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Mark Twain knew what's up
  • I just wish Firefox had a "stay running in the background" option like Chrome so that I didn't have to log back into my Bitwarden vault everytime I accidentally close all of my browser windows.

  • Autocorrect is OG chatGPT
  • I use it almost exclusively on Gboard. Works well when you get used to it and in combination with the suggestions at the top of the keyboard it's faster than manually typing. Not sure how it fares on iOS though.

  • The fix is scheduled for the next release
  • I was just about to give up on it the other day after using Mint for the last 6 months because I was having weird instability issues. Anytime I would play a game it would freeze within 15 mins. Turns out XMP had somehow gotten turned on in UEFI settings. Must have done it by accident the last time I was in there. Anyways, disabled it and all my issues disappeared. I would have been pissed if I wiped Linux and reinstalled Windows only to still have issues.

  • The future of painting [skeleton claw]
  • I found a small Dell B1160W at Goodwill for $5 new in box! Best little printer I've ever had and I'm still on the original toner cartridge. My only gripe is that it's wireless or USB. Would love to have wired LAN, but for $5 I can't complain!

  • Adobe putting spam in notification tray on Windows

    This popped up on my work laptop yesterday. Very annoying.

    Dad rule
  • Because it undermines the departments authority to make decisions regarding the systems they manage. Sure him having solitaire in and of itself isn't a big deal, but it sets precedence that decisions made by the department can be overridden if someone simply complains loudly enough. This could be particularly dangerous in the case of new or tightened security policy put forth by the department (this exact scenario did actually playout with another individual a few years later regarding password policy)

  • Dad rule
  • Some-what related funny story: at my old job we removed the built-in games from Windows as part of our Windows 7 rollout. Most people didn't even notice, but the director of public safety was so upset that he demanded (not just asked) we put them back on his computer. When we refused he went to his DOCTOR and got a note stating that he needed Solitaire on his work PC as it helped him manage his anxiety. I was flabbergasted.

  • More garbage from Microsoft making using their stuff take longer.
  • Edge's first launch setup is a straight-up fucking barrage of pop-ups and tabs auto opening. It's ridiculous. I groan every time I have to go through it at work. It's almost a shame because when edge-chrome first launched it actually wasn't bad. Of course Microsoft couldn't have that and had to fuck it up as soon as they could.

  • What are your thoughts on Flatpak/Flathub?
  • They have their uses. In particular they're useful for easily getting applications your system repositories don't have or getting more up to date version of applications. Downsides are certainly the space all the redundant dependencies take up and the sandboxing can be a PITA especially if you have an application that needs to run another application. Overall I think they're the best "third party" package system available but they're not great.

  • Deleted
  • I wasn't saying Linux is perfect. That being said I have had my fair share of driver issues on both platforms. We both know the Windows driver situation isn't perfect even if it is better than Linux. I guess what I'm getting at is drivers suck, and manufacturers suck at writing/maintaining them.

  • Linux video editing and Kdenlive tips and tricks for a returning user?

    Just recently switched back to Linux after more than a decade away. (I'm currently running Mint Cinnamon if anyone is curious) On Windows I was using the free version of Davinci Resolve for all of my video editing. I quickly discovered that the free version of Resolve for Linux doesn't support H.264/H.265 so after trying every Linux video editor I could find (even Blender) I've settled on using Kdenlive. I've been having a good time getting everything dialed in and learning Kdenlive. I was able to get hardware acceleration working with my Nvidia GPU, and I really appreciated that it could natively utilize the proxy clips that my DJI Action 3 generates when recording. I've been reading all kinds of tips and tricks articles but most of it is just basic stuff. Anyone using Kdenlive have more advanced tips to share? Particularly anything around title generation and animation as I've found Kdenlive's system to be a little clunky. Let's talk!

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