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Why don't utility companies charge the exact amount used for the monthly bill?

Coming from another country, I always wonder why the two utility companies I have here in the UK, Thames Water and Octopus Energy, would calculate an amount that they think I should pay monthly, instead of just charge whatever I used last month. To me, the latter way makes much more sense and is the standard practice in the countries I lived before.

The amount they calculated seems to generate either a huge credit balance, or a huge underestimation. Thames Water changed my monthly bill from £29 to £7, and then to £17 over the course of a year and a half. Octopus Energy built up more than £200 of a credit balance (not sure if it's a result of the UK government energy gift credit last winter), then set a minimal amount of £61 monthly. They say the purpose is to make sure that the credit balance would be always be more than £100. Okay...but why? If I want to save money, I'd go to a bank.

I could see that it might make sense if the measurement is not as easy or accurate, but come on, it's the 21st century and the meter shows me my energy usage by the hour, surely they can calculate the exact amount rather than pull a random number out of nowhere?

Zed on Linux is out!
  • Maybe I'm missing something, but shouldn't the benchmark be a good approximation to the real workload? I don't see how the measurements reflect the performance difference in real life usages.

    Why would I need 100MiB/s processing as opposed to 20MiB/s processing, when I can only read maybe several lines per second?

  • Most loyal Chinese general
  • TBF, that was a fighting between warlords period. The people he betrayed were no more loyal than him.

    Feng Yuxiang betrayed Wu Peifu, following Zhang Xueliang's advice. Zhang later surrendered to Chiang Kai-Shek himself. So it was basically everyone trying to grab any opportunity.

  • Chinese space firm unintentionally launches its new rocket
  • Basically it's two people saying "Is it falling? Wouldn't it explode? I'm recording it. Fuck the rocket is falling!"

    From 5-8 seconds, the person seems to be saying争着争着中火大了, which doesn't mean anything to me, but it may be something of the local dialect.

  • A cool guide to sushi etiquette
  • It depends. In really high-end and authentic sushi restaurant, there is already wasabi between the fish and the rice. You are supposed to dip the fish side in the soy sauce only.

    On the other hand, it's okay to mix the wasabi if the sushi is not prepared that way. People do this even in Japan.

  • Slightly better than a prison cell

    can be used as a bunker at war


    Low Tech Magazine: How to build a small solar power system How to Build a Small Solar Power System

    This guide explains everything you need to know to build stand-alone photovoltaic systems that can power almost anything you want.

    How to Build a Small Solar Power System

    One command to rule them all


    You're goddamn right


    All that matters


    Beyond functional programming: a taste of Verse. Simon Peyton Jones & Tim Sweeney | Lambda Days 2023


    Firefox Android: Fix the empty space at the top by setting the toolbar to bottom

    It seems to be a bug for Firefox Android, but I had an empty space at the top when using wefwef as a PWA. Setting the toolbar position to "bottom" in the three-dot setting menu seems to fix it.