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Millennials are 'quiet vacationing' rather than asking their boss for PTO: 'There's a giant workaround culture'
  • Unlimited PTO here, completely disagree.

    I had so much more trouble at previous jobs getting approved for PTO, and it sucked ass trying to ration out my sick/vacation days to make sure I could be out and still get paid. Hell, I had to borrow against my next year's PTO at one job to be able to go on my honeymoon.

    The current gig I'm at just wants to know when I'll be gone, and doesn't really comment on it. It's been great while dealing with kid/health issues and I've taken more PTO at this gig than I did at my previous couple gigs in 1/3 the time.

  • Cultural differences
  • A woman's bodily autonomy is just as important as a dude being able to swing his sack in public? That's an absolutely mental assertion.

    But dudes gotta center discussions about themselves somehow....

  • Don't let your dreams be memes ✨️
  • We're only getting them in the edge of the yard, and it took a bit over a year to get that. Given how quickly the crab grass returned, I'm guessing the previous owners used A LOT of chemicals to keep their yard pristine.

  • Don't let your dreams be memes ✨️
  • What all did you do to replace it? I'm starting to reclaim my yards in my new place (finally getting dandelions!!) and my initial attempt at clover didn't take as much as I wanted it to. Really want to get my yard to as close as native and wildlife friendly as my city will allow.

  • Guess I'll just burn
  • That's all well and good until you have someone in your household with circulatory issues and can't warm themselves up effectively. Sucks having to be warm all the time so they're not cold and in pain.

  • Japanese town overrun with tourists puts up view-blocking barrier near Mount Fuji
  • So the fix is to have people changing them more often + even having more available, but that would require more work and money.. blaming foreigners are just easier

    It has nothing to do with blaming foreigners, my local parks here in the US are all carry in/carry out parks with lots of signs posted stating as such, and it's not a massive problem.

    I'm absolutely going to blame lazy fucks who can't hold onto a bit of trash long enough to get to a trashcan or who can't be bothered to clean up after themselves. Blaming it on lack of trash cans merely offsets responsibility and ignores that park cams are a magnet for wildlife and lead to trash blowing out of them

    So the fix is to clean up your own goddamned trash and take it with you when you leave.

    Not a hard concept...

  • Japanese town overrun with tourists puts up view-blocking barrier near Mount Fuji
  • Lack of trash cans.

    Which they tell you about before you ever step on the trail, and tell you to take everything you bring in back out. It's not hard in the slightest to put your garbage in your pack/pockets till you leave, but people are selfish, lazy fucks who can't even do the minimum and respect the space.

    The ones they have are full.

    Which is why they don't have them in a lot of places. Because being there and full is worse than not having them at all, since people just keep throwing shit on the pile.


  • California Resto Lets You Pay For Meal With Your Face: Payment Method May Be Available Nationwide Soon
  • technically you could pay cash on delivery, at least for physical goods.

    Is COD even a thing anymore? I'd be surprised if there's a real market for that, if for no other reason than a delivery person taking and carrying cash like that is a major target.

  • Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine
  • He's already well on the way to being a lapdog for Shanghai. He's destroyed any semblance of political power Russia had, popped the balloon of military competence, is relying on them for stockpiles to continue to wage a war that Russia has already lost (even if they take the land, they've lost more than they can ever take [personnel, materiel, intelligence], and the Ukrainian people suffer for it), and encouraged NATO to grow more in a year than it had in decades.

    Russia cozying up to China has already eaten into Russian hegemony before you even get to climate change effects.

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