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What boardgames have you played recently?
  • Yesterday we played Terraforming Mars with the excellent Customizing Mars modular map. The map ended up pretty weird, with several peninsulas and such, but it was a welcome change to the classic maps we've played a million times already.

  • Alex Jones agrees to liquidate his assets to pay Sandy Hook families, in move that would end his ownership of Infowars
  • He's a unscrupulous grifter that was in it for the money from day one

    Yeah, the Sandy hook story was bringing in millions of dollars. He knew very well what he was doing and he kept at it because he only cared for his personal gain. He's a huge piece of shit.

  • Best browser tweaks for privacy?
  • Extensions installed on any browser make your fingerprint more unique. For PC your best option against fingerprinting would probably be using n unmodified mullvad browser, and on android, mull, with the least extensions posible.

  • Mumbai billboard collapse: Eight dead and dozens injured
  • It's a huge fucking sail during a storm.

    Judging by the picture there's at least a couple more signs just as big around that place. They're lucky those didn't fall too, but they should regulate and remove that huge shit ASAP.

  • Making good, profitable games 'will no longer keep you safe': industry expresses fury and heartbreak over closure of Hi-Fi Rush and Prey studios
  • Such a waste of talent!

    I just heard a podcast from 'better offline' titled 'how managers are breaking the internet' and he calls these kinds of things 'the rot economy', kind of like enshitification but it happens when some completely disconnected suit takes over projects from passionate developers and brings the whole thing to the ground with their 'line must go up' mentality.

    I'd say it's exactly whats happening here.

  • Replacement screen for RG353M


    My RG353M fell from a second floor and it seems the screen died. It's clearly cracked but I can make out a bit of the menu, so it's still working. I looked it up on aliexpress and can only seem to find replacement screens for the RG353VS. Is it the same screen? do you guys think it would work?


    Remote Play Together (limits)
  • I played it while connected to my screen, I seem to recall that in desktop mode, friends window, right click a friend and start steam play together, all while the the game is running.

  • Remote Play Together (limits)
  • I've played shredders revenge on my deck with 4 players via remote play together and had no issues whatsoever.

    Each player was using he's own controller to play. What was your problem exactly?

    You have to use the Remote play together interface to map the player controllers to the local controllers 1 through 4, but that's it.