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Shadowheart from Baldur's Gate 3 was originally "more sassy" and had to be "heavily dialed down" after one of the devs said "I really don't like" the character
  • In my playthrough (which I'm still working through so no act 3 spoilers please), I couldn't figure out how to open the pod she was in at first. I ended up shooting something overhead which fell and put caustic brine everywhere. When I finally opened the pod she jumped out and immediately died to the brine. I've never actually heard her speak 😅

  • Diablo 4 tried to repackage Diablo 2's grind for the modern era, but series overseer Rod Fergusson says the "consumptive nature of a live service" made it unfeasible
  • I like this way too, as long as they don't make every area start at the same easy level. It's fun to find places you can't do yet. I think the new enemies thing works even better if it's more like they start to show up in areas you previously cleared out, rather than appearing in places you haven't been yet.

  • Let’s Skip The Dragon Age: The Veilguard Vs. Baldur’s Gate 3 Comparisons, Yeah?
  • I think you can compare whatever you want. The farther apart the two things are though -- apples to oranges -- the more the comparison becomes a matter of your taste and opinion rather than a critical, objective comparison.

  • [Meta] Is this just a news community now?

    I made a comment to this effect the other day. Scrolling through this community, out of about the 10 most recent posts, I see one that is borderline oniony and the rest are just straight up news, mostly US politics-related.

    Is this OK? Is this what this community is for? I ask because I want to see can't-believe-it's-real headlines, but if this is going to be another doom scroll bad news sub I'm going to leave and look elsewhere. Just curious to hear people's feelings on this before I do.


    Content creators who highlight small indie games?

    What are some of your favorite content creators that highlight small indie games? Can be big or small, I'm just looking to find some lesser known games for a change.

    Edit: I'm checking all of these out, thanks everyone!


    Is CCleaner still people's preferred computer cleaning app?

    Has something new come along? It's been so long since I've needed to do this that I assume CCleaner has enshittified by now.


    (Spoilers for new patch) feeling disconnected from my character

    I haven't been following the general reactions to the new patch, but fair warning going into this that I personally was pretty disappointed in it from a story standpoint.

    I was very pleased with Soto overall, and I think they seriously improved on many of the issues I've had with the writing over the years, but I can't help but feel that somehow it has regressed in the newest patch.

    The crux of my issue is that I want to distrust peitha and keep her at arms length, but it really feels like the story is making it crystal clear that I'm not allowed to feel that way. The speed at which not just my character, but even the astral ward, an organization dedicated to stopping her kind for thousands of years, is happy to not only help her, but to frequently espouse how much they trust her completely. I don't think I've ever felt less connected to my character.

    I was hoping for the story to keep her in a suspicious and interesting place, where we're helping her for now but no one is sure what to think yet. Instead we're back to the often hamfisted story telling of the end of dragons era, where it feels like every character is to be taken at complete face value.

    To be honest I hope she does betray us, because that would at least be an interesting direction, and something to shake my character's naive level of confidence. Though if they do go that way at this point they laid it on pretty thick with the implicit trust angle.

    I'm curious if anyone else feels the same, or differently. Would love to hear other's takes on it.


    Search isn't global?

    I've been trying to get the app setup today, and I'm struggling to find communities through search. It seems like the search is only checking communities on my instance, not everywhere? Not sure if I'm missing something but I can't find a way to search the broader fediverse.