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Star Citizen

  • Star Citizen Free Fly Week - July 12 to July 19 Foundation Festival 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Foundation Festival 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Star Citizen is allowing anyone who wants to try out the game to play for free for this week.

    There are a few of these free flights throughout the year.

    If you're new, definitely use the "Guide System" to request help from other players. They can help you to avoid the current bugs and should know workarounds to be able to help you get some actual gameplay in quickly without having to waste too much time trying to figure out everything on your own.

    During this particular event you will get permanent rewards for every 30 minute guide session.

  • Star Citizen - ArcCorp cinematic

    Found while browsing through the community hub:

  • Latest 3.0.24 (Evocat Buildi) Patch Notes Spectrum - v6.25.0

    RSI’s Spectrum is our integrated community and player interaction service, including chat, forums, game integration, and Player Organization facilities. Player Organizations (“Org”...

    Spectrum - v6.25.0
    Tap for Highlights by komrk

    Audience & Server Details: ➣ Audience: Evocati ➣ Server Info: PTU Channel - US Servers Only ➣ Long Term Persistence: Enabled ➣ Replication Layer: Enabled ➣ Server Crash Recovery: Enabled

    Testing/Feedback Focus ➣ Personal & Instanced Hangars ➣ Freight Elevators ➣ Storage Access ➣ Hover Trolleys ➣ Hangar Decorations

    Not Ready for Testing/Feedback ➣ Cargo Hauling Missions ➣ Cargo Commodity Rebalance ➣ Dynamic Event: Blockade Runner

    Feature Updates: Gameplay: ➣ Master Modes Atmo Flight Controller Re-tuning ➣ Soft Death Breaching Polish ➣ Added Mission Item Filters to Freight Elevator Management

    Ships and Vehicles: ➣ Reduced the Esperia Prowler's Emissions

    Patch Details: ➣ 20 Known Issues ➣ 10 Bugs squashed ➣ Fixed 4 Client Crashes ➣ Fixed 6 Server Crashes

  • MotD Update: New 3.24 Build for Evocati Scheduled for Later Today

    Message of the day:

    🕹️(Mánadagr) We are currently putting together a new 3.24 build for release to Evocati later today

  • Inside Star Citizen: How We Work - Level Design

    Tap for summary by hencaric

    Team: Frankfurt Level Design Team

    Notable Information: ➣ Level design brings the environment and gameplay design together to make meaningful spaces for the player to experience the game ➣ The focus of this team is to create a cohesive environment through all facets of the game ➣ Things like elevators and transit items also fall under the responsibility of this team ➣ Principals of Level Design: ㅤ✦ Readability: Clarity in the environment, making sure players understand where they are going and what they have to do ㅤ✦ Flow & Leading Lines: Making sure the different factors flow together well and have a path that makes sense but isn't underwhelming ㅤ✦ Options: Giving players choices in how they tackle different situations and get to their end goal Clustering: The act of bringing objects together to make environments more realistic and make things seem like they belong ㅤ✦ Scale: Making sure the size of environmental items and transitioning from different-sized items make sense. Considers items like foreground, midground, and background ➣ This team has a similar development flow to ships, going through items like whitebox and adding additional environmental levels while working with teams like art design ➣ This team's work isn't done once a "level" is released, they have to go back and do maintenance and updates similar to gold pass work on ships ➣ Level design has a high degree of collaboration with other teams for items like audio, lighting, etc. ➣ The goal is to have a smoother flow in stations and learn from things learned on Stanton stations ㅤ✦ Trying to eliminate things like elevators and convoluted transit paths ➣ Outposts are meant to have a clear identity and use case for combat, socializing, etc. ㅤ✦ Outposts are intended to encourage ground vehicle usage, particularly for trading outposts where you will need to load vehicles with cargo ㅤ✦ Pyro outposts, regardless of their identity or purpose, can turn into combat locations at any time given the nature of the system. This requires the outposts to be focused but flexible ➣ Level design ends up being "greater than the sum of all its parts" due to the player experience that is created when all the different deliverables come together ㅤ✦ This does introduce a reliance on other teams for that cohesive player experience ➣ This team is focused on shifting from a larger focus on aesthetics to being balanced between playability and aesthetics, this will help locations feel more like they truly belong and are a living part of the verse

  • Hotfix for LIVE is Up

    >   We are going to be putting out a build onto the HOTFIX channel in about 10 minutes to test a client hotfix overnight with some logging updates that may help slightly improve client performance as well as fix multiple client and server crashes

    \- Wakapedia-CIG


    >   An updated version of 3.23.1-live.9204897 is now available for download on the RSI Launcher in the HOTFIX channel!

    \- Spectral-CIG

  • Roadmap Roundup - June 26, 2024 Roadmap Roundup - June 26, 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Roadmap Roundup - June 26, 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Committed for 3.24:

    • Storage Access
    • Freight Elevators
    • New Missions - Cargo Hauling
    • Personal and Instanced Hangars
    • Dynamic Event: Blockade Runner

    Still no update on the progress tracker.

  • NPC Crew Explained ( Star Citizen )

  • 3.23.2 is no more, we now have 3.24 Introducing Star Citizen: Alpha 3.24 - Star Citizen Spectrum

    Hi everyone, With Alpha 3.23.1 out the door, our team has shifted focus to closing out what we had previously called Alpha 3.23.2. During internal testing of the upcoming patch, we've determined...

    Introducing Star Citizen: Alpha 3.24 - Star Citizen Spectrum

    No changes to the actual content itself. Just that the changes are big enough to warrant a major version update:

    > Hi everyone,\ \ With Alpha 3.23.1 out the door, our team has shifted focus to closing out what we had previously called Alpha 3.23.2.\ \ During internal testing of the upcoming patch, we've determined that its substantial updates justify labeling it as version 3.24.\ \ This change in version number doesn't indicate any changes to the patch itself or any future patches; rather, it aligns with what we consider to be a major update. We're excited for you to experience additions such as Freight Elevators, Storage Access (previously known as Item Banks), Personal and Instanced Hangars, new Cargo Hauling missions, and more—all of which aim to make a lasting impact on the 'verse.\ \ You'll soon see the updated version number in the launcher as we release Evocati/PTU builds and corresponding feedback threads. Additionally, this adjustment will be reflected on the Roadmap, which will be updated next week.\ \ Keep a close eye on Spectrum for updates soon, and we'll see you in-game!

    \- Ulf-CIG

  • MotD Update: Server Meshing Test Tomorrow Open To All Backers, starting around 1900-2100 UTC

    MotD Update: > 🕹️(Wednesday) Goals for this week\ \- Thursday - We are looking to do a TECH-PREVIEW test with all backers for 4-6 hours with a more efficient hardware structure to test the meshing benefits. This test will split Stanton into 3 servers per shard with a more efficient setup and we will be monitoring network/server performance.\ \- By Friday - We are still looking to have a Cargo/Hangar build out for Evocati this week. We have a couple blockers still preventing this but are getting closer. --- > changing some messaging from earlier. We're going to open the Tech-preview tomorrow to all backers instead and have the build up 4-6 hours > > Still working on time but most likely 2100 UTC

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

    Edit: Some additional updates

    > could be as early as 1900 UTC but still getting that planned out. We already have the build > > the Tech-Preview test tomorrow is going to be on an older build. this is a known quantity test since the last one to run performance tests so will be in a 3.22.x build so will be a bit of a throwback

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

  • MotD Update: Possible Server Meshing Test This Friday, Evocati Build Pushed Back

    The Evocati build for 3.23.2 has been pushed back until tomorrow or later. We might get a Server Meshing Test this Friday (I would expect to see it next week and be happily surprised if we see it by Friday).

    > (Tuesday) We have pushed a new 3.23.1a hotfix onto LIVE with multiple server and client crash fixes. We currently have 2 PTU goals this week if all goes as planned.\ \- First - We are looking to get 3.23.2 into Evocati's hands over the next couple days for cargo/hangar testing.\ \- Second - We have a slight chance of a new Tech-Preview Server Meshing test as early as Friday with with lots of new network changes if all goes well with internal testing.

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

  • Hotfix is Going Live Now

    >   3.23.1a Hotfix 9204897-9211972 is going to be pushed onto the LIVE channel in a bout 5 min! This resolves a handful of the highest server and client crashes we've seen in the last week as well as an issue that caused landing services to get stuck to a previous play > > This is a hotfix without disrupting the global database so shouldn't interfere with non-ltp items like medpens, ammo, and refinery.

    \- Wakapedia-CIG

    Edit: Hotfix is now live.

  • MotD Update: Hotfix Rolling Out to Live Soon

    > 🕹️(Monday) We are opening up the HOTFIX channel on the launcher soon for a 3.23.1a hotfix that will connect to the LIVE servers. This fixes a handful of server and client crashes, a deadlock, and landing service not functioning issues. If all is well it will be pushed over into the LIVE servers when ready.

    Edit: In the game launcher, be sure to select the HOTFIX option for the game environment to connect to the Live servers that way.

    If you don't want to download another copy of the entire game, rename your "LIVE" folder to "HOTFIX". Default folder path: "C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\"

    --- Edit2 --- This hotfix does not require you to clear your shaders, since it creates a new folder, but when it rolls over completely to live there's a stronger chance that it will use the same folder that's already there. To clear your shaders follow the instructions below. --- Edit2 ---

    For hotfixes like this, I strongly recommend that you clear your shader folder:

    • Delete the entire sc-alpha-3.23.1_{id} folder located under:   "%localappdata%\Star Citizen\"

          Or if you like typing in the full path:         "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\local\Star Citizen\"

  • 3.23.2 PTU targeted for Evocati testing by Tuesday/Wednesday. More Tech-Previews soon.

    > No 3.23.2 PTU with evocati today! We are targeting Tuesday/Wednesday but will know better by tomorrow! > > We do have more tech-previews on the horizon but won't spoil those just yet!

    • @Wakapedia-CIG

  • Easter Egg at Pyro Gateway Station

  • Star Citizen Live Gamedev: Making Ship Up IV-2

    This was an interesting one because they showed us the feedback process for initial concepts that the vehicle team work on.

    Tap for Notable Information by Hencaric

    Devs: Alberto Petronio (Lead Concept Artist) & Dan McCabe (Senior Vehicle Artist)

    Notable Information: ➣ This SCL did not contain any development or game news. ➣ This week in the followup to last week's SCL, Alberto and Dan went through a mock of the feedback process but instead with the vehicle they previously designed. ➣ The feedback process takes place following the creation of a ship, vehicle, asset, etc. and it goes up the chain to catch things that need changed, removed, or updated. ➣ This part of the process is where considerations for how long it could take or how much work will be needed to accomplish the goal. ➣ While this episode did not have any development or game news it was a good opportunity to visualize what considerations are made when designing new vehicles or ships.

  • Xenothreat is Back

  • 3 month suspension for players who overly abused duping exploit Spectrum - v6.24.1

    RSI’s Spectrum is our integrated community and player interaction service, including chat, forums, game integration, and Player Organization facilities. Player Organizations (“Org”...

    Spectrum - v6.24.1

    From what I can tell this was for the most egregious of dupers. We have someone in our org who duped a little bit (enough to buy a ship) and wasn't suspended, but they did Yank the ship he bought.

    Also see CaptainZyloh's comment on reddit:

  • Secret Xi'an Code That Needs Decoding Alien Week 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Alien Week 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    From the page: > ### Can you crack the code? > > Feeling lucky, codebreakers? Think you’ve intercepted and decoded a secret Xi’an communique? Enter it below and find out. Diligent code breakers will earn the Alien Week 2954 Challenge Coin as a reward for their keen eye to detail.

  • Alien Week 2024 Test Fly and Offerings Alien Week 2024 Test Fly and Offerings - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Alien Week 2024 Test Fly and Offerings - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    cross-posted from:

    > Starting today, until June 20th every backer can test out Xi'an vehicles for free. > > Available craft: > - Gatac Syulen > - Aopoa San'tok.yāi > - Aopoa Khartu-al > - Aopoa Nox

  • The Legendary Core Armor Can Hold a Lot of Ammo and Grenades

    16 slots for Ammo


    8 slots for Grenades


    It seemed like I could equip 4 primary weapons, but that got a little glitchy with 3 and one of the weapons fell off after a short bit.

    Visually, the Grenades and ammo start to stack directly on top of previously equipped grenades and ammo (visually you only see 4 grenades and 8 ammo cartridges, but you can use the full amount).

    Still has 40% armor reduction, like other heavy armor.

  • Cinematic | Star Citizen | Another Dimension

  • Khartu Al - Ocellus Paint | Star Citizen

  • Star Citizen: How CIG Should Fix Racing for Master Modes

    Some really good ideas in here that I agree with.

    • An additional master mode made specifically for racing
    • Racing components that generate a lot of heat and need a racing cooler
    • Racing shields that are useful in collisions, but weak against lasers/ballistics.
  • Squadron 42 Monthly Update - May 2024

    Edit: Linking to the "View in Browser" link from the email since they don't normally update the website with SQ 42 updates until a few days after this email is sent out.

    Edit2: Adding content as a spoiler in this post.

    TL/DR: > Enclosed you will find details on the latest progress made across the campaign, including enemy cover use, zero-g movement, and cinematic effects.

    Tap for Details

    AI (Content)

    AI Content developed a new background manager to handle all non-scene scripted sequences. This update has streamlined the main mission manager, stabilizing it for core flow operations and significantly reducing bugs.

    For the opening level, they completed the R&D for new ‘Look At’ technology. This enhancement significantly improves visuals when NPCs look at the player, featuring profiles that allow them to glance weakly or stare strongly based on the situation, adding a layer of realism and depth to character interactions.

    They also made adjustments to the pathing of scripted walkers in the Stanton to avoid critical scenes and improve visual consistency. In addition, they suppressed greeting dialogue for NPCs shortly after workouts, as the previous content didn't sound appropriately out of breath, ensuring a more realistic experience.

    The chowline was improved by decreasing idle times between interactions, making the AI feel more responsive and realistic. To further enhance dynamic conversations, facial animations were added for additional voice packs.

    Janitor cleaning spots were also adjusted to avoid high-traffic areas, which helped reduce bugs. Furthermore, cleaning-spot regeneration now occurs only when players are not nearby, enhancing both performance and realism.

    AI (Features)

    Last month, AI Features worked towards consistent behaviors across different combat scenarios, ensuring that AI characters react in believable ways, no matter what situation they’re in. The team began by improving and unifying perception reactions, improving cover use in different scenarios, and making a holistic evaluation of all combat elements to ensure they work as intended.

    This is particularly important with the recent improvements to the hostility system. For example, if an AI comes across two others fighting and they are friendly with both, doing nothing is not a valid response. For the first-pass implementation, the AI will run and cower when this situation arises, though this isn’t ideal and will be improved upon.

    AI (Tech)

    AI Tech improved the functionality of NPCs pushing trolleys and using elevators alongside updates to behaviors for elevator use. Smoother animations when NPCs move away from trolleys and improved functionality for NPCs parking trolleys were implemented too.

    AI Tech also began work to allow NPCs to understand when cover is being destroyed or when parts of a usable are being destroyed. This will prevent NPCs from attempting to find or use unsuitable cover.

    For Ship AI, the team continued making improvements and fixing bugs related to following splines and back-strafing.


    May saw Gameplay Animation further develop various player-interaction moments, such as interacting with levers, vehicles, clothing, etc. They also worked to improve the feel of zero-g movement and created additional first-select animations, which are used when the player gets a new weapon.

    Combat AI polishing continued, with a focus on refining the motion-capture flow. The team also discussed how entity movement implies enemy logic and how it can be improved.

    The Social team continued to work through multiple chapters, focusing on placement and the creation of ‘life’ animations to give the feeling of a living, breathing ship.

    The Motion Capture team supported both gameplay and story elements and completed a shoot for a new enemy class. They also discussed how to leverage the Mo-cap team’s experience in solving and retargeting to improve burndown in other places.

    Vanduul facial animations progressed too, as well as animations for various tier-two story characters and the player character.

    Gameplay Story

    Throughout May, Gameplay Story continued polishing characters in chapter 1 following feedback, including fist bumping, looking at the player, fiddling with turret buttons, and walking off with their helmets.

    A tour in chapter 4 also saw improvements. For example, player choice was added to the beginning along with new idle and abandon animations. A key ‘meet’ scene was overhauled with updated mo-cap to make it more robust, while idles and exit animations were improved for another scene.

    New audio was added to scenes in chapters 4a and 5, a scene in chapter 4d was updated to account for a new console position, and a console animation was repaired in chapter 14.

    Several new scenes were created too, including a hiding survivor, a conversation in the mess hall, a moving forklift truck, a medic healing the player, and a deck crew inspecting a Gladius.

    Level Design

    Social Design continued to work on their ‘focus’ chapters. Alongside addressing review feedback and fixing bugs, part of this involved implementing fail states, objective markers, emails, ship chat, checkpoints, Galactapedia entries, and more.

    This was also an opportunity to clean up loose ends with various scenes. For example, new mo-cap was used to improve several scenes where the narrative content played out well but didn’t close out as cleanly.


    May saw the Narrative team continuing to drill down on their remaining tasks for Squadron 42. On the production side, they continued reviewing tasks to make sure they represent a comprehensive list but also to see if there are any that could be tackled without waiting on other teams.

    They continued to sit in on playthroughs of levels with other teams as well as on their own to provide feedback on the narrative experience. Narrative also continued writing Galactapedia entries and worked with Core Gameplay to define where they will appear in levels.

    Narrative also worked with several outsourced freelancers to develop collectibles that will be scattered throughout the levels for players to find.

    “It’s been exciting to see the work come in and we’re looking forward to seeing the players react to them.” Narrative Team

    Following up on last month’s report, a new testbed was developed in collaboration with the Gameplay and Audio teams to test the dogfighting combat experience and make sure the wildlines for the various pilots trigger correctly. When complete, this will provide an in-situ environment to ensure the technical setup is working but also that the personalities of the various gangs come through in the way they talk as well as fight.


    For volumetric cloud rendering, stochastic Catmull-Rom texture filtering was implemented for the new half-res render mode upsampler. The number of ray marching steps now also scales with scene depth to improve performance in scenes with near-distance occluders (buildings, cockpit, terrain, etc.).

    Moreover, progress continued on the temporal render mode. All confidence metrics and transmittance filtering received further tweaks and improvements. A first draft of the code was submitted for internal use.

    Tech Design

    For flight, Tech Design integrated the new AI flight behavior from the PU to SQ42 and began improving various combat encounters.

    They also fixed bugs and made improvements to interactables across multiple chapters. For example, in chapter 1, terminal screen interactions were polished, new UI art was implemented, and the interaction flow was streamlined.


    The VFX team continued to support the Art, Design, and Cinematic teams in May. Several cinematic scenes are reaching ‘edit lock,’ which means the camera positions are mostly finalized, enabling the VFX artists to dial in their effects to match each shot.

  • Inside Star Citizen: Ironclad is Rad

    **Click for Summary/Notable Information:** (by Hencaric)

    ➣ K-Dot is King ➣ The Drake Ironclad is the next step up in Drake cargo ships, bringing what they've done before in a much bigger form ➣ It is a 6-person multi-crew armored freighter with a majority of the ship dedicated to the large cargo section in the front ➣ There is both a front ramp and a retractable roof for space loading to make any loading and unloading easy ➣ The Ironclad has the benefit of protected cargo vs something like the Hull-series ➣ It is more heavily armed than the Caterpillar to give it the punch it needs to protect its contents ➣ It has a very rugged and exposed look like other Drake ships ➣ There are 3 distinct sections on the Ironclad. The rear is dedicated to the living quarters and other amenities, the front is the cargo section, and the command pod is where the ship is flown ➣ The command pod can be used as an escape pod similar to the Caterpillar ➣ They are much closer to having the command pods ready for use ➣ There are two entrances to the ship outside of the front cargo entrances. There is a command pod entrance and a docking airlock ➣ There is an additional command bridge that sits over the cargo section that allows the crew to view cargo and control tractor beams, this does not function as a spot to fly the ship ➣ There are dedicated off-sections of the cargo section meant to be used for small vehicles or cargo-moving equipment ➣ There are numerous internal viewing angles of the cargo hold including gantries that run the full length of the cargo section ➣ There is an additional secure cargo ship that sits at the front of the ship above the main cargo section that is highly protected ➣ They are exploring different variants such as a military-variant that is meant for providing ground support, it would have additional turrets and lose cargo size to add a repair facility

    ➣ RSI Polaris Updates: ㅤ✦ The exterior we see currently is mostly final art but is primarily missing its damaged states ㅤ✦ Their big focus was working on the exterior so they could showcase it at ILW this year ㅤ✦ The Polaris is aimed for IAE 2954 ㅤ✦ This means the interior is not quite done but is roughly at the gray stage ㅤ✦ There are 2-3 rooms still in white but most are around the gray stages ㅤ✦ Some primary rooms are further along as well such as the torpedo room ㅤ✦ They are very focused on making sure the torpedo-loading process and visuals are perfect ㅤ✦ They are looking into a potential up gunning of the turrets so it can also pack a punch with its guns

  • New player, grabbed flight sticks because I'm impulsive

    Hey everyone, title pretty much says it all.

    I've managed to snag a set of keybinds that works for me, played around in Arena Commander offline. I'm hooked, had a ton of fun but I feel like my arms are sore from cranking the sticks so much.

    Really looking for advice pertaining to ergonomic setups, like what kind of mounts should I grab. I have two Gladiator NXT EVOs, both the left and right hand versions. I didn't buy anything else though, as I wasn't that impulsive, so currently it's unmounted and I'm just rolling with it.

    On top of those recommendations, specific guides on how to get better at combat would be good. I'm open to buying other space flight sims as well, if it would be easier to practice there (ideally I'd like to stick to Star Citizen).

    My main fear is trying to hop into the main game and getting my shit rocked, losing what little resources I have trying to learn how to not crash. I tried it a little bit, managed to get my first ship impounded lol. If anyone has tips on ensuring I can ping the hangars correctly I would greatly appreciate that as well.

    Sorry for the word vomit, still very new to space sims/flying sims in general. Not really sure how to word what I'm asking. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and answer!

  • Star Citizen Telemetry is Working Again

    For anyone interested in comparing specs and seeing which systems handle the game well or not, the telemetry page is working again.

  • Pyro Coming to a Verse Near You (Q3 2024) Spectrum - v6.22.1

    RSI’s Spectrum is our integrated community and player interaction service, including chat, forums, game integration, and Player Organization facilities. Player Organizations (“Org”...

    Spectrum - v6.22.1
    Tap for summary.

    Release View The following feature cards have been added to Release View, targeting a release with Alpha 4.0.

    • Server Meshing V1
    • Mission System Refactor
    • Transit System Refactor
    • Pyro I
    • Pyro II - Monox
    • Pyro III - Bloom
    • Pyro IV
    • Pyro V
    • Pyro VI - Terminus
    • Ignis
    • Vatra
    • Adir
    • Fairo
    • Fuego
    • Vuur
    • Pyro Space Stations
    • Outposts - Colonialism +Jump Points
    • Solar Burst
    • Life Support
    • Engineering
    • Charge/Drain
    • Multi-Tool Updates
    • Fire Hazard
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • MFD Rework and New Displays
    • Quasi Grazer
    • Additional Player Customization
    • RSI Zeus MkII ES

    The following cards have been added to Release View, released in Alpha 3.23.0:

    • Mirai Pulse
    • Mirai Pulse LX

    The following cards have passed their final review for Alpha 3.23.1, therefore we are toggling their status to Committed: Aegis Retaliator - Gold Standard Vehicle Modularity

    Summary thanks to r/StarCitizen SC-news discord bot.

  • Fighter Tier List for 3.23 (Avenger_One's Opinion)

    Link to the full video:

    I'm gonna go dust off my Buccaneer now.

  • Alpha 3.23: Adventure Beckons

  • Star Citizen Free Fly Event - Invictus Launch Week 2954 (May 17-29)

    Schedule and Info:

    Additional details:

    It will also feature the long awaited Polaris flying along with the fleet... not sure whether it will actually be flyable by players yet (but I'm sure they'll do everything they can to glitch in and fly it somehow).

  • Star Citizen - What A Wonderful World

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