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No Mercy
  • Why do you need to "tell" some "application"? Why do you need a "finder" if you know the absolute path already? Does this imply that "finder" always runs, ready to be told something?

  • (I guess) I'm doing my part
  • Yeah. If you're targeted by a 0day you don't really have a chance. If someone uses a 0day they might aswell spend 2 minutes checking the mail for plausibility.

    If it's not a 0day and your company hasn't patched, probably not your problem. Curiosity > risk of 0day

    Otherwise, if we extend this lane of thinking, you couldn't visit any website you don't know 100% is trustworthy. There could always be a 0day in your browser.

  • Do you have this guy at work? I do
  • Sure they didn't plan to add one? I was devastated when they didn't even have science at first, and of course all the bugs.

    Slay the Kraken? More like return of the Kraken.

    The roadmap seemed good, but it was too good to be true. Im still excited for multiplayer, but it won't happen

  • ich🧮iel

    Erklärung: Wie Ranzlite schon sagt: Ich missbrauche das Wort Verbrechen (Straftat) und mache daraus ein Verb-Rechen. Der Typ Recht mit seinem Rechen Verben auf dem Boden zusammen.