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pathfinder PotatoesFall

Opinion - Human Fighter is the most creative character option

This isn't strictly a Pathfinder thing but I like this community.

Basically, there is this meme that Human Figher is a "boring" default choice or sign of an uncreative character. I disagree. Picking out a weird ancestry is not creative. Choosing a human fighter basically means that you get zero flavor from your ancestry and class - so you are forced to get creative yourself. You are forced to give your character a personality, and you are forced to solve problems creatively.

For me, the stereotype is the opposite - if a player chooses an esoteric ancestry and class combo, I worry that their characters whole personality is just their ancestry.

Of course both humans and other ancestries make for great characters if done right.

math checks out
  • actually, it is. let me explain.

    Let's simplify and say that there are peak hours and low hours. 100 people call during a peak hour, and 25 during a low hour. The chance of calling during a peak hour is 80%, since you are four times as likely to be one of the 100 rather than one of the 25.

    The same effect means that you are almost always on planes and trains that are very full, even though every now and then they ride almost empty. Fewer people get to experience empty train rides by definition.

    Of course this effect falls apart when your usage patterns differ from everybody else's. If everybody takes the train at rush hour, you might ride an empty one at noon. Or, if you call the hotline while everybody else is sleeping, you might have a better chance.

    But yeah companies also just lie to make themselves look better lol

  • 30 years in prison for a bong with water in it. Vs what for Trump?
  • After reading the article it seems like she isn't actually facing 30 years. She is being charged with posession and that can be punished with up to 30 years. I'm sure no judge would actually give her maximum sentence over a tiny amount dissolved in bong water. Still fucked up that she's being charged at all though.

  • Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • Yeah this is sad. Aside from his normal MEP duties, Breyer did incredible journalistic work on the EU plans on centralizing incredible power and creating a digital hellscape in Europe. They are planning to go full CIA on us.

  • tell the US to stop supplying bombs to China!!!
  • okay well Western media isn't talking about it. I exclusively hear about this on lemmy from folks simping for China.

    Fuck all empires, fuck the US, fuck China, fuck Russia. All have shitty to broken democracies and way too much centralized power.

    What's the point of constantly defending China? If it was just a one time thing that's fine, but it happens nonstop around these parts.

    No need to simp for China to be a communist

  • Bluesky and Mastodon users can now talk to each other with Bridgy Fed
  • I'm still unhappy about it, because I don't trust corporate interests in open and community-driven spaces like the fediverse. It's never mixed well in the past.

    I wouldn't be surprised if BlueSky is soon "the easy way to follow people on Mastodon"

    I would be even less surprised if they attempt an Embrace-Extend-Extinguish tactic within 5 years.

  • The easiest problem

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    Escape - is the unarmed attack modifier Finesse?

    I stumbled upon this and couldn't find any definite answers.

    The Escape action states that you can use Athletics, Acrobatics, or your unarmed attack modifier. However, it specifically says that you use your modifier and not an actual attack. While fists have the Finesse trait, the regular attack does not - so am I correct in assuming that if you have a higher Dex than Str, that you can only use Dex with acrobatics, not with the unarmed attack modifier?

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    Battlecry Class Playtest is here! Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Pathfinder playtests give you the opportunity to participate in finalizing rules and new materials, including new classes, spells, ancestries, feats, and more!

    Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Ist mir grad passiert :(

    Wenn du den Ayren öffnest und vergessen hast zu schütteln. Hintergrundbild: Verzweifelnder Mann am Strand.

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    How my group made a tough encounter trivial (minor AV spoilers)

    My group is playing Abomination Vaults, and on the second level there is a room with an undead Minotaur Skeleton Warrior. The book specifically states that it never leaves the room it's in.

    My group quickly figures this out and would simply have everybody ready an attack, one PC would open the door, triggering everybody else's reaction, and would then close it again.

    After doing this about 10 times they finally took down the skeleton despite it having resistance to most of their attacks, with none of them taking any damage.

    This is a somewhat inexperienced group that doesn't usually do strategy things, so I was happy to see them plan and execute.

    Anyway what's the weirdest way your group beat a supposedly challenging enemy?

    Political Memes PotatoesFall

    This just fits perfectly


    Best article about XZ backdoor?

    Hey, I've been hearing a LOT about the xz backdoor. Crazy story, but rather than reading 10 different articles about it from 3 days ago when the story was quite new, does anybody know a high quality write-up that has all the juicy details and facts? I really like in-depth guides that cover every aspect of the story.

    Thanks in advance guys!


    Can't access [email protected] from


    When I go to

    it says "Could not fetch [email protected]"

    However the community definitely exists:

    Anybody know why this is?


    Bester Imbiss in Mainz?

    Frage wie im Titel. Ich persönlich finde Mr. Baguette in der Zanggasse am besten. Habe bisher noch keinen sehr guten Döner in Mainz gefunden...


    The joys of remote work

    alt text

    panel 1: homer simpson posing proudly, looking skinny and healthy, marge looks impressed. caption reads "Dinner is ready and dishes are clean when my partner gets home"

    panel 2: showing homers back where heaps of excess skin are held back by ropes and clamps. caption reads "did like 10 minutes of work in my fulltime job"


    If there was ever a sign that I might have ADHD...

    After years of suspecting ADHD (and two decades of struggling), I decided that maybe I have ADHD. While I wait for an answer from the psychologists, I decided to take an online ADHD self-diagnosis questionnaire out of curiosity.

    I found myself mousing over and highlighting the text in one of the questions over and over, thinking about something my girlfriend told me the other day, struggling to actually read the question. When I finally read the question, it was:

    How often are you easily distracted by external stimuli, like something in your environment or unrelated thoughts?

    Safe to say I started laughing out loud. Starting to feel pretty certain that I'm one of you :P

    (I am still mid questionnaire)