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  • Exactly. I don't get why this simple concept is so hard to understand. I've had many people claim Germany doesn't have freedom of speech since you are not allowed to salute Hitler. By invading other's rights, you give up yours. It's not hard to comprehend.

  • HDD or SSD for a home server?
  • There are free services that let you send and receive on your own domain. I use zoho. I can send emails with SMTP, but unfortunately, you cannot read them other than by using their web interface in the free tier.

  • Victory lap!
  • That is not true. Quantum immortality does not mean you will live forever. It means that whenever there's a non-zero chance of surviving something, you will do so. At one point you will die in all conceivable universes, at which point your consciousness is finally gone.

  • Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops
  • Aiming for a future in IT security, I find this branch of computer science somewhat ironic. You basically work to make your future work harder, i.e. you make things more secure, making your job of finding vulnerabilities even more difficult. Still a sucker for it, though

  • Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops
  • We need an open source smart tag. I recently researched how the landscape has changed and, as an android user, still nothing good in available. I'm not sure if I remember right, but Google's find my device was supposed to be open source or at least open spec? Might be worth looking into how easy it would be to code a lil firmware for this network myself. As much as I'd love a tag for things I cannot lose, the current options are throwing money away for no actual useful tracking (Samsung), forfeit your privacy (Tile, perhaps others), sell your soul (Apple).

  • Economics
  • For Android, CalcES. It's modelled after the Casio scientific calculators, so if you've ever used those, the app will come naturally to you. Absolute must-have if you want to calculate anything complicated on your phone.