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Many such cases
  • Xournal lets you paint on a document, which I guess isn't what they need when they talk about legal stuff. Digitally signing a document is still one of the rare cases where I boot up my windows vm. It's so annoying that there's practically no way to do that in Linux as my company's processes rely on it.

  • Stealing everything you’ve ever typed or viewed on your own Windows PC is now possible with two lines of code — inside the Copilot+ Recall disaster.
  • As much as I lean to hate this despite it not even affecting me as a Linux user...

    I’m going to structure this as a Q&A with myself now, based on comments online

    What is that? "I'm going to pretend to ask questions that I'll then answer myself the way I think it'll outrage that most people do I'll get a lot of clicks on this shitty article"? What crappy excuse for content creation is this? I hate it.

  • Samsung loses lead in foldables market after 42% slump in sales
  • I couldn't care less about the major versions, but announcing they'll stop with the security fixes three years after the release date for a device that I can't update reliably any other way was a deal breaker for me.

    That and the fact that they, too, are just too damn huge. Yes, even the 5 and 10. No, their aspect ratio doesn't fix that. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Kabinett billigt Ladesäulen-Pflicht für Tankstellenketten
  • Der Hauptgeschäftsführer des Deutschen Städte- und Gemeindebunds, André Berghegger, begrüßte hingegen die Pläne. Es reiche nicht aus, wenn nur an Hauptverkehrsachsen und in Ballungsräumen Schnellladepunkte entstünden. "Für die Bewohner ländlicher Räume, für Menschen auf der Durchreise, für Touristen und nicht zuletzt für die Wirtschaft muss auch in der Fläche ein Mindestmaß an Ladeinfrastruktur zugänglich sein."

    Die geplante Pflicht für Tankstellen stelle einen wichtigen Baustein dar, da die Flächen für Ladeinfrastruktur bereits erschlossen und verkehrsgünstig gelegen seien. "Ländliche und womöglich weniger lukrative Standorte dürfen daher nicht in hohem Maße durch Ladepunkte in Ballungsräumen ersetzt werden können."

    Wichtige Punkte hier. Bringt halt nix, wenn Ladesäulen nur da stehen, wo sie sofort profitabel sind.

  • Roman World
  • Yeah, but it's a lot harder to cross. Like, I could build a shitty boat from wood myself. A spaceship? Not so much. Especially not if it's actually supposed to leave this gravity well.

  • Fallout Series (Why don’t I like it?)
  • Whereas Skyrim feels like there are a lot more playstyles available. Stealth archery feels very different to covert shooting, which feels very different to furtive bow handling, which feels very different to being a stealth archer which feels very different to using an arrow silently, which feels very different to using a huge, two-handed bow quietly. They're not just visually different; how you approach and navigate combat encounters will be significantly different depending on what kind of build you have. It just feels like there's so much more gameplay depth.

  • Valve has little to worry about as new Steam Deck rival arrives
  • windows is still a effecient os, it's just a lot of bloat

    I like that contradiction.

    which can be disabled

    Pretty sure it can't, especially not "officially" by the device manufacturer and certainly not in a way that keeps those debloat settings in place over the next few large updates.

  • 25 Years Later, I Am Now A Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Apologist
  • the writing is bad

    I really disagree. As I said, it's not a smart movie, but the world building was well done, characters acted in consistency with their knowledge and motivation and you had proper worlds building from the first movie onwards. Dialogues were cheesy, but certainly not as bad as it was in the prequels. It's a fairytale with knights and princesses, so I wouldn't expect or want deep, philosophical writing... It's not blade runner. But it fits the setting.

    the acting is bad

    Sorry, but I just really disagree. It wasn't stellar, but I really cannot remember a single scene where the acting put me off.

  • Germany’s far-right AfD bans leading candidate from EU election events
  • Krah, in a weekend interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, said that someone who had been a member of the SS paramilitary force in Nazi Germany was "not automatically a criminal".

    Totally-not-a-nazi TM

  • CD to flac recommendations?
  • I know this is the arch community, so this might not apply, but KDE's Dolphin file manager has audio CD ripping integrated, with different folders being shown for different formats when you open an audio CD (like, "audio CD" has subfolders called "mp3" or "flac"), so you can just copy those files somewhere and it rips and encodes them in the background.

  • 3D Media are Awesome

    People keep complaining about 3d sucking... And I don't get it.

    I once had a voodoo 2 card with shutter glasses and it was awesome if the games were compatible (huds were always an issue, but stuff like racing games or third person stuff worked well). 3d movies work well if they're well done. I even had an HTC 3d phone with an autostereoscopic display and a camera that could take stereo pictures. I just got a used 3ds off a flea market and am in love, wishing my steam deck had a stereoscopic display. I'm not sold on vr yet, but I really enjoyed it the few times I tried it.

    Bad games won't become good in 3d. Neither will bad movies or any other type of media. But the constant complaining feels to me like those people that hated colour movies when they came out. Yeah, colour won't make your terrible script any better, but it's an additional dimension (ha) to work with... Just like 3d. If used well, it can enhance the experience. Mario Kart is nice - but the spatial perception does give you a better idea of where your opponents are on bumpy tracks. Prometheus wasn't a perfect movie, but man, that scene in the medical automaton that slices her up to get the xenomorph out really gave me vibes of claustrophobia, just because I felt a little bit more stuck in that tube with her. And that old picture of my son wasn't particularly good, but damn, even without a 3d display at hand I sometimes open it and simply cross-eye myself into the depth perception just because it's so nice to have that baby head almost touchable. So yeah, I think 3d displays and media rock.


    I love my Deck, but the multi user setup is terrible

    Does anybody really use the steam deck with multiple users and can tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I got the mid range deck, enjoyed how I could play almost my entire library and created a steam account for my oldest son so he could use it, too, without us messing up each other's save games or stats. I set up family sharing for our accounts and added some games to the family library, but from that point onwards the experience has pretty much been a mess for me.

    First of all, setting up the family sharing was pretty much a convoluted process where I really didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing... Were the family PINs supposed to be the same for both accounts? Who selects what in order to get the young man to play skyrim? It was all weird, but we eventually managed. The result is, however, an annoying setup that is just weird.

    • When I turn on the deck, it now always starts in family mode on my account, so I always have to enter the PIN before doing anything that is not playing a game that I added to the family library. Which is most of my games. Shop won't open before I enter the pin, nothing works while being in family mode and it always starts in family mode.
    • Considering how often I have to insert the family PIN, it's annoying how buggy the keyboard is with the PIN entry form... Every time I enter a digit via the touch pads, the keyboard just freezes for a second or so. No idea if that has something to do with localisation or something.
    • Starting a game won't ask for the account... I have both accounts set up on the deck, but unlike e.g. the switch, the deck always starts games on the account that was last logged in, no questions asked.
    • There is no proper separation of data for each user. When I added vampire survivors to the family library and he started it on his account afterwards, the first thing that happened was a hundred achievements getting unlocked because his game simply loaded my state. Same for other games which just show save games from all users, which is super annoying for the usual auto save and continue game flow.
    • He says he can't really chat or play games in multiplayer if he's using my shared games on his account... No idea what's going on there, have not yet gotten around to trouble shoot that.

    Am I doing something wrong or what is this? We had the deck with us on our last vacation and with the Internet being just not available a lot of the time (which is imperative to switch accounts) and all those issues outlined above, it basically got no usage at all and I'm getting more and more annoyed by this.


    DŸSE - Höllenjunge DŸSE - Höllenjunge (official)

    Höllenjungeby DŸSE Andrej Dietrich & Jarii van Gohlbass by Jonas Pfetzing (JULŸ)Stream 'Höllenjunge': https://www.f...

    DŸSE - Höllenjunge (official)

    New Pixel 7a user... am I not "getting" it?

    I just got a new Pixel 7a a few days ago. I specifically got that one to get the smallest of the bunch. It's advertised as the smallest (and cheaper) model, phone size comparisons showed it to be indeed smaller than most competing devices and it's even listed in some "best small phones" lists.

    Now it's here and it's massive. If I keep the pinkie below the phone, I literally can't reach the top of the screen at all, which is the entire notification bar - and my fingers are long! It's annoying me to the point of being just about to return it to get something like the s22 or s23, just to save those 6mm of height - which is ridiculous, as it'd end up costing me a hundred bucks extra and I won't get the free buds pro. I've been using Android since the G1 and outright refused to even consider anything else over years... But now I'm thinking about the iPhones 13 mini and se, just because I'm able to use them with one hand.

    I want to like this device. So, could you people please tell me if I'm... Dunno, just doing it wrong? Like, not getting it or something? How do you pull down the notification bar in apps with one hand? How do you post those top-left buttons to close your current view? Enlighten me, please!

    /edit Just in case anybody still sees this: I returned it. Went back to my s10e, which is eol and needs a charge in the afternoon, which is still annoying me less than that massive piece of hardware.


    Any 6mm scale love? Got some 'nids.

    It's a project that has been sitting on my bench for too long, but every now and then I try to get a little further. I still love the scale of the game and the mechanics of Epic: Armageddon.






    Die Sendung mit der Maus: Die Sechs von der Müllabfuhr