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Microsoft postpones Windows Recall after major backlash — will launch Copilot+ PCs without headlining AI feature
  • Lol, apple is not logging what your doing, the apple AI just has access to that data directly, no need to copy data from apps you already Control. AppleAI is just a Process that has Access to a lot of data, un fact, any data that any app offer through the API Apple Designes. So that means the AppleAI sees only what the dev of the app want the AppleAI to see. Best case, you can set what you want to give appleAI access to in each app.

    I want to ask you, where do you see the difference to Spotlight? Spotlight is also a Process that scanns all your data..

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • Ahh, lol, sorry for taking so long to understand 😅 guess many misunderstood apple, like I did, or not, at least I think I get it now.

    So, the only difference between copilot and apple is that appleAI has access to the API where app developers decide what is seeable for the AI vs Access to everything one has seen on the screen except DRM stuff

    At apple, as attacker, you would need to get access to that API and you can get all data and at copilot you need access to the Photos

    So the difference why anybody prefer Apples solution, is because their LLM gets butter clean data which is perfectly structured by devs vs at windows, where the LLM has to work with pretty much chaos data

    Where exactly is Apples solution spyware? It is only a process that runs while interacting and processing data. Or is it enough to be proprietary and have access to this data, well then, spotlight is spyware.

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • I understood it like Apple provides a pre trained LLM and it is then trained on device with user data directly resulting in new weights and configuration for each person‘s personal AppleLLM. For me that seems more reasonable that way because the data is way less random but strictly orchestrated by the limitations defined by apple through the API that needs to be used in order to integrate your app with the user’s personal AppleLLM

    And I still agree, the weights and configuration of the AppleLLM is as critical as 100gb screenshots of your windows, but definitely harder to understand if extracted.

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • You have other deamons on your device that have more rights. It doesn’t need rights if it gets packages delivered from apps by the API. Of course a big flaw in apple’s system is, that you don’t exactly know which system app gives what data to your personal appleAI LLM. So long story short, microsoft should have let your personal LMM be trained by the screenshots and don’t let those screenshots be saved to disk, but only temporarily saved in RAM. I bet, that the chips from snapdragon aren’t fast enough to achieve that good enough and this is typical microsoft bruthforce problem solving. Of course, if someone would be able to steal your trained appleAI (like Apple for example) they still can ask anything about you. I don’t know how apple plans to keep your trained LLM save, but that we will see soon I guess. Maybe it is stored in iCloud in order to sync with all devices, which of course could be a problem for many people. I use Arch, btw

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • This is not screenshoting, the picture is already a picture which the AppleAI has access to

    Apple solves it by having the AI deamon running with relatively low rights and analyse stuff directly through a API where apps expose data for it

    This is way less bad than just screenshoting everything and as added bonus, apps can give the AppleAI data not even shown on screen, which is impossible with the Screenshot idea.

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • Yes, but apple doesn’t need to screenshot shit, thats the point, they trained their customers to only use apple apps, where they have full control and force developers to use their AI API to stay relevant.

    Microsoft failed to convince user to use microsoft everywhere except with teams and the office suite

    Google has the relevant data of most microsoft user, and screenshoting this (like scraping) would have allowed microsoft to get to that data without paying google for it

    But that is kinda shady and thus not widely accepted.

  • Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over OpenAI partnership
  • …that you can talk to and ask in normal voice about any of your data and get a reasonable answer that even get what you want with that data and asks to do these actions directly. Even if it is just predictive text, it is still useful and mindblowing 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • Apple‘s solution does not require 200gb of screenshots where most personal info is visible in plain text… Apple wins here because they have a clear structure in their OS and all important data already in Apple‘s own Apps. And they analyze this stuff already very much as one can see with all the Siri suggestions everywhere since, I don’t know 5 years? microsoft‘s chaos approach in their Windows is now shooting them in their foot real hard.

    I hope, that we can get a open source linuxAI to be run locally, that integrates like AppleAI. Should be better possible since, at least, all apps are installed mostly the same way(s) and are designed to be dependent on each other.

  • Purism (creator of FOSS friendly phones and hardware) 2023 financial report , income grew by 350% in three years and the company is profitable
  • This! Exactly this! But I guess all the off the shelf parts need proprietary driver which only are available for android. No parts manufacturers will do the extra work to make them work for Linux. Only of explicit ordered that way, but then it is custom and expensive. I fear, not many will buy an expensive midrange phone, with all the trade-off linux has for most people.

  • Apply backport gentree to 5.15 kernel

    Hey there

    I have to add backported drivers to my 5.15 kernel source in order to create a embedded Linux on kernel 5.15 compatible with newer devices like 5ghz wifi dongles.

    I understood that I have to use this command:

    Python3 ./ gentree --integrate --clean /path/to/linux-next /path/to/my/5.15-kernel-source-git

    But it fails stating it wanted to copy a file from new linux that only exists in the old linux

    Have I understood that wrong?

    Edit: it says it does not find …/lib/memneq.c which seems not existing there at least since 6.2 🤔

    Edit2: I fear that it only backports 5.15 drivers to even older kernels 😮 so, I think I have to integrate lwfinger‘s rtw88 backport into my 5.15 kernel sources, somehow, after all

    I somehow broke my Debian bookworm install…
  • I found out by checking installed packages using yay vulkan and saw that vulkan-nouveau (and lib32 version) where installed and lib32-nvidia-utils where missing (nvidia utils was installed) Installed lib32-nvidia-utils, removed both nouveau vulkan packages and clean dependencies using yay -Yc After reboot, it was working.

    On KDE you can check vulkan in the tool that is linked in the about page in the settings. But maybe only 64bit version, steam uses 32bit.


  • I somehow broke my Debian bookworm install…
  • I just learned yesterday, that you have to switch vulkan packages (including lib32 version) if you switch to proprietary nvidia driver 😂 only to learn that I don’t have enough RAM for cyberpunk, after it finally started..

    2x16gb is on its way 🥳

  • Is there a wiiU piracy?

    The wiiU is a very great console to hack, it can run all older Nintendo consoles including GC, wii and ds. Aren’t there any user here wanting to discuss that?


    Can someone tell him that I think that I know the problem?

    I have a 5,5 myself, but not installed arch yet (I will because of Nvidia 🤪btw) and I have the same problem. The solution is to boot with the stick unplugged and holding alt until you get into the boot choosing thingy. While on that screen, plug in the usb you want to boot from. It should magically appear. I have no clue why it doesn’t appear directly, it even reads from the USB (blinking lights in the stick), but it even works, if it is plugged in while initial boot, just plug out plug in and ding it appears.


    best PWA ever used on iOS! works even on 75% 😍

    I recognized, that many PWA do not work properly if iOS (iPadOS) Safari set to 75% scaling. It always zooms wierdly in, especially if a input field is tabbed. After a short research, I found this:

    Does Voyager use this for it’s awesomeness, or is there a more clean way? And could please someone put that into nextcloud dashboard and all the *arrr apps? 😂 that‘d be nice


    reuse airport express

    I got two AirPort Express from my dad. Now, since the hardware is so old, I thought maybe there is way to get root or at least elevated rights somehow in order to play with it a little

    Hope someone knows something about it, or knows which community may help me better with

    😊have a nice day!

    Wii U Hacks Petter1

    let's start: go to

    There you will be lead how to mod your we. If you are done, we can Talk about all the funny homebrew apps available 🎉😃

    ⚠️I’m not a mod⚠️