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Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says
  • The reason for the hate is... You offer no alternative.

    I'm coeliac, I don't get to eat outside at fast food places. But people got to eat and they might need something quick on the go... What's your alternative? What cheap healthy meal do you offer?

    I don't get to have stuff, I can't even buy a sandwich from a shop if I wanted to. But I can see how people rely on it.

  • US woman charged with concealing bleach in husband’s coffee avoids jail
  • Domestic abused people often are manipulated to think THEY'RE the problem and they caused it.

    That guy needs help. A seriously good therapist. But we don't work that way. He'd have to pay out of pocket because mental health is a joke.

  • Steam is now refunding Ghost of Tsushima for people in affected countries.
  • Also, CD Project had one of the worst stores and biased "media" in Poland. They region locked my games and told me "no one from abroad buys games :)" when I wrote to them that I can no longer Access my account or games.

    GoG might be good now, but that still hurts me when I was a teenager and moved abroad. It was the only thing I had and they took it away from me. Fuck their DRM of old. Funny how they had the worst drm known to mankind and now have drm free store...

  • Aldi Just Announced a Major Change to Grocery Prices, Lowering Prices
  • Speaking of ads, here in UK shops have this "priced matched with Aldi" stickers showing they lowered prices to match aldi... Best advertisement ever! Anything without that sticker? Is cheaper at Aldi.. which is other 90% of the shop.

    They don't do any gluten free stuff so I don't really shop there. But their hams are good and well priced vs the other shops.

  • A conversation with my wife
  • But I feel like I'm a rare breed of someone experiencing it and having years with "both" types. There's a lot of curiosity from both camps because realistically, there's little chance of anyone ever finding out which one is "better". Honestly, both have pros and cons. I hope my comment puts people a bit at ease for having it forced upon them when they couldn't say no and those who still can choose, don't feel pressured into it or mislead by misinformation.

  • A conversation with my wife
  • I can tell you. It is a lot.

    But it's not life altering and I do prefer it in a way, I'm not having issues finishing or anything like that. I had it done at a private hospital so it was done esthetically well. Very little scar tissue etc. But I wouldn't make my son have one, that's crazy. It happened and I had little choice in the matter. But it was conscious, body autonomy is important.

  • Wow, this is so much faster
  • As someone who did archery at national level... Your comment is triggering my need to point out how difficult and different "longbows" are.

    I couldn't handle it after years of playing. The term longbow in archery is as calling everything AR15.

  • Few questions on using boost.

    Hey, I've been using the app from the day it became available. I love it.

    But I'm not sure how to do few things...

    How do I mute entire lemmy server? There's several in different languages which I'd like to blank block. /All always has several in German language.

    And as far as nsfw places go... Can I create a custom feed for nsfw communities / communities of my choice like the reddit boost? Also is there a way of looking at the entire list of a particular lemmy server?

    Thanks! I appreciate your hard work in getting the app converted so quickly.

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