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Brackeys has returned from a three-year hiatus and will be creating Godot content!
  • Sure, but it is also important to give people wins as quickly as possible. Introducing stuff like timers too quickly will just increase the amount of not understood copy and paste code for beginners. Not doing that from the start also makes for a great teaching moment, when a project hits a point where this actually becomes a real problem. A quick and easy fix, that will see the function of timers and the such burned into the brain.

  • Brackeys has returned from a three-year hiatus and will be creating Godot content!
  • On the other hand, you have to give people wins as quickly as possible. I have seen too many people lose all enthusiasm for projects because they got bogged down in software planning, myself included.

    Learning gamedev should ideally be a combination of quick and dirty projects, like you learn from brackeys AND a comprehensive coding course Imho

  • Author who recommended killing Palestinian journalists receives German ‘peace prize’
  • So, average German here. Person I have never heard of gets an award I've never heard of. Doesn't seem very peaceful to me tho.

    I'd say I'm interested in hearing the reasoning, but that would be a lie. It's been a while since I cared about any such awards.

  • ich_iel
  • Zu den Nudelsorten gehören aber auch so Sachen wie Schupfnudeln, Glasnudeln und vielleicht sogar Spätzle, und die sind doch Recht anders. Wir viele von den 3k leicht unterschiedlich gewürztes Roggenbrot sind will ich gar nicht wissen...

  • Looking for software for poster design

    Specifically I want to make a collage of many pictures. For that purpose the software should be able to handle many large pictures, and align them relative to each other (snap center to center, etc)

    I'd like to avoid having to do it in libre office if at all possible.

    Is there anything like that?


    [OC] Sunrise on Arber

    This picture was taken back in September from the top of the Großer Aber mountain in the Bavarian Forrest. Just minutes before there was fog everywhere and soon after it returned.

    Photography Pirasp

    [OC] Sunrise in the Bavarian Forrest