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Alabama sets nitrogen-gas execution for man who survived botched 2022 effort
  • Unfortunately it doesn't look like it. I misremembered a few details, he "died" from natural causes in prison, not execution. The court ruled "Schreiber is either alive, in which case he must remain in prison, or he is dead, in which case this appeal is moot."

    His name was Benjamin Schreiber.

  • Alabama sets nitrogen-gas execution for man who survived botched 2022 effort
  • I think there was a case somewhere that the prisoner was sentenced to death, and was executed ina fashion that didn't quite work.

    But technically he did die for a minute or two before his heart restarted, and he sued to be released from prison because he technically served his sentence.

  • It do be like that
  • I mean, HR is being paid. They should be going through the resume and compiling the data themselves.

    Instead they require the applicants to do it for free, despite the fact the applicants are probably having to do it dozens of times trying to apply for multiple jobs.

  • AM radio law opposed by tech and auto industries is close to passing | Ars Technica
  • Do cars really need to have it though? They seem to be the only thing "targeted" to be forced into include something that can receive emergency broadcasts. Why not force homes to be outfitted with an AM radio? Everyone lives somewhere (mostly, unfortunately) but not everyone owns a car. If they really want people to have access to AM radio emergency broadcasts maybe they should supply people with portable AM radios rather than forcing car companies to include it in their cars and increasing the price of vehicles since they will require larger antennae and more wiring than just FM radio or no radio at all.

  • Edmontonians shift to these local grocery stores amid Loblaw boycott
  • Why wouldn't you anyways?

    Usually the only benefit to the big grocery chains is cheaper prices.

    If they raised their prices, it's probably just as expensive to go to the smaller local shops and you will get better quality at the same time.

  • when you need to graduate
  • It's not bad, it allows more freedom. You don't have to graduate in 4 years if you don't want. If you're working part time you can just take 3-4 courses a semester instead of 5 courses and just take your time.

    You can also choose different time slots for different courses to fit your life style, like only morning courses or only afternoon courses, no courses on Fridays, etc. (depending on the course popularity and how many are available each semester.

  • What's the most fucked up movie you ever watched?
  • Can't remember the movie but it had someone get kidnapped by a group of cannibals or something and they kept them alive while chopping body parts of and cauterizing the wound, eating them slowly over time to keep them fresh. Don't think I was able to finish it.

  • People left seriously creeped out after woman shares how to find out everything Google knows about you
  • I much prefer random ads anyways. Targeted ads are 90% something You've already recently bought.

    With random ads sometimes you see something interesting that you didn't even know you wanted because you didn't know it even existed.

    If I'm looking for a laptop I don't care to see 1000 ads for laptops, I'm not going to just click an ad and buy one I need to research and deep dive into the kind I want.

  • Why people are boycotting Asus all of a sudden? Asus outrage explained
  • Personally I've never had an issue with Asus products but have had numerous quality issues with Acer. Bought a number of small Acer laptops and the hinges kept breaking because they only put one screw in the hold the hinge instead of two in many of them.

  • Yes, also a full-priced game. Why do you ask?
  • If they don't make any money they won't bother with microtransactions at all.

    So it's either $0.01 for cosmetic items or they don't make cosmetic items at all because You've already paid for the game, and making new things just costs them money.

  • Yes, also a full-priced game. Why do you ask?
  • I wouldn't mind if it were priced to actually make sense.

    Like why would anything cost more than $1? Or even $0.01? Just greed and stupidity.

    Microtransactions for cosmetic items that cost 25% or more of the base game itself are just insane. A whole game, or 4 cosmetic items, that must have taken sooo much effort to design those items to cost so much.

  • Wolf-dog roaming loose on Vancouver Island reportedly shot dead
  • Unless their life was being threatened or there is an open season on wolves and they have a hunting license, hopefully the person is found and fined for poaching or potentially tally for firing a firearm in a residential area.

  • Data Newbie Looking for Advice


    I am looking for some advice to help me out at my job. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask.

    So, basically my boss is a complete technophobe and all of our data is stored across multiple excel files in drop box and I'm looking for a way to change that into a centralized database. I know my way around a computer but writing code is not something I have ever been able to grasp well.

    The main issue with our situation is that our workers are all completely remote, and no I don't mean work from home in the suburbs from a home office. They use little laptops with no data connection and go out gathering data every day from a variety of locations, sometimes not even cell coverage.

    We need up to 20 people entering data all day long and then updating a centralized database at the end of the day when they get back home and have internet connection. It will generally all be new entries, no one will need to be updating old entries.

    It would be nice to have some sort of data entry form in drop box and a centralized database on our local server at head office which pulls the data at the end of each day. Field workers would also need access to certain data such as addresses, contact info, maps, photos, historical data, etc. but not all of it. For example the worker in City A only needs access to the historical data from records in and around City A, and workers in City B only need access to records involving City B.

    Is there any recommended options for software which can achieve this? It needs to be relatively user friendly and simple as our workers are typically biology oriented summer students, not programmers.

    When refinishing the floors, someone was upset his couch disappeared.

    Empty room, great Pyrenees dog on a dog bed in the corner beneath windows in a log cabin.

    What companies have made your blacklist?

    What companies will you never give another dollar to?

    What happened that put them on your blacklist?

    [Bug] Sync keeps crashing if sorring inbox to "unread messages" when there are no unread messages.

    Just trying to check "unread messages" despite no notifications indicating there are some, just to refresh the inbox and make sure there's nothing in limbo before notifications appear (not sure how the technicalities work).

    If there are no new messages the app crashes. Can make it crash multiple times in a row. Works fine if there is a notification and unread messages present.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.09.13-18:19 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    View type: Slides

    Device: OnePlus9Pro Model: OnePlus LE2125 Android: 13

    Spicy Stirfry

    Had a hankerin'

    And ya the egg was overdone ): that was disappointing.

    What is a good board game for beginners to expand in to? started with Catan, maybe looking to shake things up.

    Hi, me and my cousins had a good thing going for a long time playing Catan but we are looking to shake things up. We have played Catan regularly for over s year, but find that it's getting a little stale. We are looking for a game that requires a lot of strategy, planning, teamwork but also betrayal and backstabbing, yet also not take half an hour to set up and dismantle.

    In Catan we love that the board changes every game and therefore the strategy, but found that once we got to the castles and knights expansion there was one strategy that beat out all the rest which sort of deflated the fun (first person to get science bonus seemed to win 90% of the time).

    Any other board games out there for beginners that don't take forever to set up and put away? Not huge into role playing, but never say never I guess.

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