I understand there's a 2/3 majority required to carry an impeachment (not American, so could be wrong). That's not possible with roughly 50% republican votes. The impeachment can't succeed, but it's their job to try, and it also puts the evidence on the record.

  • Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Governor: 'Some Folks Need Killing'
  • The problem is, he isn't fit. He's just less unfit. People are frustrated that instead of a normal, reasonable alternative, they have to pick the less ridiculous of two ridiculous options.

  • Houthi rebels say they've fired a new 'homemade hypersonic missile,' posting footage of its launch at a civilian ship
  • It seems the only real definition of "hypersonic" outside of speed, is that the missile is capable of performing evasive maneuvers during the terminal phase while at hypersonic velocity. Otherwise yea, every ballistic missile is hypersonic. I have to doubt that this system actually qualifies, you never know though, technology proliferates I guess.

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • It's difficult to defend the idea that Biden has been trying to end the genocide. He's had that power from day 1. If you give Israel a bullet, you have solid awareness that there is a good chance it will be used against a non-combatant. That's hard reality. If Biden was not supportive of genocide he would place an embargo on the weapons being poured into the massacre. He also wouldn't sanction the ICC when they attempted to call out the primary actors in the genocide. He has given enabling support to the campaign in multiple ways.

    Biden is not a good man as he is portrayed, he is complex obviously, but the reality is that Hitler still petted his dog and was nice to his friends and family. Biden should be joining Netanyahu at the Hague, not sabotaging democracy by being virtually un-electable while at the same time working to make it even more obvious that the international order is only there to punish certain war criminals.

    Anyway, I think the take is pretty on point.

  • Supreme Court: Trump Has 'Absolute Immunity' For Core Constitutional Powers
  • Not really, in this case they are equating actions Trump took to overturn his election loss as official duties. It's definitely a messy part of the law, but if you bundle the actions taken to bring down a governmental system with those taken in the administration of that system you're probably only trying to help bring it down.

  • Tianlong 3 booster static fire test lifts off instead
  • Genuinely crazy situation, I don't think that's ever happened before. Either they underestimated the thrust they had, or they saved money on hardware. Possibly calculated shear force for the full stack instead of just the booster. Somebody is definitely fired.

  • Cash transactions are way down. These advocates say the feds need to do something
  • I carry an emergency $50 with me and I haven't had to use it in a few years. I do not miss change jangling in my pocket.

  • Joe Biden Hits Back at The New York Times After it Tells Him to Drop Out of Race
  • As a Canadian watching this, knowing that his loss would accelerate the shift to a dictatorship south of the border, it's so disheartening. What is wrong with the Democrats, it's bizarre. I can't even imagine having to vote for a candidate like him, that it's even a question when his opponent is such an absolute clown. It's the dumbest timeline.

    This was interesting to listen to, the only thing left is single issue voting. A vote for whatever is put across from Trump, regardless of who or what it is, opens the chance for another election to try again.

  • 15 Russian air defense systems have been hit in occupied Crimea in the last two months.
  • It is huge, they aren't shit by any stretch. They can be defeated through tactics and technology, just like western defense systems. If there is an expectation of operating F-16 and Mirage 2000 in the combat area, these air defences need to be degraded. A SCALP missile streaking along at 75M altitude, supported by MALD electronic decoys, under the cover of 20-30 drones, with a few Neptune cruise missiles to soak up interceptors is far more likely to defeat an S-400 battery than a two-ship of F-16 operating within 80km of the front.

  • Hungary agrees not to veto NATO support to Ukraine as long as it's not forced to help out
  • It is tedious AF to have the enemy on the allied council.

  • Policy in support of genocide. Our American neighbours are in a great place.

  • Biden Weighs Letting Ukraine Strike With U.S. Weapons in Russia
  • Maybe if Ukraine could get their hands on some Palestinians, then they could parachute a few of them in at the target location first to get Biden excited about bombing. It seems to work elsewhere.

  • Make an insanity check please


    5% of the time it happens everytime.


    Elden Ring, Seamless Co-op, 2560x1440


    Issue with filtering

    I have recently been having an issue where filters are applied, not by me, while I'm browsing in Connect. Entire communities are showing no posts with the message, "Empty because all posts are being filtered". There are no filters turned on in the settings that I can see. Many comments are also hidden due to filters, including my own. I have checked in using the browser interface and everything is normal there.

    Is there a setting I am missing, or do I have another issue with the app?

    Edit: Issue solved, apparently I had blocked though I'm not sure how.


    (Linux noob) Getting an error attempting to install Flatpacks via Software Manager

    I am receiving this error when I attempt to install via the manager, but I am able to install via Terminal. That said I am getting an option to install for either System or User, which I haven't previously seen. I'm sure this is probably something pretty basic, but I'm fairly Linux illiterate... beyond knowing I can mess things up by fiddling without knowing what I'm doing.

    I am on Nobara 37, Gnome 43.2, Wayland. I'd love a hand with this, thanks!

    Edit: Thanks for the detailed answers! Issue resolved.