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Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • They expanded the initial recall. It affects models from 2017 to 2022. If you read the linked article I previously provided, then you missed the key point that vehicles were still bursting into flames even after the recall.

    Expanded recall:

    GM stopped replacing the batteries of the newer models and instead offered a software solution that would monitor the batteries for any issues and allow the vehicle to charge beyond the 80% limit that they had set because of these issues.

    But it's worth noting that this software update has failed to prevent some fires, so the problem isn't really "fixed" even with this:

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • I would avoid used Bolts, especially because of all the issues those have had with going up in flames.

    Hopefully they've fixed those issues in the newest models...

  • 3.23.2 is no more, we now have 3.24 Introducing Star Citizen: Alpha 3.24 - Star Citizen Spectrum

    Hi everyone, With Alpha 3.23.1 out the door, our team has shifted focus to closing out what we had previously called Alpha 3.23.2. During internal testing of the upcoming patch, we've determined...

    Introducing Star Citizen: Alpha 3.24 - Star Citizen Spectrum

    No changes to the actual content itself. Just that the changes are big enough to warrant a major version update:

    > Hi everyone,\ \ With Alpha 3.23.1 out the door, our team has shifted focus to closing out what we had previously called Alpha 3.23.2.\ \ During internal testing of the upcoming patch, we've determined that its substantial updates justify labeling it as version 3.24.\ \ This change in version number doesn't indicate any changes to the patch itself or any future patches; rather, it aligns with what we consider to be a major update. We're excited for you to experience additions such as Freight Elevators, Storage Access (previously known as Item Banks), Personal and Instanced Hangars, new Cargo Hauling missions, and more—all of which aim to make a lasting impact on the 'verse.\ \ You'll soon see the updated version number in the launcher as we release Evocati/PTU builds and corresponding feedback threads. Additionally, this adjustment will be reflected on the Roadmap, which will be updated next week.\ \ Keep a close eye on Spectrum for updates soon, and we'll see you in-game!

    \- Ulf-CIG

    Anybody know the species of this fledgling?
  • I agree with others on here. Looks like a European Starling.

    Here's a similar looking one that was identified in North America:

    I would recommend a tool like iNaturalist for trying to identify birds (and plants, insects, other animals, droppings, tracks, etc).

  • MotD Update: Server Meshing Test Tomorrow Open To All Backers, starting around 1900-2100 UTC

    MotD Update: > 🕹️(Wednesday) Goals for this week\ \- Thursday - We are looking to do a TECH-PREVIEW test with all backers for 4-6 hours with a more efficient hardware structure to test the meshing benefits. This test will split Stanton into 3 servers per shard with a more efficient setup and we will be monitoring network/server performance.\ \- By Friday - We are still looking to have a Cargo/Hangar build out for Evocati this week. We have a couple blockers still preventing this but are getting closer. --- > changing some messaging from earlier. We're going to open the Tech-preview tomorrow to all backers instead and have the build up 4-6 hours > > Still working on time but most likely 2100 UTC

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

    Edit: Some additional updates

    > could be as early as 1900 UTC but still getting that planned out. We already have the build > > the Tech-Preview test tomorrow is going to be on an older build. this is a known quantity test since the last one to run performance tests so will be in a 3.22.x build so will be a bit of a throwback

    \- Wakapedia-CIG


    MotD Update: Possible Server Meshing Test This Friday, Evocati Build Pushed Back

    The Evocati build for 3.23.2 has been pushed back until tomorrow or later. We might get a Server Meshing Test this Friday (I would expect to see it next week and be happily surprised if we see it by Friday).

    > (Tuesday) We have pushed a new 3.23.1a hotfix onto LIVE with multiple server and client crash fixes. We currently have 2 PTU goals this week if all goes as planned.\ \- First - We are looking to get 3.23.2 into Evocati's hands over the next couple days for cargo/hangar testing.\ \- Second - We have a slight chance of a new Tech-Preview Server Meshing test as early as Friday with with lots of new network changes if all goes well with internal testing.

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

    'Cheating and exploiting undermine the integrity of our game': Over 600 Star Citizen accounts have been suspended for racking up in-game currency
  • That definitely plays a part, but if a player doesn't have a computer that's up to spec, they'll have a bad time no matter what.

  • 'Cheating and exploiting undermine the integrity of our game': Over 600 Star Citizen accounts have been suspended for racking up in-game currency
  • Besides updates where overall performance has tanked for a bit, if you generally have issues playing this game then that's more likely a hardware issue.

    This game is not optimized and requires a beefy CPU (Performs best using an AMD with 3D v-cache ), a fast SSD (HDD will tank your FPS with all the streaming of assets that needs to happen), and a decent GPU.

    The game has been running well since they got rid of the dupers, even with Xenothreat running... now if they would just fix the UI so I can see who I'm shooting at when there are targets/friendlies all over...

  • Hotfix is Going Live Now

    >   3.23.1a Hotfix 9204897-9211972 is going to be pushed onto the LIVE channel in a bout 5 min! This resolves a handful of the highest server and client crashes we've seen in the last week as well as an issue that caused landing services to get stuck to a previous play > > This is a hotfix without disrupting the global database so shouldn't interfere with non-ltp items like medpens, ammo, and refinery.

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

    Edit: Hotfix is now live.

    'Cheating and exploiting undermine the integrity of our game': Over 600 Star Citizen accounts have been suspended for racking up in-game currency
  • Some additional info the article doesn't address or skims over:

    The accounts were suspended for 3 months.

    They only suspended accounts that were overly abusing the system. Players that duped on accident, or a small number of times were not punished except for the removal of some of their in-game currency and maybe a ship or two that they bought with the earnings they made from duping.

    This is the first time that Star Citizen players have had a wave of suspensions like this for an exploit.

    This is most likely because of how this exploit affected the servers. In Star Citizen, abandoned ships stick around forever on a particular instance, so other players would need to hijack/tow/destroy/salvage them to get rid of them. The players abusing this exploit would duplicate ships with cargo (that could be sold) as fast as they possibly could, leaving more ships behind than what the servers can normally handle well.

    This also happened around the time of a free fly event where anyone could try out the game for a bit without having to pay. So the game wasn't performing as well as it could have been during this event. Although, tbh, this game usually struggles during free flight events anyway.

  • MotD Update: Hotfix Rolling Out to Live Soon

    > 🕹️(Monday) We are opening up the HOTFIX channel on the launcher soon for a 3.23.1a hotfix that will connect to the LIVE servers. This fixes a handful of server and client crashes, a deadlock, and landing service not functioning issues. If all is well it will be pushed over into the LIVE servers when ready.

    Edit: In the game launcher, be sure to select the HOTFIX option for the game environment to connect to the Live servers that way.

    If you don't want to download another copy of the entire game, rename your "LIVE" folder to "HOTFIX". Default folder path: "C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\"

    --- Edit2 --- This hotfix does not require you to clear your shaders, since it creates a new folder, but when it rolls over completely to live there's a stronger chance that it will use the same folder that's already there. To clear your shaders follow the instructions below. --- Edit2 ---

    For hotfixes like this, I strongly recommend that you clear your shader folder:

    • Delete the entire sc-alpha-3.23.1_{id} folder located under:   "%localappdata%\Star Citizen\"

          Or if you like typing in the full path:         "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\local\Star Citizen\"


    3.23.2 PTU targeted for Evocati testing by Tuesday/Wednesday. More Tech-Previews soon.

    > No 3.23.2 PTU with evocati today! We are targeting Tuesday/Wednesday but will know better by tomorrow! > > We do have more tech-previews on the horizon but won't spoil those just yet!

    • @Wakapedia-CIG

    How British tech star Stability AI imploded with debt and lawsuits
  • Most of that just looks like carpet shading, where rubbing the carpet one way looks darker compared to rubbing it the other way.

    However, the brown stain on the far right definitely stands out.

  • Looking for spear bile titan 1-shot instructional gif
  • @ 5:45 is better. He takes out the first bile titan that looks like it hasn't taken any other damage, and then takes out another bile titan shortly after.

    Link directly to that timestamp:

  • Death In Fire by Amon Amarth
  • Valhalla Calling - Miracle of Sound

  • No, a Remote Amazon Tribe Did Not Get Addicted to Porn
  • Hiding "/s" in a spoiler tag is a bit more satire friendly.

    In some cases seeing it upfront gives away the fact that you're not serious a little too quickly and doesn't have the same "got ya" effect that some people want.

    It's not necessary by any means, but it can be fun to add that extra layer sometimes.

    As far as what happens specifically on Lemmy, it looks something like this:

    Spoiler hidden:

    Spoiler shown:

  • Star Citizen Live Gamedev: Making Ship Up IV-2

    This was an interesting one because they showed us the feedback process for initial concepts that the vehicle team work on.

    Tap for Notable Information by Hencaric

    Devs: Alberto Petronio (Lead Concept Artist) & Dan McCabe (Senior Vehicle Artist)

    Notable Information: ➣ This SCL did not contain any development or game news. ➣ This week in the followup to last week's SCL, Alberto and Dan went through a mock of the feedback process but instead with the vehicle they previously designed. ➣ The feedback process takes place following the creation of a ship, vehicle, asset, etc. and it goes up the chain to catch things that need changed, removed, or updated. ➣ This part of the process is where considerations for how long it could take or how much work will be needed to accomplish the goal. ➣ While this episode did not have any development or game news it was a good opportunity to visualize what considerations are made when designing new vehicles or ships.

    3 month suspension for players who overly abused duping exploit
  • Kickstarters that are a scam from the beginning? Sure.

    But it's pretty obvious that this project doesn't fall under that category, the game is fun to play, and they're making a lot of progress.

    So, what's wrong with devs promoting their product when they believe in it and continue to legitimately work on it?

  • 3 month suspension for players who overly abused duping exploit Spectrum - v6.24.1

    RSI’s Spectrum is our integrated community and player interaction service, including chat, forums, game integration, and Player Organization facilities. Player Organizations (“Org”...

    Spectrum - v6.24.1

    From what I can tell this was for the most egregious of dupers. We have someone in our org who duped a little bit (enough to buy a ship) and wasn't suspended, but they did Yank the ship he bought.

    Also see CaptainZyloh's comment on reddit:

    AI is a Lie.
  • Found it:

    This is why I prefer it when people specify what kind of "AI" they're talking about rather than just saying "AI" as a buzzword. I definitely agree with Derbauer here... this is painful.

  • No, a Remote Amazon Tribe Did Not Get Addicted to Porn
  • Hi! Yeah, probably a timing thing. I used a spoiler tag yesterday and a user mentioned that it didn't work for them. Turns out it's a known issue for Boost users, so that was fresh on my mind.

  • No, a Remote Amazon Tribe Did Not Get Addicted to Porn
  • Some Lemmy applications don't display it well (like Boost).

    It works fine through a browser or Voyager.


  • AI is a Lie.
  • Great video, he breaks everything down really well...

    I might have to start linking to this video rather than trying explain what AI is vs what AI isn't to those who like to make general statements like "AI is a scam!".

  • [MacRumors] First Look at Messages via Satellite in iOS 18
  • Wasn't T-Mobile supposed to have some LEO satellites out with the help of SpaceX or something? Whatever happened to that?

  • iOS 18 Hints At A Buttonless Future For iPhone 16, Improved Battery On The Horizon
  • I think I was thrown off by the "trackpad" example that was given above. That would have been a bit more complex than just a simple button press (which is still doable in low level firmware) but I was curious how they would pull it off.

    I looked up what "solid state buttons" are and it makes a lot more sense now. This isn't like some trackpad you can swipe along the endge, they're still buttons in separate locations, just not in the mechanical clicking sense that we're used to.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • You could also use something like GrayJay, I've been using it for a while now and haven't had any issues with it.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • despite the fact that hosting images is orders of magnitude less bandwith and storage requiring than videos.

    In general, yes, when comparing images/video of the same resolution. But if I compare an 8k image to a low quality video with low FPS, I can easily get a few minutes worth of video compared to that one picture.

    As you said, it definitely costs money to keep these services running. What's also important is how well they are able to compress the video/images into a smaller size without losing out on too much quality.

    Additionally, with the way ML models have made their way into frame generation (such as DLSS) I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing a new compressed format that removes frames from a video (if they haven't started doing it already).

  • Secret Xi'an Code That Needs Decoding Alien Week 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Alien Week 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    From the page: > ### Can you crack the code? > > Feeling lucky, codebreakers? Think you’ve intercepted and decoded a secret Xi’an communique? Enter it below and find out. Diligent code breakers will earn the Alien Week 2954 Challenge Coin as a reward for their keen eye to detail.


    The Legendary Core Armor Can Hold a Lot of Ammo and Grenades

    16 slots for Ammo


    8 slots for Grenades


    It seemed like I could equip 4 primary weapons, but that got a little glitchy with 3 and one of the weapons fell off after a short bit.

    Visually, the Grenades and ammo start to stack directly on top of previously equipped grenades and ammo (visually you only see 4 grenades and 8 ammo cartridges, but you can use the full amount).

    Still has 40% armor reduction, like other heavy armor.

    1 Q&A: Drake Ironclad - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Tap for Highlights by Hencaric

    Q&A:Q: What are the Ironclad and Ironclad Assaults main competitors and how does it compare? ㅤ ✦ A: The closest competitors in the role are the Hercules for the base and the Liberator for the assault variant whereas the closest on paper are the C2 and M2 Hercules respectively. With the base having more cargo capacity than the C2 and the assault having more turrets than the M2. ➣ Q: Can the Ironclad be used as a carrier? ㅤ ✦ A: Yes but the cargo bay is built around cargo metrics, not vehicles so some may not fit height-wise. ➣ Q: Does the assault variant retain the retracting roof? ㅤ ✦ A: Yes. ➣ Q: Do they have VTOL thrusters? ㅤ ✦ A: Yes. ➣ Q: Does the assault variant have an armory? ㅤ ✦ A: The images we were shown did not have one but it will be added before release. ➣ Q: Can the bay repair more than just vehicles and vehicle components? ㅤ ✦ A: There will not be restrictions around vehicle vs ship components, only volume and resource restrictions. ➣ Q: How does self-destruct work in the Ironclad? ㅤ ✦ A: The Ironclad has two self-destruct modes, one to destroy just the main hull and one to destroy both it and the command module. They will be triggered from their respective "control rooms". ➣ Q: Is the command module compatible with the Caterpillar? ㅤ ✦ A: Yes although they have slight design differences. ➣ Q: What functionality will the main hull have while detached from the command module? ㅤ ✦ A: The main hull retains all functionality except its ability to fly when the command module is detached. ➣ Q: How will insurance work when the command module is detached and the main hull is lost or destroyed? ㅤ ✦ A: Still TBD. ➣ Q: Does the command module have a QD? ㅤ ✦ A: Yes. ➣ Q: Is the armor actually "heavy"? ㅤ ✦ A: The Ironclad has heavier armor relative to ships in its class. ➣ Q: Is the interior turret tractor or defense? ㅤ ✦ A: Defense, similar to the BMM. ➣ Q: Does the assault have tractor beams? ㅤ ✦ A: No. ➣ Q: How will gravity work in the cargo bay and does it have an air shield for the retractable roof? ㅤ ✦ A: There is no air shield and the cargo bay is exposed to space when open.


    Community Bar Citizen Events this Week (With CIG Attendance Highlights)

    From the RSI Weekly email update:

    > June 8\ Lyon, France (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ San Antonio, TX, USA\ Colorado Springs, CO, USA\ \ June 14\ Montréal, QC, Canada (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ \ June 15\ Austin, Texas, USA (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ North Hollywood, CA, USA (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ Manchester, UK (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ Frankfurt, Germany (CIG ATTENDANCE)\ Arlington, TX, USA\ Jönköping, Sweden