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Trump picks Sen. J.D. Vance as his running mate
  • It actually is a good book. As someone from the same general area, I saw a lot of my own family and experiences reflected in his writing. I had hopes that he might step up and push for more of a class-conscious republican party until he turned out to be a fascist tool.

  • How to transport a PC long distances
  • Thanks, is there any chance of static from the bubblewrap causing any shorts on the motherboard? I'll probably just wait to install the GPU until after I move then, no sense unpacking it and immediately repackaging it if everything else runs smoothly.

  • How to transport a PC long distances

    I'm in the process of building a PC and will be moving states next month. Ideally, I'd like to at least get it built and booted up before moving, because I'm moving to a more rural area without easy access to a MicroCenter or other store that sells components. It'll be a ~700 mile drive, the second half of which will be through smaller mountain roads. What is the best way to do this, so I can avoid damaging any components?

    Edit: Thanks for the advice everybody, the consensus seems to be to remove and package separately the hard disks, GPU, and anything else heavy that sticks out from the board, then wrap the whole thing in towels and blankets and lay it on its back for the duration of the journey.

    Casual reminder
  • Exactly, the country that shared a massive land border with the NAZIs and was a direct target of their aggression suffered many more casualties than the ones what didn't, who'da thunk it? Without the combined efforts of essentially the entire rest of the world, the USSR would have been toast.

  • Seriously, where do I go?
  • Come to Columbus, Ohio. It doesn't have the name recognition of Seattle or Denver, but it's a pretty chill city with decent weather, good people, and a lower cost of living than just about anywhere else while also having job opportunities.

  • Jimmy Carter no longer awake every day, grandson says
  • I spent two years working with Habitat as an AmeriCorps crew lead and it was such a rewarding experience. I learned all kinds of trade skills and got to meet so many good people from all walks of life. It gave me the direction I was looking for in my life when I needed it most.

  • basket rule







    The Green Mountains as seen from New York


    SCHLOP rule


    bug rule


    generational rule






    I had a dream about windows and have decided to setup Linux on my laptop. What distro should I use?

    I used Ubuntu once a few years ago but had compatability issues so I went back to windows. Not a great programmer but I'd like to learn. I'm not looking to do much gaming beyond DOOM2 and factorio. Mostly looking for privacy and a way to get back into programming (I have this pipe dream of learning Assembly). I'm not to particular on UI, I can use whatever.

    Edit: for anyone who stumbles upon this post with the same question




    the eternal struggle


    Just sayin'

    Technology-assisted hunter-gatherer societies are the true utopia. Live with nature, return to monke, have a space station full of robots and technos orbiting up above to monitor for asteroids and provide medical assistance and vaccinations when need be. Name a better future.

    Chonkers PRUSSIA_x86

    too chonked




    monke dreams


    Have the trees started turning colors earlier this year?

    I live in Ohio in the US and it seems like some of the trees around here have started turning colors way earlier than normal. Is it from the wildfires? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.